Krishen Iyer Agrees To An Interview

He may be a successful business owner and entrepreneur but Krishen Iyer wasn’t always the successful businessman he is today. So just how did he manage to become so successful in such a short period of time? He recently sat down with Idea Mensch to discuss how he first got his start in the business world and where he sees himself in five to ten years. He first began his entrepreneurial endeavors while matriculating at San Diego State University as a sophomore. This is when he began his first business known as IHS Insurance. This company lasted for about 12 years until he left the business for unknown reasons. He also ran another company simultaneously beginning in 2009 known as Name My Premium which lasted for about six years until he left in 2015.

It’s not clear exactly why Krishen Iyer walked away from the company but, not long afterward, he established his current company known as Managed Benefits Services. In this economy, there are many marketing companies out there who have needs that constantly go unmet and this is where MBS comes into the picture as they help to ensure these businesses have everything they need in order to maintain consistent growth and success. One of the best $100 Krishen Iyer ever spent is when he took his colleagues out to a karaoke bar and offered them free drinks if they consented to get up on stage and do a stirring rendition of any of their songs.

One of his favorite books is Stephen King’s novel, “On Writing: A Memoir Of The Craft” as Krishen Iyer believes it to be one of the most effective tools for anyone aspiring to be an effective and successful entrepreneur. So we wish him the best of luck in his career going forward.


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