Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals: Providing Assistance For Those In Need


Promising young members of our American society are in immediate danger. Members of our communities, members of our youth organizations, members of our spiritual establishments, and contributing members to economic success are at risk. Imagine for a moment you are in the shoes of an immigrant who came to this wonderful American country, a country founded on the essential and unalienable values that every member of our society has the distinct right and undeniable ability to purse a dream of creating a bright and productive future. A future which provides benefits to themselves, their family, community and country. This particular productive member of society can to the shores of our beautiful country as a minor in a fashion that circumvented the full extent of the far reaching laws of immigration and deportation. To no fault of this particular person are they dwelling in the land of America, still they are promoting well-being and harmony among their own direct community and to our American society at-large in part by the immense efforts of furthering their own education, business skill and relationships within their community. This bright picture quickly fades to black considering the recent action to remove such promising and potent youth from our American society. Members from the republican Nation Party have launched an assault on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, whose mission at its very core is to protect such immigrant from the terrible injustice of the deportation of minors. DACA seeks to serve and protect these members of the American society who are eligible for preventive measures against unjustifiable deportation. The organization hones in on those members of our society who qualify for protective measure against deportation by providing them with a social security number and a two year term renewable work permit. The organization assists those in need with careful scrutiny by selecting members of our society who are in true need of protection and who are positively contributing members to our society. To gain an appreciation of the services provided not only to those protected against deportation but the American society itself, it is important to consider that 85% of DACA recipients are either working, furthering their education or engaging in both simultaneously. To simply consider these short term, yet unbelievable, benefits would be naive, one must concurrently appreciate that beneficiaries of this program in turn provide millions of dollars to higher education programs, local and state business, the overall economy and undoubtedly by contributing towards state and federal taxes. After taking into account all the advantageous services as well as life changing support, it is unquestionable all threats towards the benevolent acts of DACA must be neutralized.