OSI Industries: Demonstrated Commitment Towards Sustainable Development

OSI Industries is a world-leading producer of value-added protein food products. Over the years, the company has grown and developed from a neighborhood meat supplier in Chicago to a multinational corporate organization with more than 65 cutting-edge facilities in over 17 countries across the world. Due to its impressive growth, Forbes recognized it as the 58th largest privately owned company in 2016. The company had an estimated net worth of $6.1 billion.

Since 1975, OSI Industries has sought and adopted advanced strategies and high-end technology in an attempt to increase efficiency, sustainability, and reduce negative environmental impact in its production operations. Sustainable growth and development have been at the core of the company’s management in all aspects of operational decision making. In line with OSI’s tradition, the company has remained at the forefront of developing new strategies and techniques to ensure sustainable and environmentally friendly food production practices.

Through a recent summit, “Winning Together, Sustainable Value Chain Creation” OSI Industries demonstrated its commitment to sustainable production practices. OSI Europe organized the sustainability summit in a bid to share its dedication towards sustainability and its vision for 2025. The summit brought together more than 50 globally renowned companies. The companies included leading suppliers of OSI Europe, significant clients, and other relevant stakeholders.

The summit highlighted some critical issues related to sustainability and environmental health. However, the importance of collaborative effort in achieving future sustainability goals remained dominant. The landmark event took place in Knightsbrook Hotel, County Meath, Ireland.

Several industry specialists shared their insights and vision during the summit. Anna DeVries, OSI’s Global Sustainability Lead, expressed her confidence on the workability of the agreed framework. Similarly, the Vice President of Sustainability at McDonald’s Corporation, Keith Kenny addressed the audience on the steps that the McDonald’s Corporation is taking towards sustainability, especially on their recent strategies in the beef industry. The Chief Executive Officer of the Irish Food Board, Tara McCarthy described the importance of sustainability initiatives to those in attendance.

OSI Industries has been severally recognized for its unrelenting efforts to ensure sustainability. The British Safety Council named OSI UK as the winners of Globe of Honor Award in recognition of the company’s mitigation of environmental risks.

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Talos Energy Makes Huge Strides Towards Zama Project Goals

Talos Energy is an independent oil as well as gas company that is led by a corporate leadership team with many years of experience in offshore production and exploration. Their expertise at acquiring operated self as well as developed deep water assets in the Gulf of Mexico is top-notch. They go out of their way to explore, exploit and optimize the assets utilizing innovative techniques as well as state-of-the-art seismic technologies.

Talos Energy has been in operation for over a decade and over the time, they have achieved a lot as a cohesive group. They have recorded a lot of positive results since it came into operation in 2012. It successfully built and then sold Phoenix Exploration Co. as well as Grypton Exploration Co, two Gulf of Mexico oil as well as gas companies. The two companies have delivered significant returns to Talos Energy’s equity investors.

Based on the strong foundation, the company is committed to sustainable practices while they continue to build a world class company. Talos Energy is always on the lookout for better ways to operate in an effort to find a competitive edge. Recently, National Hydrocarbons Commission (CNH) approved the Zama discovery appraisal plan.

The approval marked the start of the appraisal of the Zama discovery. The commission is still reviewing the drilling permits application for them to start drilling operations. Talos is confident that the whole appraisal will be complete by mid-next year. This comes barely a week after the Pre-Unitization Agreement with Premex was announced. The approval was definitely another important milestone with their partners in Mexico.

In a statement, Timothy S. Duncan, President & CEO, stated that the approval enables them to accelerate Zama project’s schedule of investments in Mexico and start drilling operations by the end of the year. The company’s ultimate goal is to achieve initial production from the Zama discovery by 2022 and as a result, create employment opportunities, increase Mexico’s government revenues as well as add to Mexican domestic production materially.

Talos Energy operates in the United States Gulf of Mexico as well as in the shallow waters off the coast of Mexico. It is focused on exploration, exploitation, acquisition as well as development of shallow as well as deep-water assets near existing infrastructure.

