The Story of Rodrigo Terpins

The name Rodrigo Terpins is well known to the Brazilian sports community due to his high achievements and participation in the Sertoes Rally. Terpins came from a family of athletes and followed in their steps. He gained business skills from studying at the University of Sail Hilaire. In 2008, Terpins founded T5 Participacoes. He is currently the company’s senior director. Terpins founded a wood company that is now called Floresvale. The idea sprawled when his team and he decided to create a business involving the environment and sustainability. Along with his brother, Michel, Terpins is a rally car driver for Bull Sertoes rally team.

His father was a professional basketball player, who now is known to be an entrepreneur and successful businessman. Both brothers compete in professional circuit racing, which is one of the most challenging racing sports in all of Brazil. It includes terrains of all types. Rallies always rely on team work and the skill to remain calm under pressure. The sport requires a two-man team to complete the difficult course in the shortest amount of time. Even from a young age, Terpins had an interest in sports of all kinds. Growing up, he had many role models that shaped his life to become an athlete and become successful. For more details visit LinkedIn.

In a recent interview with IdeaMensch, Terpins described his average day as very busy and stuck between the country side and city side of Brazil. At all times, including commute time, he tries to stay connected to use all the time available. He also releases that he wishes to remind his younger self to “study hard and keep yourself up to date with what’s going on in the world”. As an entrepreneur, Terpins always makes sure to keep up to date with the competitors in the market and the international market. He believes that acquisitions helped him greatly in the business world when starting off. Mentioned in the interview was that Terpins deeply enjoys moments with his son, no matter how small. He then says that we are sometimes too focused on work and miss moments that are precious to our kids, who grow quickly.



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Graeme Holm’s Infinity Group Australia AmongThe Most Innovative Companies

The Infinity Group Australia was one of the companies that were nominated for the Australian Financial Review’s list. Numerous other companies were drawn from New Zealand and Australia was also in contention for a place on the list. When the results were released, the Infinity Group Australia took position 58.


The Top 100 List


The recognition by AFR highlighted the strides that the firm had taken five years after it was founded. More than 1.8 million readers get the opportunity to find out the most innovative firms in the two countries thanks to AFR. The list that comprises of 99 other companies is in its 7th edition. It is released every year to help companies keep their productivity levels high.


Industry experts are brought together to assess the nominees before coming up with the final list. They perform this duty side by side with Invetium, a top innovation consultancy in Australia. Numerous factors are considered before the final verdict is given. Among them is how much different solutions impact the day-to-day lives of clients.


The solutions offered are also ranked based on their uniqueness and quality. The panel also analyses the innovation culture of different firms. Their strategies, as well as resources, are also scrutinized. At the end of the day, their efficiency in problem solving also has an important impact on their overall ranking.


Infinity Group


The team at Infinity Group expressed their delight in receiving such a great honor. Graeme Holm was keen to pay tribute to the amazing employees who made all the difference. They had successfully set up a budgetary platform that was inevitably paying great dividends.


After sending a considerable amount of time in the financial sector, Graeme Holm decided to venture into entrepreneurship. His greatest desire was to help families walk out of debt. The firm has its headquarters in Bella Vista, Sydney. Its services are driven by a desire to better the lives of their clients.


On average, clients can do away with $41000 in debt every year. They also only need 90 days to completely pay off their home loans. Their team works to build lasting relationships with clients to inform the nature of the solutions they offer.


The firm has made a name for itself as a debt reliever in Australia. Plenty of clients keep flocking their office’s thanks to their timely solutions. It has offered its services since 2013 when Rebecca Walker and Graeme Holm joined hands to help Australians reduce their debts. Clients are guaranteed a secure future as their personal finances are astutely taken care of.


Graeme Holm


His 17 years in the financial sector have helped Graeme Holm discover the value of collaboration. He has used this to bring many of his ideas to life. This has also helped him come up with innovative ideas consistently. The Illawara native hopes to continue to positively influence the lives of many Australian families. Learn more:



Impeccability: Clayton Hutson

Clayton Hutson is a man who always likes to work in the background. He is a man who gets a vision in his head and wants to execute that vision down to the last detail. He had an interest in the behind the scenes world of the music industry. He graduated from Central Michigan University with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and Technical production. After college, he had many different types of jobs. One of the more interesting ones was working on the production of Billy Graham television specials. In an interview with, Clayton Hutson talks about his career and what he believes about people. 
Clayton Hutson is a man who works with artists behind the scenes to get ideas about how to make a concert memorable for all of the fans. He says that his days start very early in the morning and that he has to be three steps ahead of what he is currently doing. That way he can go over every detail with a fine tooth comb and make sure everything works flawlessly. He says that if you put your name to a product or service it should be impeccable in every respect.
One thing that he thinks should change in his career is the use of video in a concert. He knows that it is a handy tool but he feels that he wants to give the fans more than they expect. He wants to get away from huge screens flashing pictures of the artists on a huge screen. What he would like to see is more of a stunt focused mentality when it comes to the music business. He says that Pink and Lady Gaga are two of the best acts working today since they perform stunts in, around, and high above the audience.
One thing that Clayton believes is that anyone can be taught to be talented at something. He says the people that really stand out in the business for him are the one who loves to do what they do each and every day. People need to have the desire to do their best each and every day. These are the people he gravitates the most toward.
Clayton Hutson is a man who loves what he does each and every day. For him, it is always a new experience. He wouldn’t want it any other way for all of the fans.

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