Lawrence Bender Brought Passion to An Inconvenient Truth

Many years after its original release, An Inconvenient Truth continues to gain a following. Documentaries don’t always do well at the box office. In fact, for many decades documentaries were considered loss leaders. The producers and directors didn’t make much money with their projects, but the films helped them establish a career. An Inconvenient Truth earned its place on the list of documentary features that earned millions at the worldwide box office. Al Gore’s cinematic project gained a lot of help from producer Lawrence Bender.

Bender’s significant experience as a film producer allowed him to guide the production of An Inconvenient Truth in the direction it needed to go. When the right producer works on a project, the film has a greater chance of success. An Inconvenient Truth did feature topical subject matter, but interest in climate change alone won’t be enough to attract a significant audience. The production must combine delivering information and entertainment in a package worth buying a movie ticket for. Otherwise, a documentary can turn out to be a boring affair. One way to avoid boredom involves bringing together a passionate group of filmmakers. Bender clearly has a passion for the subject matter. His biography outside of the film world reveals this to be the case.

Lawrence Bender works tirelessly at environmental causes. Currently, he acts as an advisory board co-chair at the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability at UCLA. Bender makes his advocacy for preventing global warming and climate change well known. Both before and beyond the release of An Inconvenient Truth, Lawrence Bender was committed to the cause presented in the documentary.

Since he maintained such a strong interest in the subject matter, Lawrence Bender worked tirelessly to make sure the finished project delivered on all expectations. With former Vice President Al Gore prominently featured in the documentary, expectations were high. After its release, An Inconvenient Truth won the Academy Award in the documentary category. The film’s artistic merits simply can’t be questions.

Nor could the film’s box office appeal. An Inconvenient Truth made a lot of money at the box office. The ticket sales figures don’t lie.