Jason Hope and the Internet of Things are Changing Technology

There are many different ways that you can find success in the technological world. For Jason Hope the paths have been many and he has excelled at almost every station he has stopped at. Jason Hope is a futurist, writer, entrepreneur, and the founder of the riveting SENS Foundation. Hope is also one of the loudest and most emphatic advocates of the Internet of Things (IoT). The Internet of Things is an umbrella term for the way in which the world is changing and trending ever towards daily automation in our lives. Let’s dig into the Internet of Things and see just why Jason Hope has put so much of his reputation on the line for the concept.

Imagine a world not unlike ‘The Jetsons’ where just about everything you do is automated. Technology is a part of our lives in a huge way right now and we are trending ever towards a completely automated way of living. The Internet of Things is a specific way in which we interface with technology. The Internet of Things is a term that reflects on how one day everyday objects will completely interface with the internet. Having the internet playing an instrumental part in our lives is a big deal, as Jason Hope will tell you.

Jason Hope believes that we are trending toward the biggest industry that the world has ever seen. While right now the Internet of Things exists on the outer fringe of the tech conversation, it is definitely going to be much more than that here soon. Hope believes that corporations need to start preparing now for a future where the Internet of Things has completely taken over how we live our day to day lives.

We need only look at the impact that the Internet of Things can have on transportation in order to understand why it is such a big deal. Consider buses or police cars that are fed up to the minute data regarding traffic and delays. Can you see, in just this one example, how much different our world would be on a day to day basis?

To know more visit “www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIrKoNVbIzs” here

Equities First Holdings Delivers Special Financing Options to Investors

Equities First Holdings provides two special categories of loans: share-based and margin loans. The loan to value rate of margin loans ranges from 10 to 50 percent. The borrowed capital has restrictions, and borrowers must specify how they are planning to spend it. Additionally, lenders are required to liquidate their collateral immediately after margin call occurs. Stock-based loans are affordable and open (no restrictions on their use). Their loan to value ratio is between 50 and 75 percent.

How EFH helps clients to attain their financial goals

Equity First Holdings has implemented measures for helping borrowers to gain a clearer financial vision. It ensures all stocks are returned once the transaction matures. It has collaborated with leading banks (both investment and custodian), global law jurisdictions, and law companies. The partnership has allowed EFH to grow by 30 percent since 2003. Additionally, the quality of service rendered has improved significantly.

Recent EFH’s reports indicate that most clients are going for share-based loans and few of them are choosing margin loans. The company is aware that the economic climate in the corporate world is changing at a fast rate and more investors are turning to stock-based loans as a strategy to remain relevant. Therefore, it is investing heavily in providing more loan options.

Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings (EFH) is a leader in the provision of unique financial solutions for businesses (private and public) high net worth individuals and large financial services firms. The company helps its clients to access the capital they can use to grow their businesses. To secure EFH’s loan, customers must use their shares or stakes as collateral. The company transfers the shares to the respective companies of the customers who successful complete paying their loans. The Indiana-based lending solutions giant has service centers in Singapore, Perth, Sydney, Hong Kong, and Bangkok.

With EFH, borrowers who do not qualify for credit-based loans can afford a sigh of relief. They can access capital urgently and promote the expansion of their businesses. Many people are turning to stock-based loans due to the complex and tiresome process of securing credit-based loans. With share-based loans, borrowers can comfortably enjoy the profits of the loan even after its value drops.

Christopher Burch’s Futuristic Views On Fashion And Technology

Christopher Burch is an entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. He has made investments in various industries successfully for almost forty years including the Faena Hotel, Jawbone and Voss Water.


His success started in 1976 as a student at Ithaca College. This was when he began Eagle’s Eye Apparel with his brother. This $2,000 investment became a business worth $165 million dollars. After they sold the company he invested in Internet Capital Group. He simply has the ability to understand how consumers think and how it affects the consumer channels.


Fashion and technology are linked and they are growing together. Christopher Burch wrote about this truly fascinating journey. He explained past and present and his beliefs for the future.


Technology in the 1970’s was the boom box. This was the way to play your favorite songs while on the move. You put it over your shoulder and smiled. By the 1990’s it had been replaced with the much smaller and lighter Walkman. Eventually the iPod took the place of the Walkman. As technology increased so did peoples options.


Today technology relates to the current fashions. Designers are using technology in their lines and it is incredible. There is a dress called the Pseudomorphs that is self painting. Another dress is know as the DareDroid and it actually makes drinks. These designs are considered to be avant-garde.


There is a system created through technology to protect bicyclists. This system is placed around the neck and in an accident produces an airbag. This protects the head from a nasty impact. There is also better visibility than with a standard helmet. Another advance regarding safety is for firefighters. Frontline Gloves relay important information with the use of hand gestures. The options for safety related gear are almost endless.


Recycled materials are being used in fashion as well. t-shirts and jackets have been created by using the recycled inner tubes from bicycles. There was even a beautiful gown created with recycled copper from a radiator.


Another new idea is the creation of energy from fashion. Kinetic energy is captured and used to power mp3,s and watches. There is a prototype for shoes that can charge a cell phone while the owner is running or walking. Eye glasses have been affected as well with the invention of Google Glass. The stigma of having to wear glasses may be erased. Even people who don’t have to wear glasses may be interested in this technology. Currently the price is astronomically high but that could change in the future.