Lovaganza Celebrations: Showcasing the Cultures of This World

To ensure that the Lovaganza celebrations go smoothly, they have been divided into two separate structures on lovaganza.com. According to the organizers, there is the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise and the Lovaganza Foundation. The Lovaganza Foundation runs under the profit and success made by the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise. The Lovaganza Franchise aims at entertaining its audience and at the same time amazing them. This, in the long run, helps the people of this earth discover and appreciate the cultures of other people. On the other hand, the Lovaganza Foundation is aimed at impacting the lives of people by helping them live a better life.

Initially, the Lovaganza celebrations were scheduled to take place earlier than 2020. The celebrations were expected to take place last year but were moved to the year 2020. The celebrations will be held from the month of May to the month of September. The event organizers have planned for the celebrations to take place in eight parts of the globe. The celebrations will take place in areas across Africa, Americas, Europe, and Asia and even in the Pacific region. According to the Lovaganza organizers on Tumblr, the main aim of these celebrations is to showcase the cultures of this world and help people understand and appreciate the culture of one another. The event has been inspired by the Bohemian Adventure.

The Lovaganza organizers explained that the initial event was postponed to allow the usage of emerging technologies and at the same time allow the inclusion of new cutting –edge concepts. The event was also postponed to ensure that there will be enough time for people to be completely lost in the cultures of others. The event will achieve its aim through the use of groundbreaking entertainment such as the use of motion pictures and also through live events and finally through various exhibitions. Before the real event of Lovaganza, a traveling show has been organized to prepare people for the 2020 event. The travel show will begin next year. Another aim of this show is to popularize the missions and goals of the Lovaganza event. The traveling show will achieve its aim by showing various films around different parts of the globe, preparing people for the main event in 2020. The films that will be used in the show are already being filmed in different parts of the globe such as France, United States of America and Spain. The event organizers expect filming to commence soon in other parts of the globe such as Asia and Africa. See: http://www.lovaganza.com/news