InnovaCare Health: Thriving Because of the Efforts of Dr. Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

The history of InnovaCare is quite long. In fact, the story goes Ali back to Dr. Richard Shinto’s initial membership with the North American Medical Management company, called NAMM, in 1998. Dr. Rich Shinto had long expressed an interest in the insurance aspect of medical care. He believed that he had a unique perspective that he could lend to the formation of a truly effective medical management company. The NAMM joined forces with The Straus Group in the year 2003. This formation would be one of the most effective in expanding the footprint of the company. Healthcare plans offered through this partnership were expanding all the way across America. 2012 is the final chapter in the story of InnovaCare’s current formation. InnovaCare was formed after NAMM completed some much-needed restructuring. The company pushed out on its own away from NAMM to become heavily invested in the Medicaid market. The growth has been exponential from that point on. Check out their website



The story of InnovaCare is incomplete without information on Dr. Richard Shinto. Dr. Richard Shinto went into the medical field after graduating from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. Since attending there, he authored a multitude of articles and contribute to the atmosphere of research in the medical community. Additionally, he garnered more than 25 years and experience that he carried with him to InnovaCare. The MBA that he earned from the University of Redlands would also be helpful in his challenging new role. Since receiving recognition as one of the top minority executives in the healthcare industry it is apparent that Dr. Richard Shinto has utilized his education and experience to the full extent. For more details visit



One of the more interesting members of the InnovaCare health management team is Penelope Kokkinides. Penelope Kokkinides has an extensive record when it comes to education and managed care. She has served as the head of several companies dedicated to the medical insurance industry. Her knowledge about the medical field is well-informed. She has a bachelor’s degree in both biological sciences and classical languages. Her expertise moves on from there into social work and substance abuse degrees at the master’s level. She has also added a master’s degree and public health to her repertoire from Columbia University. This unique level of education gives her some of the best understanding in the world when it comes to the healthcare of their clients. She is able to not only understand their medical needs, but their mental health care needs as well. You can check out




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Sussex Healthcare- Creating Personalized Home Care

Healthcare has created its spot in the healthcare industry by providing its clients with the latest amenities and services. The company has different facilities spread throughout Sussex hence making it renowned within the community and beyond since its inception in 1985. Additionally, its dedication to its residents has made it become a leading home care facility nationally. The typical residents within these facilities include the elderly and individuals suffering from various mental problems like lesion and dementia. Dementia and injuries affect a person’s nervous tissue. Visit to know more about Sussex Healthcare.

Sussex Healthcare opened doors to residents in 1985, with only one home, and today it boasts of having 15 facilities. The business added a new gym to its facilities, and it has different equipment meant to keep the residents occupied and healthy. Its gym has elliptical trainers, stationary bikes, treadmills, and free weights in different types, medicine balls for helping the individuals strengthen their abdominal muscles. Additionally, the residents have the opportunity of relaxing in a hot tub that stimulates their bodies hence releasing of the endorphins and also reducing of the body soreness. The hot tub also helps in decreasing stress and boosting the production of increased norepinephrine.

The swimming pools within the Sussex Healthcare facilities help the residents to improve their endurance and their flexibility. Moreover, swimming helps in increasing individual strength and using of the underwater treadmills helps in the formation of the quadriceps, the claves, the abdominal muscles, and the hamstrings.


Sussex Healthcare has adapted the power of group session for their residents during exercise time. The company believes that group session helps others to master a new type of exercise and also increase high amounts of brain endorphins. Endorphins stimulate a section of a person’s brain helping them to reduce stress and improve their well-being.

Sussex Healthcare received its certification from International Organizations for Standardization in 2002, and the Health Quality Services accredited it in 2005. Currently, the company prides in offering effective treatments to their residents, and they include aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, sensory integration, and hydrotherapy. Sussex core agenda is creating custom goals for each in their facility. Learn more about Sussex Healthcare at Weekly Opinion.