Handy’s Entrepreneurial Culture

Handy is a company that focuses on offering cleaning, plumbing and any handyman. The firm capitalises on the current smartphone availability to individuals. It is estimated that ninety percent of the population in the United States have smartphones and easy access to the internet. Customers benefit from the services of Handy by a simple tap on their smartphones.

Dua and Hanarahan are the Chief Executive Officers and the founders of the company. They realised that there was a lack of reliable cleaning services in the market and decided to take advantage of the gap. The two buddies first met at Havard University. They found themselves studying the same course and luck brought them together as roommates in an apartment in Cambridge.

As usual in any business, their first couple of years were not the best. Competitors like Mopp, Homejoy and Exec were at their level best and that led to a constant fight for customers. In early 2015, Homejoy went out of business due to unnamed reasons. This was a welcome relief for Handy.com management since it was one less competitor to worry about.

Hanrahan wanted to roll out an online boarding system process in all of its twenty-eight markets. Co-founder Umang Dua resisted the idea saying that the candidates would not complete the application process unless helped by a human expert. The co-founders agreed to do a test run in January 2015. Both of the co-founders were still debating whether to implement the boarding system in all of their markets but in November 2015, the company closed a fifty million dollar venture capital funding which brought a financial cushion. Eventually, Hanrahan and Dua agreed to implement the online boarding strategy across the entire nation in which Hanrahan predicted that it would save the company millions of dollars annually.