Securus Technologies Cutting Edge Technology is Modernizing the Incarceration Experience, Say Customers

Safety in and out of incarceration facilities is an important aspect when it comes to public safety. One organization that has been leading the pack when it comes to ensuring that every stakeholder within this sector is secure IS Securus Technologies. Since its formation in 1986, Securus Technologies has offered nothing short of quality inmate services, and currently, this company is using technology as a means to its ends.


According to the organization’s CEO, Rick Smith, to remain competitive in the market, Securus Technologies has invested heavily in technology. In addition to this, the company has hundreds of engineers, tech-tanks, and innovative thinkers who help them develop at least a single service or product that is used by correctional officers and law enforcement agents to prevent and solve the occurrences of crimes. Going by the facts on the ground, the Dallas, Texas-headquartered company that serves over a million inmates in North America, law enforcement, and correctional agencies, and close to more than 3,400 public safety institutions has made huge progress in its industry.


According to some sampled emails, most users of the facilities technology are quite confident in the abilities of the company to keep the environment safer. One response, for instance, notes that they are thrilled by the vision, current assessment, and capabilities of the company when it comes to aiding the investigation process. In addition to the innovative technology is the fact that their execution is also great. One customer noted that while investigating a suspect, they were able to use an alert feature which prompted the company’s immediate response hence being able to arrest a suspect.


Technology has surely come a long way, and it is going a long way. Securus Technologies is proof enough that when technology is put to the right use, it will help save a lot of lives.