Robert Ivy On The Benefits Of Joining The AIA

Mr. Robert Ivy is the human archetype defined by the architectural industry. He was born in Mississippi and attended Tulane University in Louisiana and the University of the South in Tennessee where he graduated cum laude. His degrees include a Master of Architect and a BA in English. Robert is the Chief Executive Officer and the Executive Vice President of the national and internationally renowned American Institute of Architects (“AIA”)

AIA is headquartered in Washington, DC and under his leadership, the organization has increased its membership exponentially. Prior to heading the AIA organization, Ivy held the position of Vice President and Editorial Director of the McGraw Hill publishing company’s Architectural Record Magazine division. Robert Ivy is the author of Fay Jones: Architect which is an autographical account of Ms. Jones’ life. The book is part of the architectural curriculum taught in classrooms around the world.

CEO Robert Ivy carries a principle at AIA which is to make our structures and buildings a healthy and safe place to live, work, and play. The AIA is working with and educating physicians around the world on the danger that older structures cause on our health. Ivy and AIA believe in the premise of “thinking outside the box,” to help solve many architectural issues regarding our buildings.

AIA is designing residential and commercial structures to stand up during winds that accompany hurricanes, buildings that use eco-friendly materials, intuitively-inspired technology embedded in a building’s design, and buildings that can withstand an earthquake. As a strong advocate for lobbying efforts, Robert Ivy believes that professional associations like the AIA are helping to make decisions the benefits their members and the public.

Mr. Ivy states that the architectural industry is a small voice compared to larger organizations, but that their efforts in the political arena give a voice to issues that are important to AIA that stand for value and accountability. He encourages members to list the AIA on their LinkedIn profiles and to include its mention on their resumes. Robert Ivy is a member of many global organizations in architecture like the International Circle of Architecture Critics and the Venice Architecture Biennale.

He is also a member of China’s Conference on Interaction and Confidence-Building Measures and the annual World Architecture Festival. Mr. Ivy has also been awarded by the Alpha Rho Chi with a Master of Architect honor. In April 2018, he received a Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters acknowledgment which awards Mississippians for their contributions to mankind. His award is the first of its kind given to anyone in the architectural industry.

The Benefits of Joining Professional Organizations Such as the American Institute of Architects

The American Institute of Architects is among the leading professional organizations. As a leading professional organization, the American Institute of Architects provides professionals with a number of benefits that can greatly enhance their career. Any architect who chooses to join this organization will have the opportunity to engage in networking, job hunting, education and building their professional reputation. The American Institute of Architects will help professionals find others in the field that can help them land better jobs as well as give them enhanced credibility among their peers. Being a member of this organization will also help them increase their knowledge as well. Therefore, membership of this organization is one of the most beneficial things that any architect can have.


There are a number of people who currently run the American Institute of Architects. One of the top administrators of this professional organization is Robert Ivy. He is the current chief executive officer of the American Institute of Architects. As the chief executive officer, Robert Ivy is in charge of organizing events as well as introducing new programs to help architectural professionals. Along with organizing events and introducing programs, Robert is also responsible for managing the entire organization and making decisions on many things such as general operations. While serving as the CEO of the American Institute of Architects, Robert has proven to be a valuable asset for its overall growth all over the world.


Robert Ivy has had a long career in the architecture field. After completing a master’s degree in architecture from Tulane University, Robert began his career as an architecture writer for top publications. This allowed him to frequently compose a number of articles about the most important developments in the field. While at this position, he was able to establish himself as a leading expert in the field and provide people in the architecture community with a lot of valuable knowledge. Later in his career, Robert Ivy worked in editing where he would decide on which articles to publish. This allowed him to continue providing individuals in the architecture community with important knowledge of many issues concerning the architecture field.

Whitney Wolfe Takes Control In Only the Way That Whitney Wolfe Can

Whitney Wolfe is the feminist that is taking a lot of interest in a variety of causes. She was one of the first to start tweeting about the Texas shooting in Santa Fe as her heart went out to those affected.

Wolfe was also quick to donate to the Twitter verse by tweeting about the recent incent that occurred in Texas because this is where Bumble is located. It is a surefire sign that Whitney Wolfe has a compassionate heart that extends far beyond the app that she developed.

Whitney Wolfe has shown that she is someone that is connected to the people. That is what separates her app from the competition. That is the thing that makes Whitney Wolfe one to watch. Her passion is more about social media in general. She puts her heart on her sleeves when it comes to dating apps and every other aspect of social media. The young woman that came up with the name for Tinder would leave this company even though she came up with the name and served as the vice present of marketing.

She left in the midst of a sexual harassment lawsuit that she filed. Whitney Wolfe was hurt and afraid of a new beginning, but she knew that she had to leave the place that she was comfortable in because she had become extremely uncomfortable during the last year of her time at Tinder. This would be a hard time for Wolfe, but there is a level of motivation for people to pull from.

In order for people to look at all that Whitney Wolfe has done with a successful app and the recent marriage to Michael Herd they must also see how the hard work that she put in before getting to this point. Long before she was got all decked out in a wedding gown from Oscar de la Renta, she was getting her business off the ground and starting a whole new life for herself. This would be something that she was vigorous about doing because she knew that she could make a change.

