OSI Industries: Demonstrated Commitment Towards Sustainable Development

OSI Industries is a world-leading producer of value-added protein food products. Over the years, the company has grown and developed from a neighborhood meat supplier in Chicago to a multinational corporate organization with more than 65 cutting-edge facilities in over 17 countries across the world. Due to its impressive growth, Forbes recognized it as the 58th largest privately owned company in 2016. The company had an estimated net worth of $6.1 billion.

Since 1975, OSI Industries has sought and adopted advanced strategies and high-end technology in an attempt to increase efficiency, sustainability, and reduce negative environmental impact in its production operations. Sustainable growth and development have been at the core of the company’s management in all aspects of operational decision making. In line with OSI’s tradition, the company has remained at the forefront of developing new strategies and techniques to ensure sustainable and environmentally friendly food production practices.

Through a recent summit, “Winning Together, Sustainable Value Chain Creation” OSI Industries demonstrated its commitment to sustainable production practices. OSI Europe organized the sustainability summit in a bid to share its dedication towards sustainability and its vision for 2025. The summit brought together more than 50 globally renowned companies. The companies included leading suppliers of OSI Europe, significant clients, and other relevant stakeholders.

The summit highlighted some critical issues related to sustainability and environmental health. However, the importance of collaborative effort in achieving future sustainability goals remained dominant. The landmark event took place in Knightsbrook Hotel, County Meath, Ireland.

Several industry specialists shared their insights and vision during the summit. Anna DeVries, OSI’s Global Sustainability Lead, expressed her confidence on the workability of the agreed framework. Similarly, the Vice President of Sustainability at McDonald’s Corporation, Keith Kenny addressed the audience on the steps that the McDonald’s Corporation is taking towards sustainability, especially on their recent strategies in the beef industry. The Chief Executive Officer of the Irish Food Board, Tara McCarthy described the importance of sustainability initiatives to those in attendance.

OSI Industries has been severally recognized for its unrelenting efforts to ensure sustainability. The British Safety Council named OSI UK as the winners of Globe of Honor Award in recognition of the company’s mitigation of environmental risks.

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OSI Industries Is Expanding And Winning Awards For Food Service

In 2012, OSI Industries began to expand it’s locations when it purchased a facility attached to a Millard facility in Geneva, Illinois. It is this location that would originally be used to bring in 100 new employees and would serve as a office location and storage space. There was no telling that this would not be large enough to handle the demands of their customers.

It has been the desire of OSI Industries from the beginning to expand into other areas of food. They wanted to be more than just your local food chain supplier and wanted to also expand the region in which they served. With each new expansion of the business, OSI Industries is reaching a global sensation that even they did not know would happen.

OSI Foods has been in the field of food service since the opening of butcher shop in a Chicago suburb many years ago. It went from the small shop to a supplier for food chains like McDonalds and Starbucks. The reach they would then extend to would include locations in China, Spain and even the Philippines.

It is not just their ideals to reach out in the food market but to also reach out with the way that it produces food. It is always looking for new and exciting ways to make food and improve how they operate.

OSI Industries has been seen around the world and have received countless awards for their knowledge within the food market. They have opened up facilities that have been awarded awards for their exceptional food production along with the satisfaction they have received from customers.

OSI Industries has been under the control of David McDonald for a bit. It has been with his assistance that they have been able to grow as large as they are today. They are one of the leading controllers in food service globally. OSI Foods is always expanding and meeting the demands of their customers which is why they are always adding to the number of people they serve and the companies they are providing meats and sides for.

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