Fortress Investment Group’s Operational and Strategic Management of Assets

Fortress Investment group was initiated in 1998 by Wesley R.Edens, Randal Nardone and Rob Kauffman as a private equity. Dedicated to the practice of helping businesses improve their performance, and productivity by solving problems and reducing costs to make savings, the Fortress Investment Firm headquartered itself in NYC, one of the most diverse cities offering clients from various cultures and backgrounds. Around the month of June, 2016, Fortress Investment managed alternative assets worth $70.2 billion n private equity, liquid hedge funds and credit funds. Fortress Investment Group’s investments saw rapid growth with its private equity funds accumulating a new profit of 39.7% between the years 1999 and 2006.

On February 14, 2017, SoftBank Group announced its agreement to purchase Fortress Investment Group LLC for $3.3 billion. This acquisition was completed in December 2017 on the price initially agreed upon. SoftBank Group’s decision to buy the firm came as a surprising move. But it was undertaken as an effort on behalf of the Japanese technology giant to aids its transformation into the world’s largest investment firms. Japan’s SoftBank Group Corp’s acquisition of the investment firm was a cash deal declaring a publicly traded US private equity firm to be the first to be delisted. As the deal surfaced, the trading in Fortress shares was halted at $7.85 a share, which was about 58% lower than the initial public offering price per share in 2007.

SoftBank, however, established a deal to buy Fortress at an offering of $8.08 per share in February, a 19% raise from the closing price of $7.85 and a 39% percent drop from the initial stock price.The acquisition hasn’t altered the Fortress’s day-to-day operations. The firm’s investment style remains the same. According to Co-Chairman Wes Edens, the working environment hasn’t changed much other than not having to make earnings calls anymore. The Co-Chairman also expressed excitement for going private. In a statement released by SoftBank Group, it was relayed that the Fortress firm will continue to operate independently and also remain headquartered in New York. SoftBank, a Japanese company founded by Masayoshi, expressed its commitment to maintaining the following aspects of Fortress’s management:

– Business model/strategy

– Brand

– Employees/staff/admin

– Environment

– Processes

– Culture

Aside from managing and operating private equity, Fortress also manages credit business, a department led by Pete Briger under Co-Chairman designation.Fortress businesses specialize in asset-based investing. It provides experience in investing profoundly across a variety of assets. It believes in diversifying investments to facilitate a broad experience in pricing and owning assets. Fortress’s acumen encompasses pricing, financing and overseeing physical and financial assets that range from real estate to capital assets to financial assets. It seeks to secure a diversified long-term cash flow outcome.Fortress possesses deep knowledge of the industries it chooses to invest in. This practice is critical to acquiring successful deals. Fortress has also developed a team of investment professionals that offer a portfolio of investment prospects. Their sector-specific expertise, and corporate relationship with leading companies opens avenues for the company’s secure expansion.

Who is Richard Blair?

Among the things that define us is our commitment and dedication to what we do. If you base your business on integrity and delivering services to customer’s expectation, success is likely to be part of you. Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is a man who is preceded by his reputation. He is known for his exceptional services in the field of finance by the people of Dallas, Texas. Among the skills that make him the experienced financial advisor he is today include investments, retirement, and financial services. His customers know him as an individual who values the investments of his clients and treats them like his own.


He has managed to become who he is today by acquiring many certifications along the way. Some of these certifications include CAS, CFS, RICP and CES. Barely bragging about his prowess and experience, his clients love him for operating as a registered investment advisor. Every penny you spend on Richard Blair is worth it. To achieve so much is a span of 25 years, he has developed a financial plan that he recommends to his clients. He has the notion that for you to succeed with financial goals and objectives, you require a strong plan. The plan works for people looking to retire or those in need of managing their wealth. This plan consists of three pillars, and the good thing about the plan is that it is very easy to implement.


The first step of Richard Blair plan involved helping the clients decide where they want to be financially in a specified period. This includes the growth opportunities within this time, goals as well as risks and strength. Perhaps the best way to help a client achieve their financial goals is understanding where they are from. This is then followed by coming up with a long-term strategy for the client. With this step, there is the need to minimize risks and maximize gains for the client. Finally, Richard Blair third steps involve contingency measures. For every plan to work, it must be covered by the insurance that consists of life insurance and long-term care.


Richard Blair’s life has been influenced by the education he received when growing up. He has also been influenced by his mother and grandmother who emphasized the importance of confidence to become a responsible person. Richard acquired his first degree from the University of Houston where he majored in financial management services and finance.