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JD.com Recognized as One of the Most Sustainable Companies Globally

JD.com is one of the winners of the 2018 SEAL Business Sustainability Award. Upon receiving the coveted recognition, the company joins the ranks of world-renowned brands like the Seventh Generation, Apple, Patagonia, Impossible Foods, Nike, and Samsung. The award serves as a reward for the selfless efforts that the company’s corporate social responsibly team has put to promote sustainable development for the past five years. The team has always put in place elaborate programs, from manufacture, sale, packaging, and delivery, to ensure that the company’s services leave a lasting and positive impact on the society and the environment.

The SEAL Awards recognizes the outstanding performance of a company in matters of environmental sustainability and progressive leadership in awarding the Business Sustainability Award. In this light, winning the award implies that JD.com is one of the most sustainable companies across the world. Other companies, which have won the award alongside JD, include Lonely Whale and Equinix. Additionally, the recognition is also seen as a celebration of those companies, which have taken the initiative of driving positive change, where politics have failed.

During the announcement, Libo Ma, the head of JD’s corporate social responsibility team, said that the whole of the company’s fraternity felt greatly appreciated to receive the recognition. The company, he said, was particularly honored to join other world leaders in promoting sustainable development. For a long time, JD has made selfless effort to make a positive impact in the society. Part of the effort includes the recent development of an innovative eco-friendly packaging program. JD has also designed robust programs to alleviate poverty in society through social innovation and education.

Speaking at the same time, the Founder of the SEAL Awards, Matt Harney disclosed that the company’s recent environmentally friendly packaging program received the most attention amongst the judging panel. The program received the highest score in environmental impact from the judges. Matt Harney also noted that the program had recorded an extraordinary impact. Currently, the program covers more than 47 cities across China. Since its launch, more than a million articles of clothing and close to 400, 000 toys have been re-used.

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OSI Industries Is Expanding And Winning Awards For Food Service

In 2012, OSI Industries began to expand it’s locations when it purchased a facility attached to a Millard facility in Geneva, Illinois. It is this location that would originally be used to bring in 100 new employees and would serve as a office location and storage space. There was no telling that this would not be large enough to handle the demands of their customers.

It has been the desire of OSI Industries from the beginning to expand into other areas of food. They wanted to be more than just your local food chain supplier and wanted to also expand the region in which they served. With each new expansion of the business, OSI Industries is reaching a global sensation that even they did not know would happen.

OSI Foods has been in the field of food service since the opening of butcher shop in a Chicago suburb many years ago. It went from the small shop to a supplier for food chains like McDonalds and Starbucks. The reach they would then extend to would include locations in China, Spain and even the Philippines.

It is not just their ideals to reach out in the food market but to also reach out with the way that it produces food. It is always looking for new and exciting ways to make food and improve how they operate.

OSI Industries has been seen around the world and have received countless awards for their knowledge within the food market. They have opened up facilities that have been awarded awards for their exceptional food production along with the satisfaction they have received from customers.

OSI Industries has been under the control of David McDonald for a bit. It has been with his assistance that they have been able to grow as large as they are today. They are one of the leading controllers in food service globally. OSI Foods is always expanding and meeting the demands of their customers which is why they are always adding to the number of people they serve and the companies they are providing meats and sides for.

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The Dherbs Cleanse: Cleansing For Your Body and Mind

Celebrities and everyday people alike tout the effectiveness of the Dherbs cleanse. You may likely be wondering what makes it more effective than any other cleanse on the market. Let’s answer the question by delving into some quick history on how this great product became available on the market.

In 2004 A. D. Dolphin founded Dherbs, Inc. He is also the CEO of the company. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. The company produces both organic and herbal supplements which aid in health cleanse. Ten years after its founding the company was recognized as one of Top Ten Diets of 2014. Follow Dherbs on Twitter for updates.

The unique feature of the Dherbs cleanse is the combination of herbal supplements and a raw food diet. If the regimen is followed for 20 days the expectation is weight loss, increased energy and optimal body function. The body will function at its highest capacity if all of the major systems of the body are clean. These systems include the blood and lymphatic, cardiovascular, liver, spleen and gallbladder, lungs and respiratory, kidney, bladder and adrenals, and the colon and digestive tracts. The herbs contain ingredients which specifically cleans these major systems in the body. Most people don’t realize that the body takes in many toxins and pollutants everyday. We become so used to sluggishness, problems with bowel movements and low metabolism that we think this is normal. The Dherbs cleanse will not only change our bodies but it will also change our minds. The cleanse aids the body’s natural ability to filter out internal and external irritants. If your immune system has broken down the cleanse is a good way to restore it.

