Robert Ivy Helps Implement Tech Developments At The American Institute of Architects

Robert Ivy has had an incredibly positive career within the architectural industry. He has stood as the leader of well-known corporates and has contributed to several well-known projects. Through the course of his career, he has been working with a range of clients and companies, all who wanted to seek a good plan of action for their architectural goals. The work that Ivy has been able to do has been incredibly benifical for several institutions and people all over the country.

Currently, Ivy stands as the Cheif Executive Officer and Executive Vice President of the American Institute of Architects, which is an organization that stands for the development of the architectural field. Through the several endeavors that he has been able to take up with the company, he has improved the work done in the field and the manner in which other architects carry out their work. One of the more recent developments that Ivy has helped push forward at the American Institute of Architects was for the development of apps that worked to better the work that architects did. Apps have become an increasingly more significant part of the lives we lead, and industries are trying to integrate apps in the best way possible so that they can improve the work that they do. Even though we are living in the age of technological advancement, the architectural field is still living in an old-time where apps aren’t being used for everyday work.

To be able to improve the development of apps better, Robert Ivy decided that making an announcement that would call developers and app designers who could come together and work in collaboration with the American Institute of Architects. Ivy knows that this is a positive step towards development that the American Institute of Architects needed. This development will go far in bettering the system, and in turn, improving the cities that we live in.

Robert Ivy has had an expansive career within the field of architecture. He has not only worked at architectural firms but has also worked at several organizations that put out architectural publications. One of the more notable companies that Robert Ivy has been a part of was Architectural Record, which was a subsection of McGaw Construction. Ivy stood as an editor at this institution and served a notable role in bringing good quality content to the masses that were reading these publications.

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