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Banyan Hill Publishing is home to many great editors and financial advisors that do their best to educate the public as well as aspiring investors and entrepreneurs from around the country. Hundreds of thousands of people frequent Banyan Hill Publishing for their quality information that is backed and sourced from industry professionals. Ted Bauman is one of the leading writers on Banyan Hill Publishing ever since he joined up back in 2013. For the past five years now, Ted has been teaching others how they can improve on their financial situations and take advantage of the markets without going under. Ted Bauman is an economist that has worked and traveled around the world and he is constantly on the search for new information.

Before finding a place at Banyan Hill Publishing as an editor, Ted Bauman was working abroad throughout South Africa, Asia, and Europe. Much of Ted’s work was only lightly involved with finances or investing for that matter, instead, he was focused on nonprofit organizations that were separate from government. Slum Dwellers International is where Ted spent a lot of his time and throughout his positions, he was able to see a lot when it came to big business finances. Ted was also able to see the way that higher powers suppressed people and made it difficult for them to come out of debt and make something of their lives. This is precisely why Ted Bauman accepted the position at Banyan Hill, to help general public fight back with knowledge.

Ted Bauman has done a lot of traveling in his life, which is why he also educates his readers on secondary citizenship and foreign markets. As the author of The Bauman Letter and various other newsletters on Banyan Hill, Ted has thousands of readers that seek out his advise and follow his strategies for making it in the financial field.  Ted Bauman Explains 3 Possible Stock Market Crash Outcomes

Organo Gold Is Offering Healthy Alternatives To Everyday Products

Organo Gold started making coffee more than 10 years ago when the company started up in 2008. With a goal to reach people all over the world with healthy, gourmet products, Organo Gold had quite the mission when they first started out. For the most part, Organo Gold focuses on beverages, like coffee and tea, but they also offer variety of products for their customers today as well. Not only does Organo Gold sell to their customers around the world that are consumers, but they have many partnerships with companies and entrepreneurs that sell their products as well as advertise their brand. While their flavored teas and coffee are their selling point, Organo gold also offers nutritional shakes, oils, mycelium, personal care products, and more.

Entrepreneurs all over the globe have taken interest in Organo Gold’s products as well, which is where the global marketing comes in. Organo Gold can help other companies and entrepreneurs while also helping themselves by offering lucrative business partnerships to market their products.

As of late, Organo Gold is also tapping into the market for supplements in the form of bars and teas, much of which contain the Ganoderma Mushroom. Ganoderma has been found to have a wide range of benefits to the body, depending on how it is used. This is why many of the products that Organo Gold offers contain the Ganoderma Mushroom in some form. Today, even athletes can look to Organo to get energy drinks and healthy protein bars that will help boost their performance and stamina throughout the day.

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Talos Energy To Prosper With Latest Gulf Of Mexico Project

It was recently announced that the company Talos Energy Inc would be placed in a top five position with their bid on a lease sale in the Gulf of Mexico. The sale was held by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management in August of 2018. Talos Energy had placed their bid on eight shallow water blocks to go along with six deepwater blocks. This recent bid shows that Talos Energy, based out of Houston, TX, is unafraid to go big in an industry that has been experiencing a prolonged downturn. In fact, as the rest of the industry seems to stutter, Talos Energy is breaking new barriers.

Just this past year, Talos Energy became one of the first American energy companies to ever grab a foothold in Mexico’s oil industry. That barrier was broken with their work on the Zama-1 well which became the first foreign investment from the private sector in Mexico’s oil and gas industry. The discovery of the Zama-1 well could end up paying huge dividends as Bboe returns are slated to be anywhere from 1.4 to 2.0. With such success in Mexico as it is, it only makes sense that Talos Energy would continue their forward thrust while trying to gain some serious momentum carry over.

Talos Energy was brought together in 2012 after finding $600 million in investment equity from Riverstone Holdings LLC and Apollo Global Management LLC. Talos Energy was created with a very specific perspective in the energy industry: they would be considered an independent gas and oil company focused primarily on work in exploration offshore of the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. Since originally opening their doors, Talos Energy has grown to employ well over 350 employees. Co-founder and company president Tim Duncan recently sat down in order to discuss the momentum that Talos Energy has procured and what they are doing in order to keep it going into the future.

Duncan pointed out that upon deciding to start the company, he and his two co-founders (John Parker and Steve Heitzman) would be focusing on access to public markets both inside of the United States as well as outside of it. Their goal was simple: to create a competitive, independent offshore E&P company.

GoBuyside and Recruitment Challenges

There are a number of different techniques used when trying to seek out appropriate talent for a company as well as throughout the hiring process. Investment management is a tough industry to work for when it comes to human resources and talent development. Each company has their own goals when it comes to hiring but finding good employees can be difficult. There is currently a large shortage of educated professionals in the field of investment management. Companies no longer have confidence in finding people that they can rely on to work for them. Even if the hiring process is successful then comes the process of trying to retain talent. There are a number of recruitment companies that are using some new techniques for making the hiring process more streamlined and successful. GoBuyside is a company that has seen great success in recent years in the investment management sector. GoBuyside is currently on the top recruitment firms in the industry and a lot can be learned from their business model.

