Organo Gold Is Offering Healthy Alternatives To Everyday Products

Organo Gold started making coffee more than 10 years ago when the company started up in 2008. With a goal to reach people all over the world with healthy, gourmet products, Organo Gold had quite the mission when they first started out. For the most part, Organo Gold focuses on beverages, like coffee and tea, but they also offer variety of products for their customers today as well. Not only does Organo Gold sell to their customers around the world that are consumers, but they have many partnerships with companies and entrepreneurs that sell their products as well as advertise their brand. While their flavored teas and coffee are their selling point, Organo gold also offers nutritional shakes, oils, mycelium, personal care products, and more.

Entrepreneurs all over the globe have taken interest in Organo Gold’s products as well, which is where the global marketing comes in. Organo Gold can help other companies and entrepreneurs while also helping themselves by offering lucrative business partnerships to market their products.

As of late, Organo Gold is also tapping into the market for supplements in the form of bars and teas, much of which contain the Ganoderma Mushroom. Ganoderma has been found to have a wide range of benefits to the body, depending on how it is used. This is why many of the products that Organo Gold offers contain the Ganoderma Mushroom in some form. Today, even athletes can look to Organo to get energy drinks and healthy protein bars that will help boost their performance and stamina throughout the day.

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Nutrition seems to be on the minds of people more and more. This is likely due to concerns about weight management. As obesity rates climb in America more Americans are looking for solutions to the problem. Many people struggle to find accurate and helpful solutions to their weight management issues. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can greatly improve one’s overall life. It can help an individual have more energy as well as greater overall health. Further, by maintaining a healthy weight a person can live longer. There are many problems that arise when an individual decides to change their lifestyle to pursue a healthy weight. Many people struggle to find a balance between their busy lifestyle and the healthier habits they seek to establish.


On the Herbalife site and the article can be found that helps people find a way to estimate calories more accurately when out with friends. The article explains that as of May 2018 United States chain restaurants are required to have calorie counts on the menu. This change will make it far easier for an individual on the go to eat more wisely. These calorie counts are only estimates but they do allow consumers more information than they’ve had in years prior. The article also mentions an FDA claim that Americans tend to consume one-third of their overall calories from food prepared outside of their homes. The article also lists some common sense advice about being as informed as possible in regards to the food you eat.


The company Herbalife nutrition was established in 1980 by Mark Hughes. Marcuse began this journey by selling supplements out of the trunk of his car. This unconventional start was inspired by an unfortunate tragedy. His mother often took an unhealthy approach to weight management and Marcuse attributed her early death to this choice. He believed she had developed a serious eating disorder in order to encourage weight loss. Since the founding of his company

Herbalife has dedicated itself to changing their nutritional habits of all that they can. In the early days of the company, Mark Hughes began with protein checks. The shakes were designed to help people manage their weight. As the company grew Mark Hughes elected to structure the company in a direct selling multilevel marketing type of model. As of 2016 Herbalife employees, approximately 8000 people across the world and has reported net sales of $4.488 billion. Currently, Herbalife operates in 95 countries with 3.2 million independent distributors selling their products.

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis of Jeunesse launch new energy and health drinks

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, the co-founding super-couple behind innovative health and beauty product company Jeunesse, have announced the creation of two more products to their company’s rapidly expanding portfolio.

The duo of marketing gurus, who have run their own businesses for the better part of 50 years and have long been independently wealthy, became bored on their third attempt at retirement. What slowly started as a small business run out of the family’s garage quickly grew into a multi-million dollar health and beauty supplier with distributors spanning the globe.

With Ray’s expertise in marketing and Lewis’ no-nonsense approach to the business end of things, it wasn’t long until the power couple realized they had almost inadvertently created another huge winner. But by this time, the couple had no real intentions of remaining in the sedentary lifestyle of a traditional retirement. They abandoned their pretensions of spending their golden years at the bingo parlor and the 19th hole and jumped headlong into building up their fourth health and Nutrition Company. View the catalog on

Today, just 8 years after its founding, Jeunesse Global is the producer of nine highly unique health and beauty products. Among these is AM PM Essentials, a proprietary formulation of vitamins and essential minerals that allow people to function fully and energetically during the day, while getting a full and restorative sleep at night.

Another popular product in the company’s repertoire is Nevo, an all-natural energy drink that has just 50 calories per can. The drink makes use of 100-percent natural fruit juice, giving it a flavor that many users describe as instantly addicting. The drink also contains natural sources of caffeine, gaurana, yerba mate, green tea extract and many essential vitamins. It is available in four different flavors: lemon ginger, peach mango, mixed berry and acai grape.


The company has also formulated one of the first mind-enhancing drinks. M1nd is made with ingredients that are clinically proven to increase attention span and enhance such basic mental functions as memory and the ability to perform calculations. Mind makes use of a proprietary compound known as Cera-Q, for which Jeunesse holds an exclusive patent. Visit their profile on Instagram.