The requirement of raw foods is an added plus. It is necessary because of the natural ingredients in the supplements. Raw foods work better with the herbs. This results in a positive lifestyle change which provides healing to both the body and mind.

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Upwork Masters the To do List

Upwork allows freelancers and those looking for freelancers the platform to find work or hire some one who can complete a job. In a recent blog post “Sailing through a to do list,” the masters of the multi-tasking worker details how to utilize a to do list in the most effective manner.

One of the first tips, which seems like the simplest, is to write down everything you have to do. By writing down all tasks, it allows your brain to focus on the present and not dwell on what needs to be completed.

The to do list should not be prepared when you are at your best. You should prepare your list at night, which allows you time to complete the high priority task in the morning. While preparing this list, make sure to keep all tasks in one place. A useful app or one notebook/agenda to house the list will make it easier on you.

Time management is a killer for the to do list. These lists can be wonderful tools, but when no time is allotted, the list becomes a fruitless endeavor. Allot time for specific tasks, like when will you start? How much time will it take to complete? Give yourself goals and your list will be more effective.

Aside from time, if you assign priorities to your tasks, then you will be able to the more important items done. Days never go as planned, so some items may have to be pushed to tomorrow. As you look at your to do list, take a good hard look at your tasks, especially the ones that you keep putting off. You may see tasks that you do not need to do at all.

Another helpful hint is to break up larger tasks into small sub tasks. These sub tasks can help you to take control of what may be a daunting task. Upwork, the experts at freelancing, has given helpful hints to get the most of your day.

Eric Lefkofsky, A Look At A Good Man

Eric Lefkofsky, a billionaire businessman, began life in September, 1969. born to a Jewish family in Southfield,Michigan. He went to camp as a child and later, in his teens, he was a staff person there. He attended Southfield- Lathrup High Scchool and graduated in 1987. Lefkofsky then graduated from the University of Michigan in 1991. After this he attended this university’s law school, graduating in 1993. He married his wife, Elizabeth, in 1997 and they went on to have three children.

Eric founded many companies in the years following his graduation from college. He and a friend bought a clothing business in Wisconsin in 1993. They went on to form an online business called Starbelly in 1997. Eric became Chief Executive Officer of Starbelly then one year later the company went belly up. He cofounded Inner Workings in 2001 and worked there until 2012. He cofounded Echo Global Logistics in February, 2005, with his friend and partner, Brad Keywell. They later merged two companies, called Mediaocean, in a $1.5 billion deal. In 2010, they formed Lightbank, then he developed his company, Tempus, for which he became CEO. Tempus is a technology company which helps medical professionals to provide personalised care for cancer patients. And there are many other companies Eric developed not mentioned here.

Lefkofsky took part in many philanthropic causes, forming The Lefkofsky family Foundation with his wife in 2006. They devoted the foundation mostly to kids. The foundation has donated money to 50 different charities thus far. Then, in 2013, Eric and Elizabeth joined The Giving Pledge which was created in 2010. Its purpose is to get wealthy people to contribute to charities. Today, $365 billion has been donated.

Eric has given back to his community over the years. Presently, he is on the board of directors at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago. He is on the board of directors for many other organizations and in May of 2008, he took part in a committee to hold the 2016 Summer Olympics. Lefkofsky went on to write a book called Accelerated Disruption which describes how technology impacts businesses. This man, along with being an entrepreneur, is also obviously a good man, as there was not enough room in this article to list all of his endeavors. He is obviously a humanitarian as well.

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Sussex healthcare: the leader of the healthcare industry

With over 25 years in the healthcare industry, Sussex healthcare has mainly focused on the provision of quality driven client-tailored services. They offer services for instance nursing, assisted living and care for the elderly.

Having the European Union as its headquarter region, Sussex care is an independent entity based in Sussex. Older people who have dementia or various neurological disabilities can easily find a home at the Sussex healthcare.

As a result of their investment in the latest technologies, Sussex health care has improved their quality and have been able to impact and make a difference in many people’s lives. They have provided additional services, for instance, a gymnasium, hydrotherapy, and respite care.