Dealing with Competition at a Hiring Level

It is extremely important to find educated talent in this field. Education is important and then you have to add in experience which completes the whole package. Many companies find it extremely difficult to connect with potential talent. If they do they lose a lot of the prospects throughout the hiring process. Only the best recruitment agencies will know how to find people in this field of work, interest them in interviewing for a position and then tempting them to accept a position that they won’t find anywhere else.

Networking Challenges

There is a lot of work that goes into networking and connecting with other professionals. Social media has been somewhat successful in the past but it isn’t currently a tried and true way of making business connections. Using the internet can help with the networking process but it can also stand in the way of finding the right people if it is not being used properly. It is important to learn new technologies that are available, stay up-to-date on current internet trends and connect with people based on their online presence.

GoBuyside and many other recruitment companies are connecting with experienced and educated talent thanks to their successful business models. This industry and many other industries will change and evolved over time. It is important to evolve your human resources department and hiring process to keep up with current trends.

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Talos Energy

Talos energy is a privately owned company that produces gas and oil. It concentrates on oil extraction in Texas and even its neighborhood. The managing team of the firm boasts of several years of experience in offshore production and even exploration. Moreover, they have expertise in obtaining developed deep water assets and operated shelf assets.

After that, they optimize, explore, and exploit the resources using cutting-edge seismic technologies inventive methods. The management team has worked cohesively for more than ten years. As a result, the company has been able to keep a good record of positive results.

Additionally, Talos energy firm is a competitor in gas and oil sectors of the energy markets. Also, Talos is renowned for its extensive geophysical, geological, and operative experience in areas like the gulf coast region and even in the Mexican Gulf.

Moreover, Talos manages the higher percentage of production that supports the use of skilled procedures to operations. The company engages itself widely in the local community.

Also, it has focused on corporate social responsibility towards the contribution of its employees to non-profit and charity organizations. The social responsibility is necessary to the extended and practiced culture to its employees and even the company itself.

In April 2018, there was an obstruction of the fuel prices as a result of United States oil flooding in Europe. The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries took a step of trying to balance the oil market.

This flooding brought about challenges to a significant number of the oil producers in the United States. Not only the producers suffered but also several countries due to the low fuel prices that challenged the profitability.

As a result of undermined profitability and also prices, the organizations are left only with an option of dismissing its employees. This always to cater to the losses that are already at hand.

A high number of experts affirms that low fuel prices have an advantage. They state that it helps in the provision of lower gas prices to several businesses that depend on oil for their transportation. They also indicate that low fuel prices assist in providing low gas prices to clients.

Other experts argue that high fuel prices help in bringing back more money to the global markets.

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The Success Story Behind Fortress Investment Group

One of the most renowned firms that provide financial expertise and investment management services is Fortress Investment Group. It is located in New York and is one of the best organizations of its kind in the United States. Being a company that is globally recognized for its tremendous investment management services, it is well known as a financial planning and banking firm. When it comes to investment-related problems, the company has incredible services that improve consumer ability to meet goals. Some of the ways that organizations do this is through asset management and private equity management. Other solutions include liquid hedging funds and credit fund management.

The company was founded by five billionaires who were featured in Forbes for their extraordinary prowess. Leaders took major roles in pioneering the company and setting it up for years of success. Each of the members who contributed to the birth of Fortress Investment Group has a ton of experience in investment marketing. Randal Nardone took the Chief Executive Officer position of the company in 2011 and has made incredible strides since that point. He was mainly operating as the CEO of the company. Even as an interim CEO, he closely worked with Wes Edens in order to lead the company to success. Softbank Group Corp purchased the firm for about 3.3 Billion dollars and is one of the most well-known transactions of its kind. This action made SBG the parent firm of the company. SBG did not the interfere with the executive roles of the CEO of the organization despite these management changes.

Fortress Investment Group has been receiving a lot of awards over the years. Their successes are based on their well-respected services and commitment to innovation. One of the ways that they were acknowledged was when they were recognized as management firm of the year. One financial publication known as the institutional investor issued the firm a complement for their expertise in variegated sectors. Some areas that they were particularly successful in were hedge fund management and capital investment. Apart from that, the company won an award from Institutional Investor as the Credit-Focused fund of the year.

Fortress Investment Group has more than 900 executive members. The rest of the 2500 employees are based in multiple parts of the world. The company respect the human resources and values their employees profoundly. Overall this organization is steadfast and creates unique solutions on a regular basis.

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“Equities First Holdings French Tribune Article Recap”

Successful trading company Equities First Holdings is a popular lender. Known for their dedication towards borrowers seeking to better themselves. As a matter of fact, they were featured in a 2017 article by the French Tribune. It is titled “Equities First Holdings Thrives: UK Transaction Update and 15th Anniversary Statistics”, giving readers a better understanding of the trade-based loan company. Stating that the London based lender has completed over 700 personal transactions. Which is due to their global expansion throughout different parts of the world. Equities First Holdings now have locations in Australia, the United States of America and China. The French Tribune also mentions the 15th anniversary of their parent company that’s based in America. Which helped them to lend more than 1 billion U.S. dollars to borrowers within the past 4 years.

