Exploring the Krishen Iyer’s Front On Charity

There are many things people of high noteworthy can do, but giving back to the community is a noble course. The inherent contentment or satisfaction that you have improved someone’s life is a value that cannot be traded off. Krishen Iyer has been giving back to the society through the SKI Charities.


To date, the foundation has improved the lives of many families and marginalized groups of people in the neighboring communities. He says, his normal day is marked with many activities. he has the SKIPGO Program which supports education and has sponsored many students. He also runs the SKIMFI Microfinance which advances loans to the community and helps them improve their lifestyle. Krishen Iyer will first go through the previous day report that lies basis on what is to be done the following day.


He prides in having a great team that works along with him and a very supportive wife. However, most of the decisions weigh in on him. Krishen Iyer’s foundation has a felt presence in Africa among other continents. He is consistently seeking relations to help him sustain his dream of improving people’s lives as he believes that nothing comes to life without luck and hope. The success of the project deserves attention as for a very long time, he has been the self-financing operation where many have benefitted.


About Krishen Iyer


He was born Shyam Krishen Iyer and is a certified finance expert. Krishen Iyer has an admirable professional career path has worked as a strategic Advisor at Fortune 500 Companies and as a Management consultant and Hedge Fund analyst before getting into private ventures. He is a co-partners at Quick Link Marketing better known as Managed Benefits that offers market needed solutions to finance companies.