The Philanthropic Entrepreneurial Doctor, Mark McKenna.

Dr. Mark McKenna a former student of Tulane Medical School is a certified medical doctor who decided to venture in business. He established a business known as OVME in Atlanta where he moved into from New Orleans after his business was wiped out by Hurricane Katrina. First, he founded a company known as ShapeMed that specialized in elective procedures in aesthetics and wellness, which was later sold to Fitness Company. OVME is aimed at providing reconstructive surgery that will build up the confidence and self-esteem of the people. This will be achieved through aesthetics in medicine and using technology known as cutting-edge. The OVME consists of a private consultation office and private rooms furnished luxuriously where the procedures will be administered.

Dr. Mark McKenna had established good relationship with his former clients and therefore it will not be hard for OVME to acquire clients. The minimal invasive procedures will likely be able to limit the danger associated with the reconstructive surgery. Over the years, Dr. Mark McKenna has earned a reputation of having highly trained staff members working in his health cares, thus ensuring professionalism and understanding of the clients’ needs. Among the services rendered by OVME include body services such as replacing testosterone to reduce male baldness, analyzing the DNA of a person to determine a good method of losing weight, injections for facial and skin services that make them look young and additionally, keeping lips look full by use of dermal fillers.

Furthermore, Dr. Mark McKenna is a philanthropist who is ready to help his community affected by the hurricane to acquire what they lost by rebuilding low income houses and middle income houses making them affordable to the community. Moreover, he has partnered with non-profit organizations such as Make-a-Wish Foundation, where some of the income from the sale of OVME products will be used to help children with long term illnesses to get medication therefore easing their families’ finances and in the process granting these children their needs.

Doe Deere Makes A Name For Herself

When it comes to cosmetics there are a lot of brands for women to consider. The market is flooded with a ton of different companies that are all seeking customers that will make return visits. When it comes to things like make up and lipgloss it isn’t expensive so it is very important for any company that sells these products to have repeat business. That is how billions are made in the industry. Companies market and advertise heavily to keep their customers coming back again and again.

Doe Deere is one of the cosmetic leaders that has managed to do a great job of keeping customers coming back for more. She has developed a brand of cosmetics that cannot be found in stores, and this is one of the biggest parts of her appeal.

Somehow she has managed to gain a large following with her brand of unicorn make up and Lime Crime cosmetic accessories. These are the type of brands that have become something of an Internet cult type of hit.

Many people are going to be curious about something that is new and exciting. They’re going to want to know a lot more about it, but Doe Deere has done something different with her brand. She has managed to stay within the social media realm and build her business this way. She has stayed away from the glossy expensive television campaigns. She has also bypassed the magazines. In the past these have been known to be the most common outlets for marketing any type of make up products. Doe Deere knew about all of this, yet she made a decision to go in a different route.

There are a few companies that are going to be able to go against the grain of what the major companies are doing and still survive. Doe Deere has been able to do this and have a successful run because she has quality products. This may be one of the biggest reasons that she has been able to actually build the brand.

Many consumers that patronize her products are connected to her social media campaign. They follow her on sites like Facebook and Twitter in order to see what she is releasing next through her posts.

Doe Deere Uses Her Passion for Color to Create a Successful Business

A recent online article featured excerpts from an interview with fashion expert Doe Deere. The article focused on the aspect of combining colors. The article detailed how younger generations are not as rigid with the combinations they choose for pairing colors and patterns. While the discussion concerning color combinations touched on the world of fashion, it also applied to the world of beauty. The interview with Ms. Deere revealed the new trend toward mixing bold colors in the worlds of both fashion and makeup. It is perfectly acceptable for a girl to create a playful look using vibrant colors on both her lips and eyes.

A Passion for Color

Doe Deere is no stranger to the world of fashion. She actually began her career sewing her own clothing. As a person who longed to express her own individual style, Ms. Deere began sewing her own clothes to create the type of look she wanted for herself. Her passion for color began even when she was a child. At nine years old she gave herself and her friends their first make over. Doe began experimenting with different makeup techniques when she was in her 20’s, which is when she discovered some brands of theatrical makeup.

Doe Deere started her company Lime Crime in 2008. The only significance to the name she chose was that it incorporated her favorite color. Her company was launched on Ebay where it was extremely well received. The company name has become synonymous with the new trends in color combinations. Ms. Deere says there are pros and cons to having an Internet based business. She likes the instant feedback she receives from her customers, but is not as pleased with the way unfounded rumors can spread. Despite her unconventional start into the world of business, Doe Deere has been named by fashion experts as an inspiring female entrepreneur.