WEN By Chaz Creates Big Shiny Locks For Hair-Challenged Blogger

Beauty blogger Emily McClure had a dirty, little secret. Even though she writes a lot about beauty, her own hair was limp and lackluster.
Emily was hoping for a hair miracle when she reached for a bottle of WEN by Chaz, the unique no lather shampoo system. She tested out the famous line for seven days for Bustle and even kept a hair diary with hair selfies.

Wen hair by Chaz has become a global favorite, as thousands of people have dropped their regular shampoos and conditioners loaded with harmful detergents. People have switched to WEN for the no lather shampoo experience, for healthier, stronger, shinier hair. Famous west coast stylist Chaz Dean (see; https://chazdean.com/store.aspx) created the brand, based on his own holistic lifestyle. He knew that sulfates were weakening and ruining everyone’s hair, so he invented cleansing conditioners that are kind to hair of any type in any condition.

His special, plant-based ingredients nourish and care for hair from root to end, delivering volume and mega-watt shine. The no lather formulas are so phenomenal, Chaz Dean has not used a lather shampoo on himself or his clients for more than 20 years. CHaz sells his creations exclusively at Sephora and eBay online.

Emily began a daily AM wash with WEN and noticed her hair was quickly getting used to the routine and no-poo system. She posted selfies that showed her readers how gorgeous her fine hair could become. Even her close friends wanted to know her new hair secret. Emily’s hair was suddenly glossy, soft and manageable.

Emily learned to pamper her hair on WEN by Chaz, which meant always blow-drying and making the effort to beautify her locks. WEN delivers the ultimate if you have the time to massage the product in the shower and then blow-dry and style.

It’s that simple; WEN by Chaz can create hair miracles.