Provision of quality services is one of the Sussex health philosophy. This has been made possible by a team which is entirely dedicated to achieving the goals of the healthcare. Their talented team ensures that all is well and that the best services are given. Read this article at Gazetteday.com.

With everyone feeling greatly valued and appreciated, Sussex healthcare has provided a perfect working environment for the employees. Training and education are highly encouraged among the staff members to not only add value to themselves but also to the Sussex health services users.

The education opportunities include an overseas program for the nurses and various training tools and support besides advising on career prospects.

Recently the company received the hospitality accreditation quality unit( HAQU) this will be a crucial factor to assure the residents of the quality services fully.

Besides that, they also received other awards, for instance, the”investor in people” status and even managed to lead the Sussex business award for two years consecutively. During the event, Michael Wilson, the chief executive noted that he was proud of the commitment and resilience offered by the Sussex team.

An experienced and professional management team runs the Sussex healthcare company. Their main aim is to be the leader in the provision of the nursing care services in the entire Sussex area.

Participation and social activities are critical to the excellent health of the patients. This has led them to ensure that they encourage all homes to provide activities that full relax and motivate the individuals.

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Why Talos Energy Is destined To Achieve

Talos Energy had been a private company until it went public in May. The company went public after merging with another firm called Stone Energy Corporation. The main reason for the merging is for accounting, and the new merger is destined for success. The company is run independently technically and operates in the United States. It is also working in part of the Gulf of Mexico. Those who are in the management of the company have been in the industry for decades, and they have acquired a lot of knowledge and skill to run the company. The leaders are skilled in the exploration, development, and acquisition of deep water assets. Their latest interest has been the Gulf of Mexico. It is a site that is regarded as having great potential by geologists. It will enable the company to explore the natural resources fully.

Tim Duncan spoke about the development of the company. He is the Chief Executive Officer and one of the founders of the coveted organization. He said they had they planned to use world-class techniques to operate their company. The company also has a goal to improve their overall performance and their production. They want to enhance their hydrocarbon methods. The company is also concerned with the environment. That is why they ensure their operations comply with all the environmental rules. Their approach in mining endeavors has been holistic that is why they are building the immense success.

Tim Duncan serves as the head of the company. Since they co-founded the company with John Parker and Stephen Heitzman, he has been committed to working hard to ensure the company succeeds. He is an able leader and works with the other two founders. They are the people who serve the firm diligently and ensure it is operating smoothly. The best part with the leaders is they are experienced having been in the field for thirty years. That is how they have gained the experience and skills required to run company. Tim Duncan continues to lead the organization in the right direction, and he has a lot of expectation concerning the performance of the firm.

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Finding Your Place At Sussex Healthcare

Working in healthcare can be rewarding. Those who live in the UK know that Sussex Healthcare is a top choice for those who either need long-term care or have loved ones in need of care or rehabilitation. Those who desire to work in healthcare as a nurse, therapist, counselor, dietitian, or other specialty area should contact Sussex Healthcare about current opportunities. With numerous facilities in Sussex, there is ample opportunity for you and your loved ones to find the care they need.

Sussex Healthcare was opened in 1985 with only one location. It was in the following years that their philosophy of care and helping others that helped them to reach new levels of growth within the healthcare system. Their faithful commitment to quality care helped the company grow into a network of 15 facilities. Caring for the elderly is a primary focus here, but there is also care available for those with PMLD, dementia, and other neurological disorders that affect the lives of the elderly.

There are various homes to consider when researching Sussex Healthcare, including:

Clemsfold House
Forest Lodge
Horncastle House
Kingsmead Care Center
Longfield Manor
Rapkyns Nursing Home
Upper Mead
The Granary
Sycamore Lodge
Woodhurst Lodge
Beechcroft Care Center
Beech Lodge and Oak Lodge
The Laurels
Norfolk Lodge
Orchard Lodge
Wisteria Lodge

Those who reside in the homes will have meals prepared for them daily, using produce grown locally. The meals are healthy and prepared with the resident’s needs in mind. Those who are able to cook with special needs in mind are encouraged to apply for food service positions.

Training is available for those who would like to learn more about how to work in healthcare, as well as care for the elderly and those with special needs. With a new CEO at the helm, great things are going to continue to happen at Sussex Healthcare in the future.

Check more about Sussex Healthcare: http://www.shc-audiology.co.uk/contact-us.html