Dr. Walden : Advocate, lnnovator, Mother

As one of the few female board-certified plastic surgeons in the country, Dr. Jennifer Walden has been revered as a leading advocate for women empowerment. Dr.Walden owns and operates her Austin based clinic MedSpa Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center where she performs plastic surgeries including the face, breasts, genitals and any other improvement that can be made on the human body.

Along with her all-women staff of 16, Dr. Walden seeks to create a judgment-free experience for her patients. Many of her patients comment about welcoming demeanor and ability to really listen and understand what they wanted. listening says Dr. Walden helps to empower not only the patient but myself as well. So, where does all this confidence and motivation come from? Dr. Walden states that it all started with a book by Sheryl Sandberg, “Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead.”. Her message to all girls and women is to not take “no” for an answer if a woman seeks to improve her life nobody should be allowed to stand in the way of their dreams.

Dr. Walden is a prime example of how you can do it all. Her life is blessed with two twin boys, and although single mother life isn’t a walk in the park, Dr. Walden is out to prove that you can still have your dreams, you can still run that business and share your love with your family.

The fact that her practice is so successful isn’t solely because she is a woman, in fact, much of her success comes from her willingness to constantly innovate her technology in order to bring the safest and best quality of results to her patients. Dr. Walden is also one of the first in the nation to use the diVa laser & ThermiVa radio frequency for noninvasive vaginal rejuvenation as well as other technologies. Dr. Waldens currently plans on staying in Austin, her love for the diversity, culture, family, and economic growth is what continues to grow her own business as well.

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