Bridget Scarr: Unraveling the Content Guru

Bridget Scarr is a distinguished creative director whose specialties include creative development, strategizing, general business, writing, marketing, and execution across platforms. She is passionate about developing fascinating content that cuts across various platforms. Some of the platforms where her creativity has been prominently felt include in the development of digital content, interactive exhibition and virtual reality.


As a seasoned executive producer who has accumulated more than fifteen years of experience in mass media production, Scarr has seen her involvement in advertising, animation, as well as various television projects increase gradually. In the course of developing her career, Scarr has taken various roles, especially in content development and technical production with regard to entertainment, drama, animation, and lifestyle.


Scarr’s love for virtually every form of content stems from her innermost beliefs, which are to the effect that any form of content has the ability to change mindsets and to eventually transform the world. Besides being a life-changer, Scarr also believes that content enhances creativity and is ultimately an avenue for free expression. According to her, an individual has the ability to reconnect with their inner voice, and this can go a long way towards discovering one’s passion for different expressions such as music. Such perspective of appreciating various expressive forms resonates with the manner in which Scarr seems perceives life as evidenced by the fact that besides being a television content producer, a marketer, and an exhibitionist, she is also a singer and a songwriter.


At present, Scarr is the head of content development, partnerships and strategy at the Colibri Studios where she works in conjunction with national and international broadcasters, creative talents, and partners to develop and to give life to various entertaining and educative projects. Notably, Scarr’s career, which seen her become involved in production of many television shows and other media contents, reveal how her competence in content creation and development has become unprecedented at a time when many people would rather specialize in a single skill. Scarr’s life and career is a clear indication that creativity and technology are the most important ingredients for propelling individuals towards experiencing the world in exciting ways.


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