Nutrition seems to be on the minds of people more and more. This is likely due to concerns about weight management. As obesity rates climb in America more Americans are looking for solutions to the problem. Many people struggle to find accurate and helpful solutions to their weight management issues. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can greatly improve one’s overall life. It can help an individual have more energy as well as greater overall health. Further, by maintaining a healthy weight a person can live longer. There are many problems that arise when an individual decides to change their lifestyle to pursue a healthy weight. Many people struggle to find a balance between their busy lifestyle and the healthier habits they seek to establish.


On the Herbalife site and the article can be found that helps people find a way to estimate calories more accurately when out with friends. The article explains that as of May 2018 United States chain restaurants are required to have calorie counts on the menu. This change will make it far easier for an individual on the go to eat more wisely. These calorie counts are only estimates but they do allow consumers more information than they’ve had in years prior. The article also mentions an FDA claim that Americans tend to consume one-third of their overall calories from food prepared outside of their homes. The article also lists some common sense advice about being as informed as possible in regards to the food you eat.


The company Herbalife nutrition was established in 1980 by Mark Hughes. Marcuse began this journey by selling supplements out of the trunk of his car. This unconventional start was inspired by an unfortunate tragedy. His mother often took an unhealthy approach to weight management and Marcuse attributed her early death to this choice. He believed she had developed a serious eating disorder in order to encourage weight loss. Since the founding of his company

Herbalife has dedicated itself to changing their nutritional habits of all that they can. In the early days of the company, Mark Hughes began with protein checks. The shakes were designed to help people manage their weight. As the company grew Mark Hughes elected to structure the company in a direct selling multilevel marketing type of model. As of 2016 Herbalife employees, approximately 8000 people across the world and has reported net sales of $4.488 billion. Currently, Herbalife operates in 95 countries with 3.2 million independent distributors selling their products.



What to Wear and Eat prior to a Life Line Screening Procedure and What to Expect during the Screening

Chronic diseases, such as diabetes, cancer, and heart diseases, are among the top causes of death in the United States. The sad reality is that they are detected in the body too late to administer treatment. Regular screening ensures that such diseases are caught before they become serious to cause harm. It is proven that treatments work best at the early stages of the diseases. The screenings also act as a preventive measure since they can tell if a person is at risk of contracting any disease. Life Line Screening is equipped with the latest technology to perform different types of screening.

What to Wear

Life Line Screenings requires patients to be prepared before the start of the procedure. The preparations include having the right clothing that does not interfere with the process. Carotid artery disease screening that detects stroke requires one to wear a short-sleeved shirt that is open at the collar. Artificial fibrillation that also checks for stroke requires a patient to wear two-piece loose clothing. Patients are also required not to wear a watch or pantyhose and not to apply oil. The same clothing goes for the abdominal aortic aneurysm, 6 for life package and ankle-brachial index.

What to Eat

Some screenings require a patient to eat the right of food or to abstain from eating for specified hours. The abdominal aortic aneurysm requires four hours fast prior to the procedure. Alternatively, one can eat a light meal that is non-greasy. Diabetic patients should, however, follow their diabetic meal plan and medication. Complete lipid panel, 6 for life package and glucose screenings requires 12 hours fast. Only water and medication are allowed during the fast.

What to Expect

Some of the Life Line Screening procedures are non-invasive and painless. After checking in and completing the paperwork, patients are then taken to meet the physicians. The procedures require patients to follow simple instructions as directed by the doctor. They will do a blood test that involves a small prick to draw a few drops of blood. The measurements of weight and height will then be taken. Procedures like bone density screening will require the patient to place a bare foot on the ultrasound machine for a few minutes. The peripheral arterial disease screening involves checking the systolic pressure in the limbs. The process will involve pressure cuffs placed around the arm, ultrasound device and electrodes. Other procedures such as carotid artery and abdominal aortic aneurysm screening require patients to lie on their back.

