Sussex Healthcare: Bringing Great Care To Residents

Sussex healthcare has a staff that is trained to conduct group sessions using methods such as aromatherapy, hydrotherapy and reflexology. The organization has been in operation since 1985. Most of their 20 facilities are located in the United Kingdom. While they operate in the southeastern area, they specifically target those residents who struggle with motor neuron disease, spine injuries and multiple sclerosis. The staff has created an effective 24/7 schedule that allows them to evaluate and work directly with each resident to assist them with their needs.

The job market shows that home health jobs have grown by nearly 16 percent. Though that may be the case, many medical centers still suffer from the shortage of nurses. It is expected in 2015 that the home health aide profession will increase by 12 percent in the next few years. Sussex healthcare has a very reliable valuation process when it comes to selecting residents and making sure they are great fit for the organization. Staff will evaluate a resident’s mobility, prior care from home health caregivers, their activity needs and any medical issues they need to be aware of.

With nearly 10.8 million individuals opting to have custom care, it shows that there is a demand for this type of job. Sussex healthcare has openings as many locations for caregiver positions. The vacancies also include nurses, active administrative staff, and physical therapists. For those individuals who are qualified, organization welcome them to fill out an application at anyone of these following locations:

East grinstead

Sussex healthcare offers shifts where employees can work day or night. The organization’s hiring process is very selective and they choose their applicants wisely. They have a mission to hire the best quality staff to take care of their residents. There is no experience necessary as the organization provides its own practical training program. They are looking for candidates who have the appropriate outlook and attitude when dealing with their residents. They do expect applicants to have compassion while working with residents and offering warm and friendly services.

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