Paul Mampilly Sees Internet Of Things Opening Great Investment Opportunities

An Eye For the Future

Paul Mampilly can take great pride in his children, since he has surrounded them, since their youth, to immerse themselves in the financial world, with dealing with stocks and understanding how money works. He feels that his kids have, in many ways, a better grasp of money and finance than their older generation has. Paul Mampilly has so much confidence in what his kids have learned thru investment and stocks that he even asks their opinion when he is unsure about matters. Paul Mampilly says his kids are most especially interested in the future of things like 3D printing and flying cars.

Big Data and the Future

Today is an exciting time to invest in the future since many things seem to be set on a foundation for significant growth in the future, says Paul Mampilly. For example, he recalls the importance of the Internet of Things is taking today and the direction it is taking as far as big data. For years big data has developed, and the capacity to deal with larger and larger chunks of data is on the doorstep of technology. He takes an example of the 5,000 sensors found in the PW1000G Pratt & Whitney plane engines, which electronically communicate about 10GB of data per second.

The Internet of Things Brings Great Potential Wealth

Just a few years ago it was impossible to have this much memory in a computer, but today this amount of data is being communicated every second to ensure the safety of planes and other technology. Anything from TV’s to cars and computers relays data back to the manufacturer to enable better and safer software. The companies that make the Internet of things operate is where investors will find significant opportunities for growth and investment. Not only companies that make these plane sensors, but also those that send and store the data they retrieve will be the forerunners of even more significant growth for the Internet of things.

Paul Mampilly is the Senior Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing Company and the author of Profits Unlimited, a newsletter dedicated to leading others to great investment potential.

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