Atlantic City Prime For New Developers

Atlantic City has always been the place to be on the Jersey Shore. The problem is that many who think of Atlantic City are thinking of the boardwalks, hotels, and lavish casinos. There is so much more to the city than just that.

City developers are seeking out ways to revitalize the areas of the city that do not include the casino district. They hope to get individuals or development companies enthused about the area and what it has to offer for families and young millenials. It is believed that young professionals can breath new life into the area, help to grow the tax base, and make all of Atlantic City a place where people want to visit and eventually live.

Wasseem Boraie is one such professional that the Atlantic City Development Board hopes to attract. Mr. Boraie owns a development company out of New Brunswick, New Jersey. He is well known for his numerous projects that have aided in boosting the economic development in many areas of the state, such as Newark.

The present mood in the area is that the younger, 25-34 age group can bring new hope and new ideas to the area. There are a few companies that are planning on developing some older buildings in the region to apartments.

One such project is from the owners of the Iron Room. They have interests in a number of businesses in the area. In order to boost the area and the worth of their own businesses, they are presently planning to renovate and old firehouse to an apartment building. It is in this way that they can help to preserve the history of the area, offer new and innovative housing for younger individuals, and attract new residents to the area.

This is also true for LPMG Properties. Its owner, John Longacre believes that through strategic investments more residents can be attracted to Atlantic City. His company is in the process of renovating an old Armory into an apartment complex. If the living arrangements are innovative, then the younger residents will flock to the area.

Heightening the population is another way to also enhance the business districts throughout the area. What is presently offered in Atlantic City is perfect for the people that already live there. When the population begins to grow, more business ventures will need to be developed for the needs of the increasing population. This will not only grow the area, but also its core base of revenue.

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Investment banking is Key to developing Economies Advices Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten is a well-known figure when it comes to investment banking. It should be known that he is well experienced and has a wealth of experience in investment banking. Investment banking is the advice that is offered to government institutions, individual, and governments who has a huge need for investment. They may be searching for investor looking for funds to carry on their projects. Investment banking makes the economy grow if the advice is well taken by the investor and it should be differentiated from the commercial banks which offer local advisory services.

There are a variety of risks that most investors should consider and direct their investment too. It is, therefore, an idea of seeking the right advice about how investment bankers should behave and what the investment bankers should do so that they fit in the market that is of high demand. Dealing with high net worth individuals and institutions needs an individual to be patient and also respectful. When handling such clients, professionalism should be highly regarded and in return the best position is sought out for.

Investment bankers should have experience and be conversant of the day today reports on the market. When offering business advice about a given share inadequate security, for example, thorough investigation and the flow of the stock should be observed. Keenness and being able to produce the right information to the client are vital to growing in the investment industry. Through his company, Lustgarten Company, Martin has been able to offer the best pieces of advice to various businesses that rely on his advice in making decisions.

Martin Lustgarten has helped various companies and clients get funds to invest in their investment. All this is because of the reputation that he has and he will still continue to be respected in the due course. Financial transactions have been enabled due to his patience and his well laid down procedures when it comes to investments. With his advice he is in a good position of offering the best to the market and ensures that he has made his clients satisfied in whatever the sector that they are.

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Open Society Foundations’ Path

Article recap

Open Society Foundations is an organization that has outstanding operations in a hundred countries around the world. This organization has earned its reputation by engaging in life transforming activities. Open Society Foundation takes part in social, political and education matters in different areas of operation. George Soros is the driving force behind Open Society Foundations. He is an established hedge fund billionaire who channels his wealth and influence towards charitable activities. The birth of Open Society Foundations began back in 1979 when George Soros began the process of giving potential South African students education scholarships. Ever since then, Open Society Foundations has grown to an international organization.

Activities undertaken by Open Society Foundation have managed to attract the attention of different parties. In recent times, conservative activist James O’Keefe was caught on a phone audio recording while trying to join Open Society Foundations. While using a fake name, O’Keefe tried to enter the operation of Open Society Foundations in Europe. His move was motivated by malicious political gains. That explains why he chose to hide his identity. The actions of James O’Keefe are a clear indication that politicians are aware of the strength of the operations undertaken by Open Foundation societies.

