Talos Energy To Prosper With Latest Gulf Of Mexico Project

It was recently announced that the company Talos Energy Inc would be placed in a top five position with their bid on a lease sale in the Gulf of Mexico. The sale was held by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management in August of 2018. Talos Energy had placed their bid on eight shallow water blocks to go along with six deepwater blocks. This recent bid shows that Talos Energy, based out of Houston, TX, is unafraid to go big in an industry that has been experiencing a prolonged downturn. In fact, as the rest of the industry seems to stutter, Talos Energy is breaking new barriers.

Just this past year, Talos Energy became one of the first American energy companies to ever grab a foothold in Mexico’s oil industry. That barrier was broken with their work on the Zama-1 well which became the first foreign investment from the private sector in Mexico’s oil and gas industry. The discovery of the Zama-1 well could end up paying huge dividends as Bboe returns are slated to be anywhere from 1.4 to 2.0. With such success in Mexico as it is, it only makes sense that Talos Energy would continue their forward thrust while trying to gain some serious momentum carry over.

Talos Energy was brought together in 2012 after finding $600 million in investment equity from Riverstone Holdings LLC and Apollo Global Management LLC. Talos Energy was created with a very specific perspective in the energy industry: they would be considered an independent gas and oil company focused primarily on work in exploration offshore of the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. Since originally opening their doors, Talos Energy has grown to employ well over 350 employees. Co-founder and company president Tim Duncan recently sat down in order to discuss the momentum that Talos Energy has procured and what they are doing in order to keep it going into the future.

Duncan pointed out that upon deciding to start the company, he and his two co-founders (John Parker and Steve Heitzman) would be focusing on access to public markets both inside of the United States as well as outside of it. Their goal was simple: to create a competitive, independent offshore E&P company.

Talos Energy

Talos energy is a privately owned company that produces gas and oil. It concentrates on oil extraction in Texas and even its neighborhood. The managing team of the firm boasts of several years of experience in offshore production and even exploration. Moreover, they have expertise in obtaining developed deep water assets and operated shelf assets.

After that, they optimize, explore, and exploit the resources using cutting-edge seismic technologies inventive methods. The management team has worked cohesively for more than ten years. As a result, the company has been able to keep a good record of positive results.

Additionally, Talos energy firm is a competitor in gas and oil sectors of the energy markets. Also, Talos is renowned for its extensive geophysical, geological, and operative experience in areas like the gulf coast region and even in the Mexican Gulf.

Moreover, Talos manages the higher percentage of production that supports the use of skilled procedures to operations. The company engages itself widely in the local community.

Also, it has focused on corporate social responsibility towards the contribution of its employees to non-profit and charity organizations. The social responsibility is necessary to the extended and practiced culture to its employees and even the company itself.

In April 2018, there was an obstruction of the fuel prices as a result of United States oil flooding in Europe. The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries took a step of trying to balance the oil market.

This flooding brought about challenges to a significant number of the oil producers in the United States. Not only the producers suffered but also several countries due to the low fuel prices that challenged the profitability.

As a result of undermined profitability and also prices, the organizations are left only with an option of dismissing its employees. This always to cater to the losses that are already at hand.

A high number of experts affirms that low fuel prices have an advantage. They state that it helps in the provision of lower gas prices to several businesses that depend on oil for their transportation. They also indicate that low fuel prices assist in providing low gas prices to clients.

Other experts argue that high fuel prices help in bringing back more money to the global markets.

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Why Talos Energy Is destined To Achieve

Talos Energy had been a private company until it went public in May. The company went public after merging with another firm called Stone Energy Corporation. The main reason for the merging is for accounting, and the new merger is destined for success. The company is run independently technically and operates in the United States. It is also working in part of the Gulf of Mexico. Those who are in the management of the company have been in the industry for decades, and they have acquired a lot of knowledge and skill to run the company. The leaders are skilled in the exploration, development, and acquisition of deep water assets. Their latest interest has been the Gulf of Mexico. It is a site that is regarded as having great potential by geologists. It will enable the company to explore the natural resources fully.

Tim Duncan spoke about the development of the company. He is the Chief Executive Officer and one of the founders of the coveted organization. He said they had they planned to use world-class techniques to operate their company. The company also has a goal to improve their overall performance and their production. They want to enhance their hydrocarbon methods. The company is also concerned with the environment. That is why they ensure their operations comply with all the environmental rules. Their approach in mining endeavors has been holistic that is why they are building the immense success.

Tim Duncan serves as the head of the company. Since they co-founded the company with John Parker and Stephen Heitzman, he has been committed to working hard to ensure the company succeeds. He is an able leader and works with the other two founders. They are the people who serve the firm diligently and ensure it is operating smoothly. The best part with the leaders is they are experienced having been in the field for thirty years. That is how they have gained the experience and skills required to run company. Tim Duncan continues to lead the organization in the right direction, and he has a lot of expectation concerning the performance of the firm.

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