Porfirio Sanchez Galindo Has Plans AboutTelevisa

Porfirio Sanchez Galindo who has worked in the capacity of Director Special Projects at Televisa for over eight years has now been elevated to the position of Editorial General Director plans to win audiences, advertisers as well as markets for a range of products ranging from magazines to online offerings. In his view, one’s ambition could only be limited by one’s intelligence and the collective imagination of the group.

What is fantastic about Galindo’s strategizing is the fact that it seeks to combine elements of old school media with that of the new world seamlessly and effectively. It is only to be expected of a man at the helm of a company as big and legendary as Televisa.

Being the largest media company in the Spanish-speaking regions, Televisa is no ordinary media group and has a great reputation to boast of. It has four television channels operating out of Mexico apart from producing and distributing 26 pay TV brands in Mexico and the rest of the world.

To be able to take forward such a formidable legacy is no mean task, and Galindo has been more than equal to the challenge. He is also aware of the fact that being the numerouno media group in Mexico every move made by Televisa Group would be subject to intense scrutiny. He, therefore, has his task cut out with regards to what it is that he is supposed to achieve.

All the same with his educational background and vast experience if there is anyone that can see the group maintain its lead in the years ahead, it has to be Galindo. His stress on making his team work to the best of their potential and do their best to come up with innovative solutions is just what is needed in the digital age.

That being said this age also means that competition is intense what with new entrants always trying to eat into Televisa’s market share. Just because they are big, it does not mean that Televisa can take it easy. They will not and with Galindo to spearhead future strategy, interesting times lie ahead.