Putting Your Dog On Feeding Schedules With Beneful

Schedule Your Dog For A Bite Of Beneful

After years of having dogs, I find that it is best to put them on a feeding schedule. This helps them get used to a routine, so they will naturally be ready to eat at a certain time of the day. I find that it is usually most convenient to schedule feeding times at breakfast and later in the evening. We try to feed our dog when we eat breakfast in the morning, and we feed him after one of us gets home from work to remain consistent.

In the morning, we feed only dry food to our dog. We have tried a few different types of Beneful’s dry food options, and they are all great. They have different kinds that match what type of dog you have. For instance, they make one called Beneful Dry Dog Food Healthy Puppy that is for puppies, of course. It has the nutrients that puppies need in order to grow up to be strong dogs.

We fed the puppy food that Purinastore Beneful offers (https://www.purinastore.com/brands/beneful), and now we are feeding Beneful Dry Dog Food Health Weight to help our dog maintain the same weight consistently. We feed this dry food in the morning time, and we feed it to our dog at night as well. We started feeding this calorie restricted offering when our vet told us to put Rockie on a calorie restricted diet.

Before we started feeding a calorie restricted brand we were already feeding Beneful‘s Dry Dog Food Originals.

When we feed Rockie his dinner, we top the dry dog food off with a heaping helping of Beneful Chopped Blends. This food really does look delicious. Sometimes the smell makes me hungry! It comes in a few varieties. Right now we are feeding Rockie the kind that is made with real pieces of savory beef, barley and a bunch of healthy vegetables.


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  1. This food has plenty of anti oxidants that dogs need to maintain a healthy body and maintain high energy levels. The kind we fed Rockie was made with real chicken. I have to say that the best essay would all things checked well.

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