PSI Pay Looks to the Future

PSI Pay is a company that is taking advantage of the current business climate in a unique way. These days people want transactions to be performed at the snap of a finger it feels like. An everyday item you wear could potentially have the power to perform a transaction. PSI Pay’s goal is to have a revolutionary contact-less, simple, and smooth transition service. This up and coming shows a lot of potential.


An article on the website Weekly Opinion discusses how PSI Pay is setting an industry trend. When it comes to simplification of existing technology, they point to the smartphone. It has combined the phone, camera, wallet, and many functions into one small device. Wearable technology like the Kerv payment ring serves a similar purpose. The user will never have to carry money or cards around since it can act as the all-in-one transaction device.


The article then addresses the pros and cons of using the Kerv payment ring. On the positive end, it means people can carry less cash. Its streamlined checkout process lowers the risk the of hacking from card skimming devices. Likewise, that makes identity theft much more difficult. However, the draw back is the simple lack of availability for the system. It may take years for locations to transition to a cashless system. Companies will be keeping an eye on efficiency, user base, and money flow to determine if the system is worth pursing in the future.


The world is changing at a rapid rate as the technology we use continues to evolve. The items we use on a day-to-day are constantly evolving and becoming more simplified. It was only natural that money transactions would eventually change. PSI Pay is a company trying to spearhead this trend. Their Kerv payment ring is one payment method they are trying to make catch on with the public. As reported on the website Pre Paid Forum, the company experienced his best financial year to date in 2015. That is a strong sign PSI Pay is making good choices in assessing the trends.

Small Businesses Can Manage Their Online Reputation Effectively

Online reputation management is important for all companies, but getting professional help to manage your online reputation can be expensive. This means that many small business owners will have to work to lessen the effects of negative reviews themselves.

An article on gave a variety of tips for how small business owners can manage their online reputation without professional assistance. The article says it’s important to pay attention to the search results and social media. The author also emphasized the importance of fighting bad press through social media. Whenever you find negative websites about you, the article told them to send them a cease and desist letter. You also can seek to bury negative information in search results by posting positive information. If you are interested, you can read the article here.

The article said that negative information that is posted for purposes of ‘trolling’ isn’t likely to impact upon your reputation as a business. While his may be true in some cases, it isn’t always be the best advice though. Business owners really need to consider this on a case by case basis. In some cases, not everyone would perceive the person as a troll. Instead, those reading the negative comments could mistakenly believe them to be true.

If you notice a website saying negative things about your business, sending a cease and desist letter can be effective, as the article said. However, this may not always deter them. It is important to have a backup plan, if they refuse to remove the information.

The article said it can be a good idea to create a blog. This can be a good strategy, if the comments on the blog are good for your reputation. However, a blog on your page has an exceptionally high level of visibility to prospective customers. This means that you need to be exceptionally diligent about moderating this section of the site.