Success 101: Brian Bonar

For anyone who want to be a success or be a part of something successful, sacrifices are a part of the game. Whether it’s studying harder or taking an extra job, having stronger than normal ambition is a prerequisite. Brian Bonar personifies the word successful as he embodies each and every one of it’s qualities and this is how.

Between the years of 1963-1969 Bonar attended James Watt Technical College and attained a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering. Between the years of 1973-1985 he attended Stafford University and attained a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Bonar has always been naturally intelligent and with these two degrees, the world would be his oyster.

This brilliant mind has worked with many prominent companies such as a procurement manager at IBM and a Director of Engineering for QMS where he managed more than 100 individuals. His creative and progressive approach has transcended into the boardrooms of business. Being equipped with such broad knowledge, he specializes in a wide range of fields such as:

  • Small Businesses
  • Marketing Techniques
  • Mergers
  • Business Planning
  • Sales
  • Competitive Assessments
  • Investments
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • And more

This accomplished investor won Cambridge’s Who’s Who Award in the year 2000. Brian Bonar is currently a Chief Executive Officer with Trucept Incorporated.

Before that he was the (CEO) and Chairman of Dalrada Financial. He certainly had and has a lot on his plate. One of his most ambitious tasks is owning a chain of restaurants known as Bellamy’s.

Bellamy’s does a great job by catering to it’s customers wants and needs. Bonar had a vision of what he wanted this place to be like so he went to work by building an all new team, hired a master chef, and turned the 144 acre site into a four start event space which featured a signature restaurant.

Whether it’s getting business done in the boardroom, developing, putting a team of professional together, or opening a new dining establishment. According to San Diego Magazine, Brian Bonar has what it takes to turn his dreams into a reality. If you have a plan to be successful then this is one of the best routes/blueprint to follow for success.