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Open Society Foundations has also attracted the attention of federal governments through its works. In recent times, Russia burned all activities funded by Open Society Foundations. The Russian government claimed that operations financed by this organization are a threat to national security. From a logical point of view, it is clear that the sentiments given by the Russian government are false, and baseless. These views came into existence due to the works of Open Society Foundations in Ukraine. For some time now, Russia has tried tirelessly to take over Ukraine by force. On the contrary, Open Society Foundations is working tirelessly to restore peace and political stability in Ukraine. In this context, it is clear that these two parties have different interests in Ukraine.
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George Soros

Through his Open Society Foundations, George Soros has impacted the lives of many people positively. He is a billionaire, and an established hedge fund personality. George Soros began his life transforming mission in 1979 through his scholarship venture in South Africa. After the Berlin wall had collapsed, he played a central role in the establishment of the Central European University. This education institution was established to enhance critical thinking and association among Europeans. Through his charity work, George Soros stands out as a man who has initiated transparency and transformation in different sectors across the world.

Open Society Foundations

Open Society Foundations is an organization that has played a central role in transforming the world. Refugees from Roma were taken care of by Open Society Foundations. Needy and able students from Roma also got scholarships from Open Society Foundations by George Soros. This organization also played crucial roles in the sectors of education, and political transformation in Asia, Africa and recently in Ukraine. Open Society Foundations is an organization that has achieved much success in its endeavors.

Evaluating Yeonmi Park’s Incredible Rise From Hopelessness

Refugees often undergo a lot of brutality. Nothing depicts their plight better than Yeonmi Park’s heart wrenching Amazon best-selling book, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom”. The story is said in hard-hitting and fearless lines, which manage to clearly portray the injustices faced by child refugees in particular. In the book, Ms. Park states that she did not know what freedom is during her early years. The happiest thing to her was having a meal.
Yeonmi begins her Reason TV interview by detailing how she fled from her nation of birth, North Korea. This was in March 2007. At a tender age of thirteen, she had no idea about where she was headed to. She captures the attention of her readers when she details her escape from the country after crossing a freezing River Yalu late into the night. Getting into China, she came face to face with dreadful experiences, which are too harrowing for even an adult, let alone a thirteen year old.

A strong will to live is what kept this gritty girl going. Along the way, she met her father but unfortunately, he succumbed to undetected cancer. This lowered her life force and even made her to have suicidal thoughts. She however fought them off and kept journeying on. During the years-long journey across China, she was confronted by many challenges. Park had to withstand relentless hunger, emotional and physical abuse. She however managed to reach the Mongolian border, which paved way for her transit to South Korea.

One thing that stands out from the memoir is the author’s ability to keep readers on the edge. It is filled with suspense-filled lines, which keeps them wanting to read more of the story. It is no surprise that the book has become a blockbuster within a short time after its release. It has also catapulted a hitherto unknown refugee into international limelight. The press sees her as a savior to millions of North Koreans who have been for years oppressed by the tyrannical regime. The North Korean government has gone ahead to dismiss Yeonmi’s account as an exaggeration and has even labeled her a puppet of the West. Nonetheless, Yeonmi Park has managed to highlight the injustices going on in the county.


Avi Weisfogel’s GoFundMe Campaign Shows the Heart of a Man

Avi Weisfogel is the man behind a campaign on GoFundMe, which is attempting to raise 2,000 dollars or more to help Operation Smile. Operation Smile is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing surgical procedures to children around the world who would not be able to afford them otherwise. Weisfogel, like Operation Smile, believes that every child deserves to smile.

Who Is Avi Weisfogel?

Avi Weisfogel is a man that has shown different faces, which may cause one to hear varying descriptions of who the man is. For one, Weisfogel is a dentist; he earned his DDS in New York University College of Dentistry. Weisfogel was also the beloved dentist of the Old Bridge Dental Care office in a small New Jersey community. In fact, he was so esteemed that he won Best Dentist for 15 years.

But Weisfogel is also the man who pioneered the connection between sleep apnea and dentistry. He was convinced that the dentist community needed to take a more active role in their patients issues with sleep apnea and overall quality of sleep. He formed the very successful Dental Sleep Masters, which is a group of specialists who help many combat this problem.

Avi Weisfogel’s Crusade to Help Operation Smile

The simple fact is, if you pay attention to Weisfogel’s career and actions, you will see a pattern. The pattern is he attempts to use his knowledge to help as many people as possible. Weisfogel’s GoFundMe campaign is just another way that he is attempting to help. What Avi hopes is that his name will bring awareness to the cause and enough money to really make a difference in a young child’s life.

Avi stated in an interview that he noticed just how efficient the organization was with each of their patients. Weisfogel saw that each operation is treated with the utmost diligence and care. And that the organization uses caregivers from the region to help with recuperation. He thought this was a great idea since the children in many of these locations might feel more comfortable speaking in their own language.

He truly found kindred spirits in the Operation Smile organization, and he hopes that others will, too.

Beneful Delicious Varieties

Beneful provides a wide range of nutritional dry dog food. For instance, Beneful Playful Life is a great dry food option for your pet to try. It contains high nutrition with a substantial amount of protein. It also contains real egg, beef, spinach, and blueberries along with other healthy protein and nutritional ingredients. With an abundant amount of nutritional contents Playful Life will help your dog to continue to grow and thrive each and every day.

Beneful also provides several wet dog food ( flavors for your pet to try. A great one to try for your pet is Incredibites. Some of the ingredients included are chicken, salmon, and beef along with other rich nutritional ingredients. Incredibities have a great balance of nutrition, protein, and sweetness for your pet all in little bites. Your pet will enjoy the amazing compacted taste Incredibities has to offer.

Beneful Chopped Blends is also another type of delicious wet dog food. Chopped Blends stands out with its finely chopped pieces. It also makes its ingredients visible to see. Let your pet experience an exciting journey of exquisite taste when your pet takes just one bite. It comes with a delicious sauce making it even more tasteful and enjoyable. Some of the ingredients include beef, chicken, turkey, salmon, and lamb.

Baked Delights Stars are scrumptious and delightful dog treats Beneful provides. Baked Delights provide a delightful burst of flavor with each bite. Baked Delights are great tasteful shortbread treats that your pet will simply enjoy. Baked Delight Stars come in bacon and cheese flavor. They also are available for your pet in chicken and cheese.

Beneful also provides wet dog food medley flavors. Served with a scrumptious blend of vegetables, meat, and sauce it’s a great balanced, enjoyable, and nutritional meal for your pet. There is a Tuscan Style Medley, Romana Style Medley, and Mediterranean Style Medley all with its own distinctive and enjoyable taste. And all these products can be found on Wal-Mart stores.

Overall, provides a wide range of dog food for your pet. With so much beneficial nutrition Beneful is a wonderful brand to provide for your dog throughout the years.

Doe Deere is a Rule Breaker

Bustle is helping its readers break all of the fashion and beauty rules. It just featured an article on Doe Deere, the founder and CEO of Lime Crime cosmetics. In the article, Deere is interviewed about her perspective on fashion and beauty rules that she says are begging to be broken. In her social media pictures as well as the featured pictures in the article, it is clear that Doe Deere has a talent for taking traditional standards and turning them on their head. Even her own hair color is off the beaten path. One thing about Deere’s personal look is for sure. Deere has the unique ability to make the unconventional still look cool and stylish.

One of the major beauty rules that Deere encourages readers to consider breaking is something all of us have been taught through traditional advertising and beauty tips for decades. The conventional wisdom is that it is way over the top to wear both a bold eye look and a bold lip at the same time. Deere says that this is just plan silly. Instead, she argues, just wear whatever makeup makes you feel fabulous. For Deere, this means finding complementary eye and lip looks and shades that work with her outfit and whatever mood she is in that way.

Doe Deere founded her makeup company after years of designing, sewing and selling her own clothes on the Internet to other aspiring fashionistas. Deere has always marched to the beat of her own drum and has never compromised her values in following her dreams or launching her career. In fact, for Deere, following her passion and succeeding at her career are one and the same pursuits. She was able to make a name for herself with an out-of-the-box makeup company because she was searching for makeup colors and options that could be paired with her unconventional fashion line. That is how Lime Crime was first created in 2008.

Since it was established, Deere has turned Lime Crime into an incredibly successful company tat gives adventurous women the opportunity to express themselves in a fun and authentic way. The shades introduced by Lime Crime continue to inspire major trends in the cosmetics industry, and the company is considered a pioneer in innovative makeup options. Deere is frequently consulted by major publications for her advice on beauty and fashion trends and maintains an active social media presence for her followers.

Wen By Chaz Is Better Than Negativity

I have always been a fan of Chaz Dean. I have followed not only his transition into the celebrity hair style world but I have also faithfully followed the trends of many of his most famous celebrity clients. If anyone knows hair it is definitely Chaz and I have always been an advocate for any of his products.
Being the connoisseur of all things hair ( I gave myself this title) my friends often come to me and ask me what I think about Wen By Chaz. While I have tried many of Chaz Dean’s products I unfortunately have never tried this one. I personally have read some positive and negative reviews on wikipedia about the product so I must admit I have been a bit apprehensive.

Not long ago one of my favorite beauty bloggers took a huge step of faith and started using Wen hair and wanted to share it with all her readers. each day the blogger gave a indepth analysis of the product and how it impacted her hair. Not only did she share the details of each day’s hair journey but she also showed pictures to prove in fact that the product was working and she was using it effectively.

At the end of the review the beauty blogger did admit that she didn’t think she would be living or dying by WEN Hair but she did believe that the product worked much better than a lot of the negative online reviews often said.

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Makeup and Beauty News

Has medical science finally advanced to the point where they can tell us for sure whether brushing our hair really makes a difference? According to Cosmopolitan UK, brushing can make hair grow faster. At least that’s what someone said, and this statement was quoted in a recent article at Allure. According to the Cosmo source, using a boar bristle brush and brushing every day could stimulate the scalp and thus cause the hair to grow faster. Author Renee Jacques was just a little skeptical, though. Renee decided to get the straight dope and consulted an authority: Dr. Francesca Fusco, a New York City dermatologist who specializes in the scalp. What brushing does stimulate, Dr. Fusco insists, is blood circulation throughout the scalp and the effective distribution of sebum, which naturally lubricates the hair shaft. Good blood circulation is going to bring more nutrients to the scalp, where the hair follicle develops. And when hair is regularly brushed using a boar bristle brush, it’ll be healthier, shinier, and bouncier. But it won’t grow faster. Dr. Fusco’s words were seconded by Matt Fugate, a stylist at the Serge Normant salon in NYC. Matt repeated the importance of using a natural brush with soft boar bristles. So that settles it: brushing isn’t going to make hair grow faster, but a regular brushing regime will make it prettier and healthier.
Finding reliable, interesting, and fun information about beauty and fashion can be a hit-or-miss proposition. Or you can find a blogger and youtuber in whom you can put confidence and trust, a person like is Wendy Ayche, otherwise known as Wengie, who confesses up front that she is completely obsessed with beauty and shopping. Wengie’s YouTube channel has recently passed the million-subscribers mark, while her extremely popular blog is packed with content: makeup tutorials, wise thoughts on a healthy lifestyle, recipes for sensible meals, giveaways, and of course fashion and beauty talk.
Of Chinese descent but raised in Australia, Wengie has created an internet site rich in cultural diversity. She moves easily between Western and Eastern concepts of beauty, lifestyle, and health, always insisting on the importance of living with integrity and responsibility. Having worked in marketing and accounting, Wengie knows how to run her rapidly expanding empire of beauty and fashion. But she has remained a warm and compassionate individual, a rare occurrence for one so young, talented, and beautiful.

George Soros Explains the ‘Surge’ Fund Solution to Europe’s Refugee Crisis

George Soros a well renowned investor, author and philanthropist has written an essay that details the refugee crisis in Europe and the measures that EU should take to contain the situation.

The Refugee Crisis

Civil war and terror in 2015 caused over a million people to seek asylum in Europe from Middle East and Africa. Right now the situation is even more desperate. George Soros wrote that “Asylum seekers are desperate”, he urged that the refugees should be allowed to attain asylum in the places that they prefer.

Soros advised that the only way European Union can survive and contain this situation is by quickly getting great amount of cash to fix the crisis. In an article published in CNBC on, Soros said, “EU leaders need to embrace the idea that effectively addressing the crisis will require ‘surge’ funding, rather than scraping together insufficient funds year after year.” Soros estimated that an amount of $34 billion (30 billion Euros) will be needed per year.

The refugee crisis if not contained will cause failure of the Schengen system. Failure of this system will affect the trading and economy of the 26 member countries.

George Soros calculated the number of refugees that Europe can comfortably receive per year to be between 300,000 and 500,000. This regulated number will have two benefits. First, the refugees will be assured of getting asylum in countries that they seek. Secondly, the governments of the various countries will be able to plan for the refugees and make proper provisions for them.

EU’s Available Sources for the “Surge” Fund
Having set the amount, Soros went ahead to point out the different mechanisms that EU can use to get the “surge” funds. The tax revenue should be increased in all EU countries. But since, the move will face objections from various members on; the European Commission’s Multiannual Financial Framework should be employed. This forum is concerned with the long term spending plan of the countries and it can fairly increase the VAT values. Soros pointed out that while this method was effective; it lacks the ability to create great funds quickly.

Soros assured that EU has the ability to create the “surge” funds urgently. The union should make use of the unused $68 billion funds from the Balance of Payments Assistance Facility and the Financial Stabilization Mechanism (EFSF). The ability of the financial entities (EFSF and ESM) to leverage easy credit terms should be used. George Soros further advised that now is the time for EU to use their triple-A credit. The refugee crisis is a national emergency and as such EU should use the latter mechanism to acquire funds.

George Soros

He is listed among the top riches people in the world. He is the founder of Soros Fund Management which is a very successful investment management firm. He is also the founder of Open Society Foundation which supports charity activities around the world. He has written various important articles. He has dual citizenship in U.S. and Hungary.