Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis of Jeunesse launch new energy and health drinks

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, the co-founding super-couple behind innovative health and beauty product company Jeunesse, have announced the creation of two more products to their company’s rapidly expanding portfolio.

The duo of marketing gurus, who have run their own businesses for the better part of 50 years and have long been independently wealthy, became bored on their third attempt at retirement. What slowly started as a small business run out of the family’s garage quickly grew into a multi-million dollar health and beauty supplier with distributors spanning the globe.

With Ray’s expertise in marketing and Lewis’ no-nonsense approach to the business end of things, it wasn’t long until the power couple realized they had almost inadvertently created another huge winner. But by this time, the couple had no real intentions of remaining in the sedentary lifestyle of a traditional retirement. They abandoned their pretensions of spending their golden years at the bingo parlor and the 19th hole and jumped headlong into building up their fourth health and Nutrition Company.¬†View the catalog on Jeunessegear.com.

Today, just 8 years after its founding, Jeunesse Global is the producer of nine highly unique health and beauty products. Among these is AM PM Essentials, a proprietary formulation of vitamins and essential minerals that allow people to function fully and energetically during the day, while getting a full and restorative sleep at night.

Another popular product in the company’s repertoire is Nevo, an all-natural energy drink that has just 50 calories per can. The drink makes use of 100-percent natural fruit juice, giving it a flavor that many users describe as instantly addicting. The drink also contains natural sources of caffeine, gaurana, yerba mate, green tea extract and many essential vitamins. It is available in four different flavors: lemon ginger, peach mango, mixed berry and acai grape.

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The company has also formulated one of the first mind-enhancing drinks. M1nd is made with ingredients that are clinically proven to increase attention span and enhance such basic mental functions as memory and the ability to perform calculations. Mind makes use of a proprietary compound known as Cera-Q, for which Jeunesse holds an exclusive patent. Visit their profile on Instagram.