Avi Weisfogel’s GoFundMe Campaign Shows the Heart of a Man

Avi Weisfogel is the man behind a campaign on GoFundMe, which is attempting to raise 2,000 dollars or more to help Operation Smile. Operation Smile is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing surgical procedures to children around the world who would not be able to afford them otherwise. Weisfogel, like Operation Smile, believes that every child deserves to smile.

Who Is Avi Weisfogel?

Avi Weisfogel is a man that has shown different faces, which may cause one to hear varying descriptions of who the man is. For one, Weisfogel is a dentist; he earned his DDS in New York University College of Dentistry. Weisfogel was also the beloved dentist of the Old Bridge Dental Care office in a small New Jersey community. In fact, he was so esteemed that he won Best Dentist for 15 years.

But Weisfogel is also the man who pioneered the connection between sleep apnea and dentistry. He was convinced that the dentist community needed to take a more active role in their patients issues with sleep apnea and overall quality of sleep. He formed the very successful Dental Sleep Masters, which is a group of specialists who help many combat this problem.

Avi Weisfogel’s Crusade to Help Operation Smile

The simple fact is, if you pay attention to Weisfogel’s career and actions, you will see a pattern. The pattern is he attempts to use his knowledge to help as many people as possible. Weisfogel’s GoFundMe campaign is just another way that he is attempting to help. What Avi hopes is that his name will bring awareness to the cause and enough money to really make a difference in a young child’s life.

Avi stated in an interview that he noticed just how efficient the organization was with each of their patients. Weisfogel saw that each operation is treated with the utmost diligence and care. And that the organization uses caregivers from the region to help with recuperation. He thought this was a great idea since the children in many of these locations might feel more comfortable speaking in their own language.

He truly found kindred spirits in the Operation Smile organization, and he hopes that others will, too.