Educational Excellence At Rocketship Charter Schools


Education is an essential part of every child’s life and a key component to their success as an adult. The good news is that through extensive studies and re applying techniques used by education theorists, many schools are changing the way they teach and new schools that offer better alternative education techniques are being born. These alternative education programs are known as charter schools and they are popping up all over the country.

Education facilities that are known as Charter Schools tend to provide better teaching techniques, smaller classroom sizes and a stronger sense of school community than typical public education systems offer. Rocketship Education based out of San Jose California is on the rise as one of the premier charter school groups in the country. Their focus is on promoting education as an exciting challenge where each student is valued and treated with respect to achieve their goals by encouraging their skills.

No two children are alike and each child is likely to thrive based on what style of education works best for them. Rocketship Charter Schools thrive in using each of the three primary styles of education. This can be a direct contrast to many public schools who primarily use one or two styles of teaching.

The Three Different Styles Of Teaching

There are three general styles of learning and no two children are alike in how they learn. Most have varying degrees of learning levels in each area and some children excel in all or primarily in one or two areas. It is important as an educator and parent to understand these three styles of learning as they often effect the quality of a child’s learning experiences.

Auditory Learning– This is when a child learns better by auditory teaching. This means that they excel with verbal discussions and classroom lectures.

Visual Teaching- This means the child learns better through visual experiences and visual instructions.

Tactile Learning- This means that a child learns best through actual hands on experiences. This can be especially true in math and the sciences.

Today, Rocketship Charter Schools have become known as highly successful charter schools and are located in urban areas in San Jose, California, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Nashville, Tennessee, and Washington D.C. and Redwood City, California where students have typically struggled more with setting and achieving their education goals and reaching their greatest potential. The techniques applied in education through Rocketship Charter Schools have proven quite successful with thousands of children. The schools have been recognized for excellence and have received special grant funding from tennis professional, Andre Agassi’s Turner-Agassi Charter School Facilities Fund.