JD.com Recognized as One of the Most Sustainable Companies Globally

JD.com is one of the winners of the 2018 SEAL Business Sustainability Award. Upon receiving the coveted recognition, the company joins the ranks of world-renowned brands like the Seventh Generation, Apple, Patagonia, Impossible Foods, Nike, and Samsung. The award serves as a reward for the selfless efforts that the company’s corporate social responsibly team has put to promote sustainable development for the past five years. The team has always put in place elaborate programs, from manufacture, sale, packaging, and delivery, to ensure that the company’s services leave a lasting and positive impact on the society and the environment.

The SEAL Awards recognizes the outstanding performance of a company in matters of environmental sustainability and progressive leadership in awarding the Business Sustainability Award. In this light, winning the award implies that JD.com is one of the most sustainable companies across the world. Other companies, which have won the award alongside JD, include Lonely Whale and Equinix. Additionally, the recognition is also seen as a celebration of those companies, which have taken the initiative of driving positive change, where politics have failed.

During the announcement, Libo Ma, the head of JD’s corporate social responsibility team, said that the whole of the company’s fraternity felt greatly appreciated to receive the recognition. The company, he said, was particularly honored to join other world leaders in promoting sustainable development. For a long time, JD has made selfless effort to make a positive impact in the society. Part of the effort includes the recent development of an innovative eco-friendly packaging program. JD has also designed robust programs to alleviate poverty in society through social innovation and education.

Speaking at the same time, the Founder of the SEAL Awards, Matt Harney disclosed that the company’s recent environmentally friendly packaging program received the most attention amongst the judging panel. The program received the highest score in environmental impact from the judges. Matt Harney also noted that the program had recorded an extraordinary impact. Currently, the program covers more than 47 cities across China. Since its launch, more than a million articles of clothing and close to 400, 000 toys have been re-used.

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