Dr. Jennifer Walden’s World Of Cosmetic Surgery

Welcome to Dr. Jennifer Walden’s world. Dr. Walden is a best plastic surgeon who owns her own practice, MedSpa, with locations both in Austin, Texas and in New York City. She also balances her successful career with being a loving and attentive mother to her twin boys.

Along with a busy schedule at home and in the operating room, Dr. Walden generously shares her time by speaking with different radio stations and news channels besides talking about plastic surgery at different conferences in cities like Chicago. As a business owner, she also shares walk-throughs on how to own and operate a successful business.

Furthermore, she is very active on social media. If you are interested in a life of Aesthetic plastic surgery, Dr. Walden’s Instagram page will not disappoint an up and coming plastic surgeon. She performs procedures such as Radiofrequency assisted liposuction and breast lifts with minimal invasion.

Obviously, Dr.Jennifer Walden is extremely driven and highly passionate about what she has chosen for her career in life. By my own observance of her social media, she takes on many roles in her business besides just scrubbing up and performing in the operating room. She is definitely a force in her field of expertise.

For anyone who is thinking about a career in cosmetic surgery, or if you just want to find out more about a certain procedure because you have been thinking that it’s time for a new lease on life, then Dr.Jennifer Walden would be the lady of the hour. She shares plenty of information on her social sites and on her MedSpa website. Why not get the answers you have wanted for a while? Why not visit Dr. Jennifer Walden at “MedSpa, skintology by Dr. Jennifer Walden?”

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