A Guide To OSI Food Solutions

Whether you call them food providers, or you call them food suppliers, these phenomenal companies truly fuels society. The United States of America is the home to one of the top food providers in the world today, and it’s known as OSI Food Solutions. OSI Food Solutions has graduated from being a butcher shop. As of today, OSI is an international enterprise. In all honesty, it has taken the company 100 years to get to this point. Hard work, dedication and determination has helped to set this company apart from its closest competitors. Innovative technology has also helped to boost its productions across a vast stage.

If you’re someone who has a burning passion for the food service industry, then you should definitely seek employment with OSI. This food giant has numerous openings in administration, management, general utility, forklift operation, production crew supervisory and many more positions. This equal-opportunity workplace doesn’t discriminate against anyone’s religious backgrounds, and it doesn’t discriminate against anyone’s race. One of the best moves that the company has made came in 2016. OSI Food Solutions spent a whopping $17 million to acquire a 200,000 square-foot facility. This facility is located in Chicago, and it’s in close proximity to other OSI plants. OSI decided to keep many of the facility’s employees in the process. As you can see, the company does have a dominating presence, but it’s willing to hold jobs for some of the acquired businesses’ prior employees. That statement actually speaks volumes to a certain degree, especially in today’s struggling job market.

OSI Food Solutions has a very strong presence in China. This company has been conducting business with the Chinese people for two decades. In totality, OSI has an estimated 10 factories in China, and it’s the leading poultry producer in the nation. In Hungary, OSI has made a $25-million addition that has tripled the production of processed chicken to an estimated 22,000 tons.