Todd Lubar; the ever inventive businessman

As a human being, every individual aspires to become successful and make it in life, but not everyone achieves this. Becoming successful requires some sacrifices and commitment. You have to be willing to pay the cost and be ready to do what needs to be done for you to achieve your dreams. One individual who can act as proof that through having ambition you can be successful is Todd Lubar. Todd is a businessman who was ready to pay any cost to ensure he becomes successful. What makes him outstanding from other businesspeople is the mere fact that he is always willing to share the secret behind his success in the financial industry. He understands that other people need to succeed for him to succeed as no man is an island.

Having studied at Syracuse University where he earned his degree in speech and communication, Todd attributes most of his success to come from having a good education background. He believes that his desire to have a real life and ambition to venture into new business has played a significant role in making him what he is today. He was able to transform his entire life when he was able to comprehend what mortgage banking ( ) is and how the model operates after he had invested in real estate. He understood the importance of creating numerous networks for the sake of his business success. With this in mind, he had to ensure that he had created healthy connections with people from different professions such as financial planners, real estate agents and so on.

With his good business plans and strategies, Todd was able to expand and fund his business through taking an equity membership form Legacy Finance Group. According to his Linked in, this enabled him to start investing in real estate and making numerous transactions. Throughout his career, he has been able to make a name for himself in the real estate industry. He aspires to become a role model for the upcoming entrepreneurs. Now a father of two children, Todd now lives in Florida and believes the only way to make a mark is ensuring that people think outside the box when making any business transactions.

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Investment Banking – Madison Capital

Investment banking is associated with assisting individuals, corporations, governments, and other institutions in raising capital as an agent to provide security in the organizations that offer loans and financial assistance.

Functions of Investment Banking
a) Capital Raising and Security Provision
These banks act as the middlemen. Thus, they link the individuals or companies needing capital with the security offering companies. At the same time, since these banks do not take deposits, they accumulate the profits made and use it to raise more capital for investors.
b) Merging and Advising
Investment banking acts in the provision of advice to the investors and other institutions that need capital. it also aids in the merging of capital acquired with its utmost profitable business or investment which is suitable to risk in. In this light, investment banking provides business valuation, pricing and transactions estimates, and implementation advice.
c) Equity Research, Sales, and Trading
The banks are involved in providing security for capital acquisition. Thus, they facilitate the provision of security services which makes loan acquisition easier. This makes it easy for corporations, institutions, and individuals to get capital and easily invest in different fields

Madison Capital
Madison Capital is an organization that aims at building businesses in the different communities in the US. It aims at collectively joining together individuals from various states in order to have them work on a small capital provided to enable them to establish well in business. Its headquarters are in Illinois and Chicago. However, the organization has many branches in different states within the US. Thus, its access to the US community is easy.

Madison Capital and Disaster Relief
The organization has notably occupied regions of Chicago, Oklahoma, Kansas, Georgia, South Carolina, and other places in the US. The organization aims at establishing strong and stable businesses. It, thus, aims at linking all the communities all over the US in investments from different business dimensions.

There are many pressing issues in the modern society and communities. Some of these issues act as hindrances in the communities attempt to invest in different places. Some of these issues deplete the resources from the communities making them vulnerable and unable to prosper in business.
Madison Capital aims at identifying and resolving these issues. These issues include poverty and education. Thus, it acts in partnership with government agencies, schools, financial institutions, businesses, and voluntary and neighborhood among other institution. The organization has professionals who are trained and experienced in assisting communities in matters pertaining to community issues and also investment banking.

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Investment banking is Key to developing Economies Advices Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten is a well-known figure when it comes to investment banking. It should be known that he is well experienced and has a wealth of experience in investment banking. Investment banking is the advice that is offered to government institutions, individual, and governments who has a huge need for investment. They may be searching for investor looking for funds to carry on their projects. Investment banking makes the economy grow if the advice is well taken by the investor and it should be differentiated from the commercial banks which offer local advisory services.

There are a variety of risks that most investors should consider and direct their investment too. It is, therefore, an idea of seeking the right advice about how investment bankers should behave and what the investment bankers should do so that they fit in the market that is of high demand. Dealing with high net worth individuals and institutions needs an individual to be patient and also respectful. When handling such clients, professionalism should be highly regarded and in return the best position is sought out for.

Investment bankers should have experience and be conversant of the day today reports on the market. When offering business advice about a given share inadequate security, for example, thorough investigation and the flow of the stock should be observed. Keenness and being able to produce the right information to the client are vital to growing in the investment industry. Through his company, Lustgarten Company, Martin has been able to offer the best pieces of advice to various businesses that rely on his advice in making decisions.

Martin Lustgarten has helped various companies and clients get funds to invest in their investment. All this is because of the reputation that he has and he will still continue to be respected in the due course. Financial transactions have been enabled due to his patience and his well laid down procedures when it comes to investments. With his advice he is in a good position of offering the best to the market and ensures that he has made his clients satisfied in whatever the sector that they are.

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