Vincent Parascandola in his Steps towards Success

Vincent Parascandola is the Senior Executive Vice President of the AXA Advisors. In his position, he is the head of the sales, recruitment, retention, management Development, productivity the development of experienced financial professionals. Vincent Parascandola began his career as an agent serving in Prudence in the year 1987. He became the year’s National Rookie. Later on, he joined the MONY Life Insurance Company in 1990. In this company, he was the head of various local and regional field manageme3nt.

In 2004, Vincent Parascandola joined the AXA Advisors. He started his profession in the company as the president of the Advantage Group, a branch of the AXA Advisors that is a unit of AXA Equitable meant for the attraction of financial professionals. He was earlier in charge of the Metro branch in the New York as a co-manager. The branch houses an approximate number of 400 tri-state professionals. He finally rose to the position of the president of the company.

Vincent Parascandola has received numerous management awards in his leadership and career. He was award with the Master Agency Awards and GAMA’s Career Development. He is always an eloquent speaker, and many companies seek after him for his speech. He has been involved in many company’s speeches and also at many industry conferences. Some of the conferences that he has given his speech include LIMRA’s distribution conference and the GAMA’s national LAMP Meeting. He is additionally a member of the GAMA and former president of the Florida Chapter and also chaired the LIMRA’s Field Officers Committee.

Vincent Parascandola studied in the Pace University from where he graduated with a bachelor of science situated in the New York. He later returned to give a commencement speech at the graduation in 2014. AXA Advisors is a firm that was launched in the year 1816 to give financial services. It has its headquarters in Paris and provides services to Europe, Africa, Asia, North America and the Middle East. The company is the second in rank as the world insurance brand in power. It also gives the families and businesses to take manageable steps towards security in finance. You can follow his Facebook page to know more.

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Who is Richard Blair?

Among the things that define us is our commitment and dedication to what we do. If you base your business on integrity and delivering services to customer’s expectation, success is likely to be part of you. Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is a man who is preceded by his reputation. He is known for his exceptional services in the field of finance by the people of Dallas, Texas. Among the skills that make him the experienced financial advisor he is today include investments, retirement, and financial services. His customers know him as an individual who values the investments of his clients and treats them like his own.


He has managed to become who he is today by acquiring many certifications along the way. Some of these certifications include CAS, CFS, RICP and CES. Barely bragging about his prowess and experience, his clients love him for operating as a registered investment advisor. Every penny you spend on Richard Blair is worth it. To achieve so much is a span of 25 years, he has developed a financial plan that he recommends to his clients. He has the notion that for you to succeed with financial goals and objectives, you require a strong plan. The plan works for people looking to retire or those in need of managing their wealth. This plan consists of three pillars, and the good thing about the plan is that it is very easy to implement.


The first step of Richard Blair plan involved helping the clients decide where they want to be financially in a specified period. This includes the growth opportunities within this time, goals as well as risks and strength. Perhaps the best way to help a client achieve their financial goals is understanding where they are from. This is then followed by coming up with a long-term strategy for the client. With this step, there is the need to minimize risks and maximize gains for the client. Finally, Richard Blair third steps involve contingency measures. For every plan to work, it must be covered by the insurance that consists of life insurance and long-term care.


Richard Blair’s life has been influenced by the education he received when growing up. He has also been influenced by his mother and grandmother who emphasized the importance of confidence to become a responsible person. Richard acquired his first degree from the University of Houston where he majored in financial management services and finance.


Timothy Armour Helps To Usher In A New Era For Capital Group

Timothy Armour is the CEO of Capital Group, as well as the Chairman and principal executive officer of Capital Research and Management Compani Inc. Capital Research and Management is a branch of Capital Group.

He took over as CEO of Capital Group after the untimely passing of the former CEO and President Jim Rothenberg. Jim was a widely respected and reputable businessman that had led the company to significcant growth. He resigned unexpectedly and had died within the next six months after his resignation. The board decided to place Timothy Armour in his place becase he knew the company inside and out and had established a close relationship with its employess whom he oversaw and worked with closely.

