A New Investment Idea with Freedom Checks

A popular marketing trick in the modern era are get rich quick schemes. They often involve a down payment with a promise of a high return, but they never intended to fulfill that promise. Matt Badiali is a different, he wants consumers and companies to have a closer relationship than ever before. He is a editor at Bryan Hill Publishing, where he regularly publishes a business newsletter to inform reader about the current state of the financial industry. In a recent Affiliate Dork article, Matt Badiali expands on how Freedom Checks are legitimate and a true option to consider.

Starting from the conception of Checks, Matt Badiali obtained degrees from Penn State University, Florida Atlantic University, and University of Carolina at Chapel Hill in the science field. He initially planned to become a geologist, which took him on trips around the world. This experience showed him the huge potential of the energy sector. He later created an investment system where consumers could invest into energy companies through a tax loophole known as Master Limited Partnership.In order to qualify for a Master Limited Partnership a company must meet a series of requirements.The main two points are that they must be operating and selling their goods mostly within the domestic market.

Matt Badiali believes the energy sector is where the potential lies in the financial world. There are currently over 500 companies using Freedom Checks to give back to their profits to investors. Users have spoken out about their strong returns, and the total amount of money coming back is in the millions.Since there are so many options available to consumers, it can be overwhelming at times. Freedom Checks are similar to the stock market, but without the anxiety of a market crash wiping away one’s investments. Matt Badiali claims just a small down payment is enough to get started. In this kind of partnership, the investor will rewarded in correlation to the amount invested. Freedom Checks are a legitimate get rich scheme, that does require a little effort from the investor.


Jacob Gottlieb Makes His Return To The Healthcare Investment Field

Jacob Gottlieb, MD, CFA, PRMIA, is a healthcare industry focused hedge fund manager. He graduated magna cum laude from Brown University, earning an economics degree, and attended New York University Medical School to attain his medical degree. He completed his internship in internal medicine before deciding he would rather enter the financial industry and use his medical background to invest in small-cap and mid-cap healthcare firms.

After earning his Chartered Financial Analyst designation in 2001, he became an analyst at the hedge fund firm Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., LLC. He worked at Merlin next and then co-founded another healthcare-focused hedge fund firm, Balyasny Asset Management, L.P., before founding his first financial firm Visium Asset Management.

When Jacob Gottlieb’s Visium was at its height it managed $8 billion in assets and had offices in New York City, San Francisco, and London. His company had to be shut down, though, as an insider trading scandal involving it exploded into the news. He had his name cleared of any legal wrongdoing but as he was the last executive standing he made the decision to shut down operations and return the investor’s money.

He is now back applying his investing acumen at his latest firm, Altium Capital. His first move was to take a stake of 5.61% in Oramed Pharmaceuticals who developed a highly innovative oral solution for diabetes that can be used instead of diabetics jabbing themselves with a needle.

Jacob Gottlieb has also invested in two other promising healthcare firms, Amarin and Oragenics. The first of these is addressing cardiovascular health while the latter one is involved in Replacement Therapy. This form of therapy is predicated upon replacing harmful bacteria that cause infectious disease with beneficial bacteria that actually enhance health. It’s pretty cutting-edge stuff and Jacob Gottlieb sees a lot of promise in it.

Find out more about Jacob Gottlieb Altium: https://www.cnbc.com/jacob-gottlieb–cnbc/