Vegan Recipes with Markus Rothkranz & Cara Brotman

Cara’s Amazing Raw Vegan Tabouli Recipe

For someone looking for a good source of protein, they should eat quinoa, which has 8 grams of protein per cup which is pretty high. To make quinoa taste really good, you can try making a tabbouli salad with it. When you sprout quinoa, you really increase the nutritional content by a lot. Soak the quinoa for 8 hours and sprout it for 2 days. When you’re ready to start making the tabbouli salad, , add a cup of quinoa, tomatoes, sweet organic white or purple onion, ginger, garlic, and jalepeno into a bowl. Ginger is so beneficial for the body and makes it taste so good, so chop some up and add it into the bowl as well. If you can handle very spicy food, try chopping up some habenero peppers. If you cannot handle too spicy, go with jalepenos or serrano peppers instead. Chop and add in some finely minced parsley, and a pinch of cilantro, a lot of mint, and green onions. Spice it up with some olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Stir it up really well and then add in some avocado and cucumber slices. Decorate the dish with some dill sprouts which also taste really great in the dish. You can decorate it with some flowers as well prior to serving. You can add a dollop of hummus on top if you like, as well as some cumin and coriander if you like those spices. It is really easy, delicious, nutrias, and easy to make. It is very high in protein which will keep you full and so you will be really very happy with the end result.

Cara’s Supplements and Salad Toppings

Cara Brotman normally doesn’t start breaking her fast until 3 or 4 in the afternoon. How she normally breaks her fast with dried prune or jackfruit with apricot kernels. She consumes about 8 to 10 pieces which contain vitamin B-17/laetrile and cyanide. Cara takes supplements every day which includes the following:
-Silk Tassel
-great pain killer
-don’t have to worry since it isn’t an opiate
-Cara obtained from a bush. She dried the leaves and powdered them. She put them through a sieve to remove stems.
-5 HTP and Gaba
-helps with moods
-Not an everyday supplement
-B vitamin
-Peppermint Oil
-Place 12 drops into a capsule
-Compared to a mother’s warm embrace

Every night Cara makes herself a night time drink. Her drink contains:
-Vitamin C Powder
-about one scoop
-Nightly Rebuild
-helps you sleep well
-MSM crystal
-helps with healing tissues and bones
-a small pinch
-won’t overdose, but will look really red if too much is consumed
To mix everything gets a frother*. Don’t turn on until in glass.
*A little side note about frothers is that they normally don’t last long. Before throwing out, check batteries and check frothing wand.

In the day time, Cara takes Markus’ age free powder and trim force. She takes the trim force normally when she has eaten too much.

Before Cara takes her nightly drink, she has a salad. A few of her favorite toppings include:
-olive oil
-apple cider vinegar
-sea salt
-nutritional yeast
-pumpkin seeds
-only if soaked
-black seed or cumin seed
-chia seeds
-sesame seeds

Amazing Raw Vegan Pancake Recipe

Why is Markus Rothkranz promoting a vegan version of pancakes? Is there anything wrong with traditional pancakes? Folks, there are a lot of things wrong with pancakes.

Pancakes are a popular staple on the American breakfast table — and that is unfortunate. Pancakes are not exactly the healthiest food choices someone could make for their first meal of the day. Pancakes are sold on their heartiness, but they are undersold on all the bad things in them. Namely, pancakes are loaded with refined carbs and sugars. Then people add butter and all its animal fat along with more sugar in the form of syrup. No, pancakes are not exactly the best thing to eat in the morning. This is why Markus Rothkranz is promoting a better, more natural version of the faithful breakfast item. A recent video he posted on YouTube should intrigue some about the value of vegan pancake selections.

Cara Brotman was a guest on Rothkranz’s channel and she revealed a very easy recipe. Bananas, flax seed crackers soaked in orange juice, and coconuts, milk, vanilla extract, and natural sweeteners are all blended up to create a natural batter. Walnuts can be added and stirred — not blended. The same can be done with blueberries.

A lot of goodness is found in pancakes with this recipe. Vitamins and nutrients comprise the bulk of the ingredients, which should be expected. They are all all-natural ingredients. No refined or otherwise disastrous ingredients are included in the mix. Anyone who chooses to try out this recipe is strongly advised to avoid adding anything to the batter that would undermine its healthy nature. So do not toss in a chocolate bar or anything equally egregious. Why add such things anyway? There are tons of other vegan-friendly and all-natural ingredients that can be chosen. Go with them instead.

In addition to tasting great, these vegan pancakes and similar breakfast recipes help direct people away from the many bad choices commonly made for the first meal of the day. A good breakfast is important for one’s health. Sadly, most breakfasts are anything but good ones.