Superior Staffing, Superior Vision: Mr. Brian Torchin

With the rise in the demand for global healthcare professionals, be it at home or abroad, there is an increased demand for professionals in the healthcare industry. Arriving on the scene is Brian Torchin, a man who realized this demand and has created a system of fulfilling those needs. Let’s take a look at how this remarkable figure has done so. Visit SlideShare to know more.

Having spent much time noticing the need for a reduction in readmissions along with an increase in patient satisfaction, Brian Torchin created a company called HCRC Staffing. Such company is dedicated towards staffing, opening and managing medical offices across various states in the U.S. But his experience with this form of staffing started with him staffing his own office with professionals. So he does have personal experience with the need for excellent service given at the hands of professionals who care. While such an attainment has been reached, he did not stop there.

Brian Torchin also provides search services across the globe for companies seeking to hire professionals in the healthcare sector. He has a staggering client base of 200 all across the world, literally. With clients in Australia, Europe, Asia, Canada, and the United States, his vision has mass appeal and is making the demand for healthcare professionals met. This doesn’t mean that he is hands off the operation that he set in place. Such is not the case as Mr Brian Torchin consistently publishes articles on the company’s blog and has remained a dedicated team player. His vision has become a reality for the healthcare industry and the patients seeking quality care at the hands of the most skilled are the benefactors of Brian’s grand design.

When a healthcare office has a need for a specialized professional and really don’t know where to look or if the current services are reputable for the hiring of a professional, this is where Brian comes in at. Not only does his service provide accurate guidance in the staffing of the office, ut his company also provide guidance in the maintenance thereof. The burden of finding great professionals is on his staffing service shoulders.View: