Jose Auriemo Neto Running JHSF Brilliantly with the Aim to Expand its Operations

JHSF is one of the top real estate companies in Brazil. They offer a broad range of real estate services to their clients and over the past few years have also extended their portfolio. With an extensive list of high-end clientele, they are always looking to provide their clients with the best service possible. Even though the company is a family-owned business; they run it like any other corporate company to ensure that nothing interferes with its operation.

JHSF is known for its many famous projects that include malls, restaurants, hotels and executive airports in Brazil as well. When the company was set up, it mostly concentrated on residential projects. But, over the years, hotels and restaurants have become an important part of their portfolio. To keep up with the growing economy of the country, they are looking for more recurring income and thus, they mostly rent out their residential and commercial real estate projects rather than focus on sales. The company is also expanding its operations beyond the borders of Brazil. They have recently started projects in Miami and New York.

The company is currently run by its chairman Jose Auriemo Neto who is taking the company to newer heights. Being one of the younger generations to run the company, he is bringing in innovations and ideas to the business that is helping in its growth. Under the leadership of Jose Auriemo Neto, the company has managed to emerge as one of the biggest companies that Brazil has seen. Since joining the company in the year 1993, he has undertaken many expansion plans for the company and has been successful.

Jose Auriemo Neto joined the company as a junior and has grown in ranks by taking more responsibilities. He had shown his strength in the real estate development business after he managed to made partnerships with some of the top global brands like Jimmy Choo, Hermes, Pucci, and Valentino for its shopping mall projects. Jose Auriemo Neto also had a strong educational background and loved learning. He went to the Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado University to earn his graduation degree. He then joined his family business right after.

Jason Hope and the Internet of Things are Changing Technology

There are many different ways that you can find success in the technological world. For Jason Hope the paths have been many and he has excelled at almost every station he has stopped at. Jason Hope is a futurist, writer, entrepreneur, and the founder of the riveting SENS Foundation. Hope is also one of the loudest and most emphatic advocates of the Internet of Things (IoT). The Internet of Things is an umbrella term for the way in which the world is changing and trending ever towards daily automation in our lives. Let’s dig into the Internet of Things and see just why Jason Hope has put so much of his reputation on the line for the concept.

Imagine a world not unlike ‘The Jetsons’ where just about everything you do is automated. Technology is a part of our lives in a huge way right now and we are trending ever towards a completely automated way of living. The Internet of Things is a specific way in which we interface with technology. The Internet of Things is a term that reflects on how one day everyday objects will completely interface with the internet. Having the internet playing an instrumental part in our lives is a big deal, as Jason Hope will tell you.

Jason Hope believes that we are trending toward the biggest industry that the world has ever seen. While right now the Internet of Things exists on the outer fringe of the tech conversation, it is definitely going to be much more than that here soon. Hope believes that corporations need to start preparing now for a future where the Internet of Things has completely taken over how we live our day to day lives.

We need only look at the impact that the Internet of Things can have on transportation in order to understand why it is such a big deal. Consider buses or police cars that are fed up to the minute data regarding traffic and delays. Can you see, in just this one example, how much different our world would be on a day to day basis?

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Duda Melzer an Ideal Businessman

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer or commonly known as Duda is regarded as one the most successful businessmen in Brazil. Duda’s grandfather, Mauricio Sobrinho founded the RBS group which is responsible for managing the entertainment and broadcast industry in the Southern part of Brazil. This company is considered as one of the biggest in the country.

According to Globo, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is Duda Melzer’s actual name but goes by the name Duda as that is what the people in the industry have known him by. In a report by Acaert, he currently serves as the chairman of his family’s company. Since taking reign at the RBS Group, he has brought about the enormous transformation that has changed the company to what it is now. The skills and expertise that Duda possesses in the field are the aspects that enabled him to drive the company in a direction that is appropriate for its growth and development.

Duda has grown to be one of the most influential figures in the business. Utilizing RBS Group as an anchor, he has gone to establish several sub companies. For example, he founded Bricks Digital, an investment company in the digital sector with operations in Brazil and the United States.

The reasons why Duda has become so immensely successful were outlined in an article on Dino. His educational background was mentioned as one of the major reasons. He went to Pontifical Catholic University and later attained a degree in Business Administration. He also attended numerous courses at the prestigious Harvard University where he gained his MBA.

Despite RBS Group being a family business, Duda has demonstrated that he is an excellent businessman. He also works at Mercosul Biennial as the Director. This company deals in showcasing artworks of numerous artists across the world. Also, he owns one of the largest wine markets in Brazil.

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Antony Petrello- The CEO of Nabors Ltd.

Mr. Antony G. Petrello is the Chairman of the Board, the CEO and the president of Nabors Industries Ltd, which is a holding company of Nabors Exchangeco (Canada) INC. Before then, he was the Chief Operating Officer of Nabors Ltd in 1991 and became the president of the company in 1992. In 2003, Tony became the deputy chairman of Nabors. Since 2011, he became the company’s CEO. Tony is connected to 3 board members in three different organizations and across 4 industries. From 2011 to date, Tony has also been the Director of Stewart & Stevenson, LLC. He is also the Director of Texas Children’s Hospital, Inc. he has also served as the director of

Nabor Industries Ltd together with its subsidiaries provides drilling and rig services. They own and operate the world’s largest land-based drilling rig fleet in U.S and multiple international markets. They offer rig instrumentation, optimization software, and directional drilling and comprehensive oilfield services in most of significant oil and gas markets in the world. The company operates in United States, Far East, Middle East and Africa.

Tony holds an MS and BS from Yale University and a JD from Harvard Law School. As the chairman of the board, President and CEO at Nabors Industries LTD, Tony made $27,512,939 in total compensation for the fiscal year 2015. In 2014, Nabor industries reported a net loss of $669 million which resulted into the CEO’s pay package declined in 2014. Therefore Antony Petrello did not top the best-paid-bosses list.

Antony’s college roommate, Lloyd Grove wrote an article about him which was published in the Daily Beast. He had seen the list of the highest paid people in the world and Tony was one of them. He described Tony as a skinny scholarship kid who was an Italian American and naturally very good at Mathematics. He was also fond of pizza. Anthony’s daughter Carena was born with periventricular leukomalacia (PVL).which caused developmental delay issues. This motivated Antony and his wife Cynthia to work with Texas Children’s home Hospital Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute. They donated $5 million as a lead donation and they lead the fundraising efforts for this research initiative.


Logan Stout, a Leader in the Making

Logan Stout is an extraordinary leader. Throughout his life, Stout has practiced as an entrepreneur, athlete, a World Series player, motivational speaker, and a coach. Using his knowledge and influence, Logan has been able to educate people on how to lead better lives. Apart from that, Logan is also a renowned philanthropist, leadership trainer, and a best-selling author. In his life-long journey, Logan Stout has been able to build himself an empire but has not shied away from using his wealth to help others. Through the years, Logan has created companies like the Dallas Patriots Inc., the Premier Baseball Academy, and Defining Success from the ground up.

In 2013, Stout decided to create yet another group, the IDLife LLC, a corporation meant to assist in health and wellness. After three years, IDLife LLC has grown beyond limits. In a current move to expand, IDLife has partnered with Garmin International Inc., and the two companies are expected to start working together by the beginning of June 2017. The partnership will allow IDLife customers to access products sold by Garmin International Inc. at a subsidy. Above all, the move will help IDLife LLC clients keep tabs on their health and wellness progress as they make use of gadgets from Garmin International Inc. IDLife, on the other hand, will provide customers with easy to use vitamins and nutritional products.

Since Garmin International Inc. relies on gadgets made from the latest technology, users will be able to access valuable information relating to their health in digital format. It is from such vital data that one will be able to assess the degree of progress he has made as pertains to health and wellness. Garmin International Inc. is bringing years of experience in health and wellness through its wearable device expertise thus making the company the best-fit to partner with IDLife LLC. With its Index Smart Scale and IDWellness app, the two companies will do wonders. The devices that will be made available to IDLife LLC customers have highly advanced features, are resilient and have a long battery life. Therefore, it is only a matter of time before people who are conscious about their health start reaping the full benefits of using products from IDLife LLC and Garmin International Inc.


End Citizens United as a Political Committee and Endorsements

End Citizens United is a liberal political committee established in 2015. It focuses on driving big money out of politics. It is the third largest federal political group with more than 3 million members. This is according to press release in the year 2016.

Endorsement of Sen. Heidi Heitkamp

In the upcoming U.S. Senate race, the committee says it will be endorsing Sen. Heidi Heitkamp. She is been on the forefront in the struggle to restructuring of the campaign finance system during her tenure as an attorney general for North Dakota. She recently presented a bill that escalates plainness and pushback against shady money during campaigns.

She also introduced the Sunlight for Unaccountable Non-profits Act with the help of Senator Jon Tester. Through it, the public is able to know when benefactors spend more than $5000 during campaign periods. It is also intended to have no effect on non-profits undertakings that do not take part in elections.

End Citizens Group Endorses Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse

The End Citizens Group is also aiming at endorsing Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse for his re-election into congress. He is a campaign- finance reformer who also opposes dark money used during campaigns. This organization contributes to campaign for politicians who opposesthe expanded ability of political corporation to make contribution through Supreme Court’s citizen decision. In his book, published in 2017, he talks of corporate infiltration of American democracy. He is in conflict with such decisions, and he is viewed as an advocate who calls for transparency in political expenditure and contributions.

End Citizens United’s Goal

As a political action committee, its goal is to raise more money of its own. They hope to elect more Democrats into congress in the upcoming midterm elections in 2018.They target to reform finance used during campaigns.

End Citizens United group has managed to raise more than $4 million during the first quarter of this year, $40,000 of which contributed for the first time as said by its president and executive producer, Tiffany Muller. The group plans to raise $35 million to be used during the forthcoming Congress elections. Achieving $35 million target will be a tremendous outpouring from $24 million raised during its first election phase, of action, back in 2016.

Impact on Political Affiliation

Through its spokesman, Adam Bozzi, it is said that the group has build more connections to those campaign-finance groups. For case in point, his group worked together with more than 24 groups to convince Republican Senators who received campaign aid from Betsy DeVos and her rich family to excuse themselves from voting during her nomination as Education secretary for Trump. This cast resulted to a 50-50 tie between DeVos and vice president Pence, breaking the vote in her favor.

Beneful the Nutritious Dog Food for the Furry Kids

Choosing the right dog food is important for the health of the pet and finding one the dog doesn’t turn away from. Beneful is that kind of dog food, with healthy ingredients and without the first ingredient being meal, corn or wheat. Even the dry 7-pound Beef Food that was the original has real beef, peas, and carrots. Beneful has another Original with Real Salmon with a price that beats any of the other fancy dog foods with a price $26.98 for a 31.1 pound bag of dry food. Though, the company makes wet food like the Beneful Chopped Blends with Salmon, Sweet Potatoes, Brown Rice and Spinach.

The flavors will attract every dog with wet foods like Chopped Blends with turkey, chicken or beef stew are only a small selection. The dry food Beneful with real beef, real chicken, playful life and healthy puppy that can be found at Wal-Mart and on the Wal-Mart website it’s possible to find Beneful coupons. Wal-Mart has specials and rollback prices on the many different flavors of wet and dry Beneful to make it even more affordable for a premium dog food. This is the kind of wet and dry food that every dog will have a favorite.


Jeremy Goldstein – An Accomplished Lawyer Who Is Highly Devoted

Mr. Jeremy Goldstein has got the partnership with Jeremy L Goldstein and Associates LLC. It is a boutique law company devoted to providing recommendations to the remuneration committees and corporations in the issues of authority.


Mr. Jeremy Goldstein used to have the partnership of the law firm, Lipton, Rosen, and Katz. He has been involved in several of the corporate deals in the past ten years. Mr. Jeremy Goldstein is a chairman of the Mergers and Acquisitions Subcommittee of the Executive Compensation Committee of the American Bar Association Business segment.


He speaks on corporate governance and some other problems associated with compensation. He is a top compensation advocate in Chambers USA guide to the leading lawyers in America for the business. Mr. Jeremy Goldstein has been actively involved in several big corporate transactions in the past ten years. He acquired Goodrich by United Technologies, Duke Energy, Sanofi Aventis.


Mr. Jeremy has done a J.D from University of New York Law School and also M.S from Chicago University. He has completed Bachelor of Arts from Cornell University. Are you searching for a lawyer to take care of the criminal issue like child custody law or you need some assistance with an issue involving tenant and a landlord?

The people of New York have got an excellent and straightforward means to get a lawyer in their community who has got extensive expertise to take care of their legal problems. The New York Bar Association has started a new online portal for persons who need a lawyer.


These services are accessible 24 hours a day. The person requires lawyers at the time of difficulty and tension. The information and referral services is an excellent means to get some assistance. The persons may have the confidence that will be suited. The lawyers have a beautiful legal standing for the ones who have been reviewed by the New York State bar association.

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Importances of Dry Beneful Dog Food at Petsmar

Questions will cross your mind when purchasing Beneful dog food is whether it is preserved in the dry state. The answer is yes. For any healthy weight gain for your dog, you should have Beneful dog food at Petsmart. There are some benefits the moment you will introduce this food to your dog.

It will take 7-10 days for your dog to eat the food entirely. You should slowly start by adding a little amount of food to the previous meal. As time goes on, continue adding until the dog is a condition to the new healthy dog food. The reasons you should add little by little is to avoid the dietary upset.

Beneful dog food at PetSmart is also found in the dry form. In comparison between the dry and the wet food for dogs, dry dog food is our preference and helpful to your dog. The main importances of this food found in the dry form.

Easy for storage

Unlike the wet food, Beneful dog food does not require any fridge to store the food. It is found in dry form to easy the storage at home. You can purchase the product in bulk, and the dog will take time before it is over.

Easy to buy in bulk

With Beneful dog wet food, you can feed your dog for months. You will purchase the food at Petsmart and store it for your dog without worries. It will be healthy and helpful to your dog.

Kept in the Bowl for a Long Time

Wet food in the bowl cannot stay for long compared to the dry food. It will dry if left open and lose the major nutrients found in the food. If you feed your dog with Beneful, the food can be left in the bowl to graze with all the nutrients intact.

Who is Richard Blair?

Among the things that define us is our commitment and dedication to what we do. If you base your business on integrity and delivering services to customer’s expectation, success is likely to be part of you. Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is a man who is preceded by his reputation. He is known for his exceptional services in the field of finance by the people of Dallas, Texas. Among the skills that make him the experienced financial advisor he is today include investments, retirement, and financial services. His customers know him as an individual who values the investments of his clients and treats them like his own.


He has managed to become who he is today by acquiring many certifications along the way. Some of these certifications include CAS, CFS, RICP and CES. Barely bragging about his prowess and experience, his clients love him for operating as a registered investment advisor. Every penny you spend on Richard Blair is worth it. To achieve so much is a span of 25 years, he has developed a financial plan that he recommends to his clients. He has the notion that for you to succeed with financial goals and objectives, you require a strong plan. The plan works for people looking to retire or those in need of managing their wealth. This plan consists of three pillars, and the good thing about the plan is that it is very easy to implement.


The first step of Richard Blair plan involved helping the clients decide where they want to be financially in a specified period. This includes the growth opportunities within this time, goals as well as risks and strength. Perhaps the best way to help a client achieve their financial goals is understanding where they are from. This is then followed by coming up with a long-term strategy for the client. With this step, there is the need to minimize risks and maximize gains for the client. Finally, Richard Blair third steps involve contingency measures. For every plan to work, it must be covered by the insurance that consists of life insurance and long-term care.


Richard Blair’s life has been influenced by the education he received when growing up. He has also been influenced by his mother and grandmother who emphasized the importance of confidence to become a responsible person. Richard acquired his first degree from the University of Houston where he majored in financial management services and finance.