Wen By Chaz Is Better Than Negativity

I have always been a fan of Chaz Dean. I have followed not only his transition into the celebrity hair style world but I have also faithfully followed the trends of many of his most famous celebrity clients. If anyone knows hair it is definitely Chaz and I have always been an advocate for any of his products.
Being the connoisseur of all things hair ( I gave myself this title) my friends often come to me and ask me what I think about Wen By Chaz. While I have tried many of Chaz Dean’s products I unfortunately have never tried this one. I personally have read some positive and negative reviews on wikipedia about the product so I must admit I have been a bit apprehensive.

Not long ago one of my favorite beauty bloggers took a huge step of faith and started using Wen hair and wanted to share it with all her readers. each day the blogger gave a indepth analysis of the product and how it impacted her hair. Not only did she share the details of each day’s hair journey but she also showed pictures to prove in fact that the product was working and she was using it effectively.

At the end of the review the beauty blogger did admit that she didn’t think she would be living or dying by WEN Hair but she did believe that the product worked much better than a lot of the negative online reviews often said.

Visit this link to learn more about WEN hair care: http://www.ebay.com/bhp/wen-hair-care