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The Copa Star Hospital Takes the Hospitality Concept to the next Level

The Copa Star just disillusions everything you know about hospitals in Brazil. It is where hospital meets the real hospitality services. Think of a combination of a five star hotel and highly decorated interior designs embroidered with galleries of artworks from renowned artists worldwide. You will get all these exciting aspects in Copa Star hospital. Standing on a 21,000-meter ground near one of the country’s most attractive beach in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, the hospital offers serene environment to both the patients and staff. The facility is well structured with annex area for the movement of staff and patients. The construction spares patients of unnecessary eyeballing from others, or disgusting traffic of stretchers and nurses in the corridors.

Located in the sparking street of Figueiredo Magalhaes in Copacabana, the hospital offers exclusive luxurious services both in medication and after treatment care. The patient rooms are fashioned to resemble a modern five star hotel. They don’t just look like the normal hospital rooms with the formality of hospital setup and equipment. With the lighting system extremely attractive and discriminately tuned to sooth the patients’ moods, all you get is a friendly encounter of a tranquil scene resembling the exact home environment. The lighting system is devoid of strong lights since the system is perfectly moderated to allow natural light.

It’s not only eye-catching lighting system that decorates the patients’ rooms. The rooms are suited with iPads that enable patients to easily communicate with the staff as well as their relations. Apart from the interesting patient rooms, the ICU rooms are a display of extreme meticulous artwork, perfectly designed to connect the patients with the innate life outside the hospital. The ICU screens also function as windows such that they are connected to the cameras on the Copacabana streets. Patients can see live-streamed images from the streets. Patients are thus always updated and spared of the boredom and fatigue common in ICUs.

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Erected at a budget of approximately R400 million, Copa Star is part of the D’Or Sao Luiz group of hospitals, commonly synonymous with state-of-art hospital facilities and structures. The hospital compound incorporates a luxurious restaurant that offers mouth-watering delicacies to both the patients and the public as well. The culinary display is just impeccable, with the Swiss chef Steve Moreillon in charge of the restaurant.

But what basically defines a standard hospital? Obviously, highly trained staff with well-equipped skills and tools is what underlies a perfect hospital. With over 550 staff members who are highly trained and equipped, the Copa Star Hospital is one of the highest standard health facilities one can have. The hospital staff majors from simple complexions to deadly diseases and surgeries like cardiology and neurology.

A Healthy Way Of Life

If you are one of the millions who wish to reclaim their health, then DHerbs Full Body Cleanse is your ticket to a better and healthier way of life.


CEO of Dherbs, Inc. A.D. Dolphin, was a recent guest on the Steve Harvey Show and showed not only Steve, but his viewing audience, just what a Full Body Cleanse was all about. The Full Body Cleanse is a diet consisting of fresh vegetables, fruits, raw nuts and seeds. While on the Steve Harvey Show, A.D. was able to demonstrate that moving toward a healthier lifestyle is much more than just salads and smoothies. Zucchini noodles, raw walnut tacos and a kale smoothie were but a few items A.D. created that offer the essential nutrients your body needs in your daily diet.


Dherbs.com is where you can find more on the Full Body Cleanse. In fact, the website is an online store that will help put you on the Full Body Cleanse highway. This 20-day regimen cycle is highly regarded and a healthy way to keep your body working at an optimal level. Consisting of 6 different formulas, or herbal supplements, as well as Activated Charcoal, the Cleanse is designed to naturally filter life’s toxins and pollutants.


Not only does Dherbs.com offer the Full Body Cleanse on their website, they also offer supplements to both men and women which organically cover a litany of ills. This website is loaded with information and articles that teach you how to better your body with their supplements and healthy ways of eating and living to keep your body where it belongs.

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Starbucks Adds Popular Hippeas Chickpea Puffs to its Grab-and-Go Snacks

Successful entrepreneur and innovator, Livio Bisterzo, set out in 2015 to make a revolutionary snack that was vegan, kosher, gluten-free, full of calories, and a game changer in the global snacks sector. True to his word, his company Green Park Brands launched the nutrient-rich Hippeas, in 2016, to a warm market reception.

Bisterzo said that his team worked hard to come up with a healthy and tasty snack. They targeted the socially conscious millennial consumers who not only loved delicious snacks but were keen on maintaining a healthy diet. Today, Hippeas is one of Starbucks’ Grab-and-go snacks thanks to its increasing popularity. What’s more, two of Hippeas’ flavors, Far Out Fajita and Vegan White Cheddar, are now available in over 7,500 Starbucks locations countrywide.

