Bringing A Chic Shared Office Space To NYC: Workville


When one thinks of the typical working day a different image will come to everyone’s mind. The average working day is not always summed up by the 9 to 5 experience in a cubicle or office within a large company. Sometimes the average working day is defined by a the working hours of a freelance web designer, a startup business, or someone starting an agency. Before this new social notion of a shared work space, these freelance workers were feeling disconnected or sidelined by their work, doing it at home. Shared work spaces allow people to be more connected which is becoming increasingly important in today’s ultra connected world.

There are other options for freelance workers besides working from home or the same old tired table at the local cafe. A new social and working experience is providing people with an alternative to feeling left on the sidelines during work hours. Shared working spaces are becoming a better alternative for people who want to get work done, but want to do it in a more focused environment.

The great thing about New York offices for rent like Workville is that many focused individuals can come together with a shared purpose. They all want to get work done and they are go getters who want to stay focused and have a place to do it. Like minded individuals can gather at a shared work space like Workville to get their work done but they also have the option of socializing, networking and meeting other individuals in the work space.

Workville is a bright and light filled shared work space that introduces this new idea in an amazing way. There are several different options available to suit everyone’s unique needs. There is a shared work space with long tables that allows people to work together in the same room. This same shared space also has lounges with big couches, and outdoor terraces. Located in the heart of everything in NYC, this clean and modern but very inviting space attracts ambitious people in the city.

There are great options for every day rentals, hourly rentals, weekly, and monthly. There are also conference rooms and meeting spaces that can be rented out right at the crux of this thriving work environment. Desks and private offices are also available for startup companies or small agencies that seek a little bit of privacy.