Chainsmokers Release New Music Video Featuring Camilla Mendes

If you’re a big fan of the hit CW series, Riverdale, you’re in for a treat. The Chain smokers recently released their newest music video, side effects, which stars the 24-year-old actress as an overworked hotel employee named Riley. The video begins with her receiving a call from her boss telling her she’ll be working the entire weekend. But instead of succumbing to conformity, she rips off her uniform and proceeds to dance throughout the hotel premises. The song features Emily Warren on lead vocals while Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, the due who comprise of the chain smokers, provide the backing music and production. This new tune marks the second time the duo has collaborated with Warren after their first hit song Until You Were Gone.

The Chainsmokers are a DJ and production duo that originated out of the big apple. They first rose to prominence with their hit single, Selfie. Afterward, they continually released one hit single after another and, before long, they had become overnight sensations as well as a household name. Their hit single, Don’t Let Me Down, became their first song to win them a Grammy and, since then, they have taken home two AMAs, seven Billboard Music Awards and many others. They first met in NYC when Taggart was matriculating at one of the local universities and Pall was still a fledgling DJ taking gigs wherever he could find them.

While Mendes herself does not have any lines, she does have a significant amount of screentime as she gets to show off her various dance moves to the unsuspecting guests at the hotel. They first released this hit single on July 27, 2018, but the music video wasn’t released to the public until August 21. This now marks their fifth song of the year after they released Sick Boy, You Owe Me, Everybody Hates Me, and Somebody. The duo is currently back in the studio working on their next album which is set to be titled Sick Boy and will feature the titular song. So we wish them the best of luck on that.