Gareth Henry, The Phenomenon Of Investor Relations

Gareth Henry is really an irreplaceable asset in the alternative investment banking. Henry first acquired his Actuarial Mathematics degree from the University of Edinburgh Scotland. He then became the Director of Strategic Solutions in Schroders plc. As he points out in an interview, he “has a knack for talking to colleagues, clients, and even strangers about their investments in a meaningful way.” This set him apart from other Mathematicians and stirred him towards investor relations and raising capital. This turned out to be the right course for him, due to his understanding of economics, finance, and risk management. This led to future successes as the Head of Investor Relations and the Global Head of International Relations at Fortress Investment Group. He significantly produced capital gains for Fortress’ real estate vehicles, hedge funds, private credit, and private equity firm. Before transferring to Angelo Gordon, Gareth Henry managed Fortress’ $4 billion hedge fund business through the Investor Relations group.

With his new organization, Angelo Gordon, which manages around $26 billion in private equity firm, credit investments, and real estate, Gareth Henry became a full partner. With his deep, global investor relations experience and ability to satisfy his clients, Angelo Gordon was sure to be acquiring an asset to their organization. This opened an opportunity for Angelo Gordon to build and secure an investor relations foundation within the US, Europe, Asia, and even the Middle East.

The things that set Gareth Henry apart are his dedicated passion for understanding his clients and his constant pursuit to improve through feedback. This helps him know the internal and external dynamics of his clients and their needs. As Head of Global Investor Relations, Henry has many different tasks like communicating with existing investors to keep them apprised of current events and their investors’ views, bringing in new investment dollars, and convincing investors to invest new capital. With all of his education and experience, Gareth’s peers acknowledge him as a “phenomenon” in the competitive capital rising field. Despite his success, Gareth Henry plans to go on his own route of alternative investments to find better ways to service his clients. Wherever Henry finds himself next, capital is sure to follow.

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