The Well-Deserved Praise of the Event Organizing Enterprise, Twenty Three Layers

Twenty Three Layers is an event organizing and design enterprise with a headquarter office in New York City. The employee team is vibrant, creative, fast and detailed to the core as reported by all of their clients. Twenty Three Layers delivers modern, eye-catching designs that match each particular event, ranging from corporate seminars, cultural events, to birthday parties. According to James Kinney of Kinney Creative Group, the firm’s group leader Jessica Boskoff is an excellent organizer with impeccable details, incredible patience, and complicated depth. Heather Harnett of the David Lynch Foundation revealed that some of his guests still talk about the appeal of their past events. He described the corporate event planners in NYC as a dedicated research team that customized the atmosphere to reflect the elegance of his company.


Twenty Three Layers uses a definite timeline to strategize the customers’ events. A month before the due date, the planner works with the host to pick out the most critical details such as the theme, date, budget, location and entertainment. A week after that first meeting, the planner helps the host send out invitations and order the necessary amenities such as kitchen appliances, chairs, and flowers. The director works with some of the event’s employees two weeks before the expected date to draft recipes, shopping lists, and place cards. In the case where certain dishes require freezing, the planner ensures that the kitchen staff is aware of the timeline for preparing each dish. The remaining one week is used to contact invitees who have not sent in their RSVPs and purchase the pre-drafted resources.


The best of the event planning companies in NYC, 23 Layers, works with the client until the last minute when the last guest walks in. On the due date, the planner walks around with a checklist to confirm that every little detail is in place. Some of them include chilling the wine, setting the bar, installing trash cans and lighting candles and creating a playlist. Once everything checks out, the host receives the go-ahead to launch the event. The firm has received various recognition from design and planning houses such as Time Out New York, Molly My, The Perfect Palette and Style Me Pretty.