She had already introduced the world to Tinder on college campuses when she was still in her college years. He works as co-founder of Tinder. It was be up to Whitney to use her marketing prowess to set the stage again for another dating app. This time she would have total control of what she wanted to do with Bumble.

Robert Ivy Lifetime Achievement

Robert Ivy is among the first architect to receive the award for the lifetime achievement. He is the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architects. Mr. Robert has contributed significantly to the AIA achievement where the architecture works and artist projects are upheld with a lot of dignity. The record that he has in the architecture made him be honored with Polk award that is given to the extraordinary artists in Mississippi, and Robert Ivy was the most appropriate one.

He ensures that general public can have easy accessibility to the architecture in Mississippi where the president of MIAL Nancy LaForge affirmed. Even the president of AIA passed his congratulatory remark attesting the achievement and passion of Robert Ivy in his career as CEO, and for real he deserved the honor of the Polk Awards.

Before Mr. Robert joined the American Institute of Architects (AIA), he served as a chief editor of McGraw Hill’s Architectural Record. The Architectural Record gained a lot of popularity under the leadership of Robert Ivy all over the world, and more awards were awarded such as National Magazine Award for excellence. Moreover, the McGraw-Hill’s launched a new version of Mandarin of Architectural Record in China.

Many are the achievements and awards that Robert Ivy has won from the contribution that he has shown in all the activities that he does. This is evident since the Alpha Rho Chi which is a national architectural fraternity honored him for the ability to communicate the value of design effectively. He emerged to be the top seven to receive the honor and the only one in the 21st century of which is a great achievement. In 2017, Robert was awarded the Dean’s Medal from the University Of Arkansas Fay Jones School Of Architecture.

Robert Ivy earned the Bachelor of Arts in English at Sewanee which is the University of the South and furthered the education at the Tulane University and earned master’s degree in Architecture. The knowledge he received equipped him to be competent in the field of architecture since he has been using the skills throughout his life leading him to make significant achievements. Robert Ivy deserves the Lifetime achievement award since he has contributed a lot to his career more so in the field of architect and the projects he has accomplished are on the record.


Livio Bisterzo Pioneers Healthy Snacking

When you think of hip and trendy snack foods, what do you think of? Thinking of “hip” foods probably conjures up images of multi-colored coffee drinks and dainty macaroons. Well, your idea of trendy snacks is about to be revolutionized!

Livio Bisterzo is the CEO of Green Park Brands, a food and drink company that creates food that is both trendy and healthy. An Italian entrepreneur who resides in Los Angeles, Livio Bisterzo has made a name for himself in business. His first entrepreneurial venture was an events business in 2003. Following that came a long string of business endeavors including consumer brands like Little Miracles and hospitality businesses like Maddox Club. Inspired by the growing demand for healthy foods, Bisterzo founded Green Park Brands in 2015. Green Park Brands’ mission is to create positive change in the food industry while creating and investing in healthy foods.

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Noting the high demand for foods that are nutritious and also taste good, Livio Bisterzo and Green Park Brands’ first product has been exactly what customers are looking for. When thinking of popular snacks, you probably don’t think of peas. While not typically known for their popularity, Green Park Brands has created a deliciously popular snack with one of their most successful products: Hippeas. A play on the term “hippies”, Hippeas not only taste good, but do good. They are targeted towards millennials who are attracted to trendy products but also want to lead healthy lifestyles. Made of puffed chickpeas, Hippeas are completely organic and gluten free. They come in a variety of trendy flavors like Sriracha Sunshine, Maple Haze and Vegan White Cheddar.

The success of Hippeas has been immediate and Livio Bisterzo and Green Park Brands are expanding their products. They recently partnered with Ugly Drinks to release a line of unsweetened sparkling waters made with real fruit.

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Duda Melzer an Ideal Businessman

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer or commonly known as Duda is regarded as one the most successful businessmen in Brazil. Duda’s grandfather, Mauricio Sobrinho founded the RBS group which is responsible for managing the entertainment and broadcast industry in the Southern part of Brazil. This company is considered as one of the biggest in the country.

According to Globo, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is Duda Melzer’s actual name but goes by the name Duda as that is what the people in the industry have known him by. In a report by Acaert, he currently serves as the chairman of his family’s company. Since taking reign at the RBS Group, he has brought about the enormous transformation that has changed the company to what it is now. The skills and expertise that Duda possesses in the field are the aspects that enabled him to drive the company in a direction that is appropriate for its growth and development.

Duda has grown to be one of the most influential figures in the business. Utilizing RBS Group as an anchor, he has gone to establish several sub companies. For example, he founded Bricks Digital, an investment company in the digital sector with operations in Brazil and the United States.

The reasons why Duda has become so immensely successful were outlined in an article on Dino. His educational background was mentioned as one of the major reasons. He went to Pontifical Catholic University and later attained a degree in Business Administration. He also attended numerous courses at the prestigious Harvard University where he gained his MBA.

Despite RBS Group being a family business, Duda has demonstrated that he is an excellent businessman. He also works at Mercosul Biennial as the Director. This company deals in showcasing artworks of numerous artists across the world. Also, he owns one of the largest wine markets in Brazil.

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