Betsy DeVos Has Donated Millions Of Dollars To Help Americans Receive A Better Education

Betsy DeVos is a businesswoman, philanthropist, and the Secretary of Education for the United States. She grew up in Holland, Michigan where she learned to appreciate the benefits that educational choice can offer. She attended the private Christian college Calvin College and earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in business economics. She became very involved with the politics on the campus and has continued her interest in politics ever since. In Michigan, she served as the Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party for 6 years and has been a mega-donor to the GOP for years.


Betsy DeVos has always been unusually generous, and her husband, Dick DeVos, and herself started up the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation in order to facilitate their giving. Many people have found it ironic how much press her political donations have received while her charitable giving has been largely ignored. In 2015, the combined giving of her husband and herself added up to more than $11 million, which was more than two times the amount of money they donated to politics over the last half decade.


Betsy DeVos has chosen to focus a lot of her financial support on the educational sector and has helped many families in the meantime. In 2015, her foundation donated more than $3 million to educational causes, which continues a trend that has seen her donate millions over the years the educational sector. She has donated large sums of money to the Potter’s House Christian School and has also donated money to pay for the tuitions of kids who wanted to go to the school. She did so because many of the families who live in the area where the school exists can’t afford to send their kids their; even though they want to.


Betsy DeVos has been troubled by the fact that many American families can’t afford to send their children to a school they choose. Instead of seeing their children being served by the educational system of the United States, many families feel like their children are being harmed. Schools in the nation have become increasingly dangerous and hostile and children are having a hard time learning in this atmosphere. Betsy DeVos believes that Americans deserve better and has fought her heart out to see educational choice become more widespread. While her political opponents continue to resist passing legislation that would benefit American families, she continues to donate money to help then and fight for their educational rights.


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The DeVos generosity

Dick DeVos and Betsy DeVos have garnered a lot of attention and criticism due to their massive political donations. The political donations are pocket change if you compare them with the charitable donations they have made. It is estimated that they have contributed more than one hundred and thirty-nine million dollars so far. Betsy DeVos is the United States Education Secretary nominee thus her contributions to schools and Republican candidates are being thoroughly scrutinized before their court hearings on Wednesday. This is an act of lifting the veil on the multi-million philanthropic contributions channeled through their foundation.


According to the couple’s family foundation website, Dick and Betsy DeVos shelled out in excess of eleven and a half million dollars in charitable aids in 2015 alone. The previous five years before 2015, the couple had declared to the federal government for their vetting process that they had donated five million dollars to campaigns.


The couple hails from a long list of their family dynasty that has been major players in the Republican politics for more than a decade. Rich DeVos is the father of Dick DeVos and the co-founder of Amway. Rich DeVos and his four children shelled out one hundred and four million dollars in charitable aid in 2015 thus landing the high-profile family on the Forbes America’s Top Givers list. From the information provided by the family over the years, Forbes ranked the total DeVos family contribution to be around one point three billion dollars. The family is estimated to be worth five billion dollars hence they have donated about a quarter of their fortune. Betsy DeVos is the daughter of the famous Netherlands industrialist Edgar Prince. Edgar Prince family also has a good reputation due to their charitable and political givings.


In West Michigan, the wealthy are not characterized by the clothes they wear, the car they drive but the amount they donated. DeVos family’s one point three billion dollars lifetime donations have made them the front-runners. The couple has made education their major priority. In 2015 alone, they assigned in excess of three million dollars to educational factors. They also rewarded several groups supporting education reforms a lot of funds. In their recent interview with The Grand Rapids Press and MLive, DeVos explained that they realized that the modern day education system is not accomplishing the American dream. Their critics, however, argue that the charters and vouchers schools siphon the tax funds that are supposed to be utilized by traditional public schools. It is claimed that DeVos family contribute charitably so that they can follow their ideological program in education. This is promoting charters and voucher schools which are mostly run by non-profit co-corporations. Mark Brewer said that the donations are a diversion from their main intentions.