Paul Mampilly Sees Internet Of Things Opening Great Investment Opportunities

An Eye For the Future

Paul Mampilly can take great pride in his children, since he has surrounded them, since their youth, to immerse themselves in the financial world, with dealing with stocks and understanding how money works. He feels that his kids have, in many ways, a better grasp of money and finance than their older generation has. Paul Mampilly has so much confidence in what his kids have learned thru investment and stocks that he even asks their opinion when he is unsure about matters. Paul Mampilly says his kids are most especially interested in the future of things like 3D printing and flying cars.

Big Data and the Future

Today is an exciting time to invest in the future since many things seem to be set on a foundation for significant growth in the future, says Paul Mampilly. For example, he recalls the importance of the Internet of Things is taking today and the direction it is taking as far as big data. For years big data has developed, and the capacity to deal with larger and larger chunks of data is on the doorstep of technology. He takes an example of the 5,000 sensors found in the PW1000G Pratt & Whitney plane engines, which electronically communicate about 10GB of data per second.

The Internet of Things Brings Great Potential Wealth

Just a few years ago it was impossible to have this much memory in a computer, but today this amount of data is being communicated every second to ensure the safety of planes and other technology. Anything from TV’s to cars and computers relays data back to the manufacturer to enable better and safer software. The companies that make the Internet of things operate is where investors will find significant opportunities for growth and investment. Not only companies that make these plane sensors, but also those that send and store the data they retrieve will be the forerunners of even more significant growth for the Internet of things.

Paul Mampilly is the Senior Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing Company and the author of Profits Unlimited, a newsletter dedicated to leading others to great investment potential.

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Flavio Maluf, Eucatex Group’s President, and Chief Executive Officer.

Born on the 2nd of December 1961, Flavio Maluf is an established entrepreneur and Chief Executive Officer of the Eucatex Group. He has a rich educational background from prestigious institutions.

He attended FAAP where he graduated with a Bachelor’s in mechanical engineering. He later joined the New York University and attained a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

He is the President of Eucatex Group which is a family owned corporation headquartered in Brazil. Since its inception in the year 1951, it has been focused in the distribution of construction materials. It mainly deals in lamination floors, doors, baseboards, and panels.

Besides, the firm offers fantastic furniture and kids’ toys. The company uses a particular type of wood called eucalyptus found in South America. The company is also renowned for being the first ever firm in Brazil to set up a recycling plant in its system. Read more about Flavio at

Flavio Maluf holds top positions in other companies. He is the President of a subsidiary company of Premier Pet and Golden feeds referred to as GrandFood Group. Before holding managerial positions at Eucatex, he enriched himself with management skills in many firms including Citicorp.

Flavio began working at Eucatex in1987, and he started his operations in the trade area before gaining skills to work in the industrial sector. Due to his hard work and dedication which saw exceptional results, he rose up the ranks to become an executive officer.

In the year 1997, he was appointed the company’s President. Since then, he has grown the firm into a multi-million company. He achieved this by incorporating the latest technology to deliver high-quality products.

Flavio Maluf is also a renowned philanthropist. He is interested in charitable health care organizations based in Sao Paulo and Salto county. He has contributed a variety of medical equipment such as X-ray machines to some hospitals in Brazil.

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The Legitimate Investment Matt Badiali Labes A Freedom Check

There are two types of master limited partnership. One is a general partnership which bears controlling interest in the company, and tasks the investor with part of the management of said company. Limited partners are just investors who purchase a stake for the percentage payout promised later. These investors have no controlling interest, they just provide working capital for the company issuing the stakes. MLPs are not used by publicly traded companies or partnerships. They are used by private companies who are granted the tax benefit or a partnership because of the tradeable quality of the stakes. As the tax benefit is sizable, many companies will sell MLPs simply to qualify for it. Round 500 natural resource companies deal in MLPs, and investor Matt Badiali has been telling people about them with his freedom checks videos.

Freedom checks are what is known as return of capital payments. The check Badiali presents in his videos is a personal check made out to a stakeholder. Such freedom checks arrive at monthly to quarterly intervals depending on the company issuing them. They match the amount of the investment made but offer investors a percentage of that company’s profits. Same basic principle as stock. Badiali calls them freedom checks because of the financial freedom they provide.

MLPs require companies to liquidate 90% of their revenue and issue it to stakeholders. This is how such companies take advantage of the tax benefit. They are only taxed on 10%. Most of the stakes are held by general partners, so a good bit of the 90% goes right back into the company. The limited partners receive a chunk of the percentage as well which can go right into their bank account. If the company does well, the percentage is nice and fat.

This is where the huge payout sums Badiali speaks of come in. Being a master of the natural resource market Badiali can read its future. His projections show huge gains for American-base natural resource companies. Gains that lead to skyrocketing profit payouts, and huge percentages for investors. So, the possibility of a $10 dollar freedom check expense bringing a 200% return are very real.

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