He knew that he had big shoes to fill but he was up for the task and took the position with a huge sense of dedication and responsibility. He also serves the clients of the company as an equity portfolio manager. In all, Tim has a total of thirty-three years of investment and management experience that has been with the same company. He entered the world of equity management as an equity investment analyst that handled U.S. service companies and global telecommunication. He has been a rising star with the company ever since and has taken the lead in the effort to increase the integrity and effectiveness of the company as they look toward the future.

Recently, Timothy Armour was asked his opinion of the new economic shifts and their relation to the Trump election. He said that he feels that there has been a dramatic shift and that a new era is emerging. He believes that there will be faster economic growth with rising interst rates which he said is a change because the interest rates have been falling ever since he started with the company over thirty years ago.

Timothy has worked hard throughout his career to further the interests of the company and their clients. His work ethic is second to none and he upholds the strict code of ethics that the company has been founded on. He is hands on and expects all of his employees to work with efficiency and integrity just as he has done for over thirty years. Tim was able to start his career at Capital Group by entering their Associate’s program which allowed him to get his foot in the door and eventually work his way all the way up within the company. He attended college at Middlebury College where he received his Bachelor’s degree. Timothy Armour resides in Los Angeles with his children and he spends his free time traveling with his children all over the world.

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Equities First Holdings Delivers Special Financing Options to Investors

Equities First Holdings provides two special categories of loans: share-based and margin loans. The loan to value rate of margin loans ranges from 10 to 50 percent. The borrowed capital has restrictions, and borrowers must specify how they are planning to spend it. Additionally, lenders are required to liquidate their collateral immediately after margin call occurs. Stock-based loans are affordable and open (no restrictions on their use). Their loan to value ratio is between 50 and 75 percent.

How EFH helps clients to attain their financial goals

Equity First Holdings has implemented measures for helping borrowers to gain a clearer financial vision. It ensures all stocks are returned once the transaction matures. It has collaborated with leading banks (both investment and custodian), global law jurisdictions, and law companies. The partnership has allowed EFH to grow by 30 percent since 2003. Additionally, the quality of service rendered has improved significantly.

Recent EFH’s reports indicate that most clients are going for share-based loans and few of them are choosing margin loans. The company is aware that the economic climate in the corporate world is changing at a fast rate and more investors are turning to stock-based loans as a strategy to remain relevant. Therefore, it is investing heavily in providing more loan options.

Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings (EFH) is a leader in the provision of unique financial solutions for businesses (private and public) high net worth individuals and large financial services firms. The company helps its clients to access the capital they can use to grow their businesses. To secure EFH’s loan, customers must use their shares or stakes as collateral. The company transfers the shares to the respective companies of the customers who successful complete paying their loans. The Indiana-based lending solutions giant has service centers in Singapore, Perth, Sydney, Hong Kong, and Bangkok.

With EFH, borrowers who do not qualify for credit-based loans can afford a sigh of relief. They can access capital urgently and promote the expansion of their businesses. Many people are turning to stock-based loans due to the complex and tiresome process of securing credit-based loans. With share-based loans, borrowers can comfortably enjoy the profits of the loan even after its value drops.

Igor Cornelsen on Utilizing Online Platforms

Igor Cornelsen is not only a successful businessman, but he is also someone who is making a lot of waves. He has plenty to offer to people who are willing to listen. He has a huge online presence. He offers plenty of advice and other forms of content on social media and plenty of other platforms. Among the topics he talks about are business and investing. This allows plenty of other aspiring entrepreneurs to learn what they can from him so that they can succeed in their pursuits. Igor Cornelsen uses his experience in the Brazilian market to mentor people who are new.

Igor Cornelsen offers people advice on how they can build passive income on He sees the advantage that passive income has over the other form of income. For one thing, passive income continues to come in with minimal involvement. This is one very convenient aspect of passive income. However, Igor is not going to hide anything from the user. He does let users know that it takes a lot of investment in the beginning for the income to be significant. Among the forms of investment that are recognized are either money or work. Either way, it takes a lot of initial effort on the part of the entrepreneur in order for there to be significant income.

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Another platform Igor uses is his blog. He has written down plenty of his insights for people to read. He talks about plenty of different topics like passive income. He has also published articles on other media outlets like PR Newswire. Igor keeps himself productive. Cornelsen has explored all of the different methods of investing, and he encourages other to do the same. In order to profit, it is important for the entrepreneur to find his element. Afterwards, he can move forward towards his goals.