Dick DeVos and his Passion

Dick DeVos is a member of the prominent DeVos family, a family that currently resides in Michigan and is known for not only their generosity with many deserving organizations as well as foundations across the country, but is also known for the family business that was developed and created by the DeVos family and that has continued to grow over the past six decades. The co-founder and the developer of the company is Richard DeVos, a businessman as well as a dedicated individual who had the goal of growing the family legacy for the DeVos family. As a the son of Richard DeVos, Dick DeVos has had the goal to follow the footsteps of his father.


Dick DeVos is a unique individual who not only possesses a prominent family name, but has also been able to make a name for himself through the hard work as well as through the dedication that he has put towards his company. Dick DeVos has many titles including an entrepreneur, a businessman, as well as a philanthropist and a family man. As a member of the DeVos family, Dick DeVos has continued his father’s wishes by growing the company even further and to promote the name of DeVos throughout the country. This has not only been accomplished by the expansion of the family business, but also by the generous donations to many initiatives across the United States.


When reading about Dick DeVos, I found that one of his goals with the many donations that he has already contributed is to improve the education system within the United States. Dick DeVos believes that a higher level of education should be provided to students based upon merit and not based upon the income of the family. As a hard worker as well as an academic, Dick DeVos has provided new opportunities such as scholarships that are offered to students based upon merit and that have allowed for many lower income students to enter a university.


Dick DeVos is a proud member of the DeVos family and is considered to be a strong leader of the family business of Amway Corporation. Dick DeVos, even before a formal education in economics, was involved with the company and helped where he could. Dick DeVos has fond memories that are associated with business which is one of the many reasons that Dick DeVos has been so driven to grow the family company.


The Life and Career of Dick DeVo’s

The oldest son of Richard DeVos, Sr. is Dick DeVos, who is the co-founder along with Jay Van Andel of Amway Corporation, which is a privately owned company. The Amway Corporation, which is a network sales company, is responsible for distributing it’s household, health and personal care products to dealers, who in turn are able to recruit second level dealers, and then from there the second level dealers are able to recruit third level dealers, typically the final level of dealers are customers for the products that decide to move up the product chain. Since 1974, DeVos has worked for the Amway Corporation, and since that time has held various positions with different levels of responsibilities. During 1984, he became the vice president of the Amway Corporation, this position was for the company’s operations in 18 different countries, most likely in order to gain the experience outside of the firm that was family owned. DeVos left the firm in 1989, in order to start his new business venture, which was The Windquest Group, which was a company involved and manufacturing and
marketing of closet and storage organizers. Then in 1991, his father appointed him in managing the National Basket Association’s Orlando Magic Basketball franchise, which had been acquired by his family. Two years after this in 1993, he returned as the president of the Amway Corporation, and in 2000, he was in charge of the restructuring for the Amway Corporation. In 2002, DeVos retired from being the president of the corporation, as he devoted his time to his own private venture, the Windquest Group, as the president and also worked with political causes. In 2006, DeVos entered politics as he ran for the governor of Michigan on the Republican ticket, which he lost to Jennifer Granholm.

Prior to his involvement in politics in 2006, in 1990 he had won the election for the Michigan State Board of Education, however he resigned only two years into an eight-year term. His reason for resigning from this position was that he was returning as the CEO for Amway. In 1996, he was appointed by Governor John Engler for the Grand
Valley State University, on the Board of Control. DeVos, along with his wife, have served as co-chairs since 1993 for the Education Freedom Fund. This Fund is used to provide scholarships to families with a low-income who want to attend the school of their choice.

In his personal life, DeVos is married to Elizabeth Prince, who is the daughter of Edgar Prince, who is the owner, founder and president for the Prince Corporation in Holland, Michigan. Erik Prince, who is Elizabeth‘s brother, is the president and founder of Blackwater private security firm, which is in North Carolina. In addition to this, Erik is also active in the security services in Iraq, as well as other areas. Elizabeth and Dick have four children, who are named Elissa, Rick, Ryan and Andrea.

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