Roberto Santiago Makes Shopping Much Easier

Roberto Santiago is doing a lot when it comes to real estate in Brazil. He has shown consumers that are coming for a visit that Brazil is an innovative landscape with shopping malls that are unlike anything else that they may have seen for. There definitely is a lot of interest in what is offered with the Manaira Mall that was created by Roberto Santiago. He has proven himself to be a great entrepreneur that has changed the landscape of Brazil. This mall has a lot of different entertainment shops, and there is a huge food court for people to dine out.


Many couples are discovering that this is a great place to take a date. It all makes sense because there are so many activities to engage in. A couple that is just starting to date can walk around the mall and get something to eat. This same couple can enjoy some bowling or they can attend a movie. It is great because they do not have to run from one location to the next while they’re on the date. A couple can do everything that they would like to do all within the confines of this mall. That is what has made Roberto Santiago one of the most talked-about developers in Brazilian real estate. He knows exactly what it takes to build a successful commercial real estate base, and he has continued to impress tourists and natives with the things that he has done to expand this mall over the years. Roberto Santiago started this mall in 1989.

This would continue to grow with an interesting number of stores that would make it so much easier for people to come out to this mall and shop until they simply got tired of shopping.


Roberto Santiago wanted to make it easy for people to escape the feeling of being rundown as they were running from one place to another in search of different types of clothing. He used a concept where people could hang out for a little while and a bar like the Space Lounge and get back up to shop a little more. They could relax with a movie and go back out to shop some more. This is what is great about the Manaira Mall. It gives people the chance to shop and chill and then shop some more.


There are thousands of parking spaces in the parking lot for this mall, and this makes it even easier for a large crowd to gather here. There’s even a conference room for anyone that may need a room for hosting an event or a meeting. Roberto Santiago definitely covered all grounds when he decided to put this mall into development. It was groundbreaking in 1989 when it was created, and Roberto Santiago is still getting compliments about this mall and the way that it is changing how people shop even in this present day. The mall has been so successful that it has spawn other similar investments.