Speaking about Hippeas and its creation, Bisterzo said that his company wanted to use chickpeas as the primary ingredient because of its numerous healthy properties. The production team worked tirelessly to acquire the right shape, texture, and taste. He added that Green Park Brands (www.greenparkbrands.com) wanted Hippeas to stand out from the rest and be culturally relevant to resonate with the target consumers. He reiterated that customers come fast, and satisfying them is the secret to a successful product.

Hippeas is branded and packed in a bright and colorful yellow packaging to be attractive to customers while on the shelves. This has reduced the shelve life of the snacks. Thanks to its success, Hippeas has decided to give back to society by partnering with Farm Africa to support Eastern Africa’s chickpeas farmers. Bisterzo said that he couldn’t be happier with the success of Hippeas.

Livio Bisterzo

Livio Bisterzo is a successful Italian entrepreneur living in Los Angeles, California, with his wife and three children. The Italian native moved to London, UK, when he was 18 years old to study at the esteemed University of the Arts. Bisterzo gained an interest in marketing and entrepreneurship. In 2003, he started an events business. He later established several other business ventures including Maddox Club, Pollen St, Kyoku for Men, and Little miracles.

By 2006, Bisterzo had been featured in some of the biggest global magazines including Vanity Fair, The Times, Sunday Style, and Harpers. At 27, Livio was nominated by Evening Standard as one of the 1,000 most influential persons in the UK. Shortly after relocating to the United States in 2016, Bisterzo opened Green Park Holdings, the parent company of successful food brand Hippeas.

Sweetgreen: A Story of Passion, Caring, and Success

As with many startups, the founders are committed, hardworking, and very disciplined. Such is the case with Nicolas Jammet, Jonathan Neman, and Nathaniel Ru, the founders of Sweetgreen. The Bloomberg article about the stunning success of these three entrepreneurs showcases the drive and determination of these men, and their desire to provide a better, and healthier product that apparently, everyone wants. The group, together as students at Georgetown University, was growing tired of the campus food offerings, and while looking for better food elsewhere struck on the idea of opening their own restaurant. So, in 2007 with the funding help of some 40 friends and relatives, that’s just what they did. The rest, as they say, is history. What started out as a desire to find better food to eat has now blossomed into a chain of 43 restaurants, with more scheduled to open soon. Sweetgreen offers a menu of food that is grown by farmers sourced by Sweetgreen who use only organic, local, and antibiotic-free cheese and poultry. The company emphasizes simpler recipes that feature natural flavors with natural sweeteners such as honey and agave for a finishing touch.


Thanks to several rounds of venture capital funding, they were able to realize their goal of expansion. Their business plan consisted of selling a dream, and focusing on the outcome, which by all accounts was the key to their success. Other intangibles are the group’s innate ability to make the right decisions and then knowing when to act on them. Nathaniel Ru, one of Sweetgreen’s co-founders and co-CEOs, speaks of passion and purpose in his restaurants. This passion that drives the company’s success is part of a shared bond of entrepreneurship that all three founders shared from the beginning, and today, they remain the best of friends.


Mr. Ru also talks of how the use of technology enhances their operational efficiency to keep everyone connected at all times. Due to his busy travel schedule, Mr. Ru relies on technology to maintain the close relationships between his employees and the principals of the company, which adds to the company culture of teamwork. Perhaps a main reason why the company’s vision is centered around teamwork and values is because all three founders are the children of entrepreneurs themselves. From that beginning not so long ago, a dream is now a reality for these three men. They’re creating magic among their employees, too. Mr. Ru and his partners are dedicated to their employees and they’ve structured the company in such a way that if someone leaves the company, they want to know why. The relationships between their farmers are just as important, as well as with the app developers. It’s obvious to even a casual observer that Mr. Ru and his partners have something special in Sweetgreen, and they’re happily changing how and what people eat. More importantly, the level of happiness and productivity among Sweetgreen’s employees may someday set a new standard for employers everywhere to follow.