Bernardo Chua Brings New Coffee to Mainstream Audience

Bernardo Chua is someone that has managed to create a very interesting direct sales business with his OrganoGold brand. He has become one of the most interesting people in the land of gourmet coffee and health care products. He has shown a lot of people that he has the ability to totally change the way that that consumers look at gourmet coffee.

Many consumers know of Bernardo Chua because he uses so media for his business of direct selling. He utilizes social media on a very regular basis because this helps him lure customers. As a direct seller, the Internet site for OrganoGold is very important. This is what leads a lot of consumers to purchase coffee without actually going to a mainstream department store in search of it.

OrganoGold is the type of gourmet coffee that typically shows up as a unique brand at Mom and Pop stores. According to Ad Week, there are also a lot of people that are interested in this brand of tea that is made by Bernardo Chua.

What he has managed to do is find a niche market and totally build an empire of products for direct sales without getting caught up in the department store chain. Learn more about more Bernardo Chua:

The great thing about what he has done is shown in his profit margins. He has shown his ability to make profits without actually losing a lot of money. There are so many people that put their products in stores and they have to rely on the middleman to actually gain any exposure to customers.

What Bernardo chose to do instead, is give his product the chance to shine through social media and direct sales representative. With his business model he depended so much more on social media and word of mouth promotion. This is how the business became so popular.

There are a lot of people that are interested in what this Asian company has brought to the table. The Ganoderma mushroom has become something that a lot of people are aware of now, and it is all because of the unique OrganoGold products that contain this healing agent.