The RealReal Is Revolutionizing Luxury Consignment

The RealReal is a second-hand start-up business, founded in 2011, by Julie Wainwright, that is leading in the luxury consignment industry today. Being authentic is what the RealReal represents, and as a result, they have positioned themselves to becoming the most popular place to purchase designer merchandise, at very reasonable prices.

Words such as “cheap” or “thrift” might come to mind when someone thinks of second-hand clothing or merchandise, however with the RealReal, you can expect to only buy high quality luxury second-hand items, which makes it easy for those who are into luxury fashion to find deals on an item that would usually cost an arm and a leg, making the process exciting.

Julie Wainwright has been able to utilize her extensive experience in merchandise to make the RealReal very popular to the luxury consignment lovers out there, while making it convient to not only have a thriving online business, but also six locations spread out thru the United States, with over 800 in-house professionals with a mission to bring brand awareness regarding their deals on second-hand luxury clothing.

There are many of vendors in today’s society who are selling merchandise that is not authentic, and with the RealReal, they educate the public, and their already faithful buyers how to spot fake merchandise, offering to its customers a 100% guarantee on all of their items, that they are authentic. They utilize inspectors who are able to look over each luxury item manually, keeping a high standard, that the RealReal represents, by its innovative research and appraisals for all merchandise.

The stores that the RealReal have across America, allows the shopper to find what they are looking for online, to actually go see, feel, and compare the quality and condition of the luxury consignment item that they are interested in, buy visiting the store in person. You are able to find a wide variety of luxury merchandise for under three hundred dollars, and if you are a shopper seeking to spend more, the RealReal has the luxury consignment merchandise that even surpass over a thousand.