JD.com Recognized as One of the Most Sustainable Companies Globally

JD.com is one of the winners of the 2018 SEAL Business Sustainability Award. Upon receiving the coveted recognition, the company joins the ranks of world-renowned brands like the Seventh Generation, Apple, Patagonia, Impossible Foods, Nike, and Samsung. The award serves as a reward for the selfless efforts that the company’s corporate social responsibly team has put to promote sustainable development for the past five years. The team has always put in place elaborate programs, from manufacture, sale, packaging, and delivery, to ensure that the company’s services leave a lasting and positive impact on the society and the environment.

The SEAL Awards recognizes the outstanding performance of a company in matters of environmental sustainability and progressive leadership in awarding the Business Sustainability Award. In this light, winning the award implies that JD.com is one of the most sustainable companies across the world. Other companies, which have won the award alongside JD, include Lonely Whale and Equinix. Additionally, the recognition is also seen as a celebration of those companies, which have taken the initiative of driving positive change, where politics have failed.

During the announcement, Libo Ma, the head of JD’s corporate social responsibility team, said that the whole of the company’s fraternity felt greatly appreciated to receive the recognition. The company, he said, was particularly honored to join other world leaders in promoting sustainable development. For a long time, JD has made selfless effort to make a positive impact in the society. Part of the effort includes the recent development of an innovative eco-friendly packaging program. JD has also designed robust programs to alleviate poverty in society through social innovation and education.

Speaking at the same time, the Founder of the SEAL Awards, Matt Harney disclosed that the company’s recent environmentally friendly packaging program received the most attention amongst the judging panel. The program received the highest score in environmental impact from the judges. Matt Harney also noted that the program had recorded an extraordinary impact. Currently, the program covers more than 47 cities across China. Since its launch, more than a million articles of clothing and close to 400, 000 toys have been re-used.

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Dr. Walden : Advocate, lnnovator, Mother

As one of the few female board-certified plastic surgeons in the country, Dr. Jennifer Walden has been revered as a leading advocate for women empowerment. Dr.Walden owns and operates her Austin based clinic MedSpa Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center where she performs plastic surgeries including the face, breasts, genitals and any other improvement that can be made on the human body.

Along with her all-women staff of 16, Dr. Walden seeks to create a judgment-free experience for her patients. Many of her patients comment about welcoming demeanor and ability to really listen and understand what they wanted. listening says Dr. Walden helps to empower not only the patient but myself as well. So, where does all this confidence and motivation come from? Dr. Walden states that it all started with a book by Sheryl Sandberg, “Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead.”. Her message to all girls and women is to not take “no” for an answer if a woman seeks to improve her life nobody should be allowed to stand in the way of their dreams.

Dr. Walden is a prime example of how you can do it all. Her life is blessed with two twin boys, and although single mother life isn’t a walk in the park, Dr. Walden is out to prove that you can still have your dreams, you can still run that business and share your love with your family.

The fact that her practice is so successful isn’t solely because she is a woman, in fact, much of her success comes from her willingness to constantly innovate her technology in order to bring the safest and best quality of results to her patients. Dr. Walden is also one of the first in the nation to use the diVa laser & ThermiVa radio frequency for noninvasive vaginal rejuvenation as well as other technologies. Dr. Waldens currently plans on staying in Austin, her love for the diversity, culture, family, and economic growth is what continues to grow her own business as well.

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OSI Food Solution Purchases Tyson Food Plant

OSI Food Solutions achievements in the last five years have shocked the global community. The institution has been quite successful with various purchases. The institution spends so much trying to acquire food plants so that the institution could double its operations. The first facility that was purchased by the company is known as Tyson Foods. This decision has made the company proud because it will serve customers in Chicago and at the same time increase the company presence in the United States.

Tyson Food Plant has all of the qualities any food company needs in the tough food market. The food processing will also serve the company as a storage facility, and it is located in the most ideal area. The company management says that it will use the Tyson Food Plant, which was previously operated by the Tyson Foods, to support the Chicago branch which has been serving millions of people. One of the senior executives serving OSI Food Solutions says that the food company is very excited about the acquisition because it will ease the burden the team in the Chicago branch has been experiencing in the recent years. The manufacturing network says that it is also eager to complete more deals in the future to help the company to expand. Meeting the customer increasing demands is not easy, and it can only be successful when OSI Food Solutions purchases more food plants.

Although the two management teams from organizations have been open about the transaction since it was announced to the public several weeks ago, they have refused to disclose the amount of money used in the acquisition. Tyson Food Plant leaders, however, say that they are happy about the amount they have been given, and they are also content that the plant will continue to serve its customers in Chicago in the best way. The company had been approached by various firms in the past, but it chose to sell its shared to OSI Food Solutions because it will be in the best management. The people working in the plant have been excited to know that they will not lose their jobs.

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More Facts About Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is known for being the host of American Idol for many years. American Idol seemed to be the gig that made Seacrest famous. Before this Seacrest was the host of a popular afternoon radio station in California. He later hosted his own radio station ‘On air with Ryan Seacrest’. He has his own non profit organization dedicated to inspiring todays youth through entertainment and educational initiatives.

Seacrest has been known to be suited up in style, and therefor he started his own clothing line named Distinction. Distinction is a mens line that mixes classic and iconic style with contemporary. At the moment Ryan is a host of a daytime talk show with co host Kelly Ripa. Seacrest and Ripa are now sharing with us some amazing costume transformations. They take us back in time on Lives Best Halloween show Ever, with costumes from I Dream of Jeannie, Friends, All My Children, The Brady Bunch, Saved By the Bell, Laverne and Shirley, Chips, I Love Lucy and Charlie’s Angels just to name a few. From one transformation to the next they had a fun time pulling this off. Host Seacrest also shared a little secret, that he had to wear spanx and taking them off was ‘sarcastically’ the best part. They joked about the costumes and how switching from one to the next was difficult. Seacrest had lipstick remaining and glitter all over. Ripa had nipples attached to her own clothing for the Charlies Angels costume. They even talked about bringing back some past shows they they’ve enjoyed and miss. Not only did we get some ideas for Halloween costumes, we got to enjoy a blast from the past. Seacrest and Ripa and all who had taken part in this seemed to have a good time with lots of laughs.

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Alex Hern Career And Tsunami XR

Technology has caused many changes in the way humans approach their surroundings. It has brought about plenty of positive changes including a lesser effort in work for us, quick and efficient transfer of information, faster production of goods and services and ease of communication through different computer-related gadgets, among others. In the pursuit for the next best technological products, the environment has faced a number of challenges making it less conducive for human life. As such, these challenges have created the need for man to develop a platform that provides the best experience while at the same time preserving the surroundings, computers and virtual reality.

Tsunami XR is one such company that develops devices and applications to sustain technological advancements. The company develops cloud collaborative products and services for a number of teams, globally. Their services range from visually rich and very interactive digital workspaces to complex 3D and CAD content. Tsunami’s devices and applications are developed in a way that they are portable across all other computer hardware devices. In virtual reality, the company services operate in augmented/ virtual reality gadgets. Tsunami XR also offers other services like security, mobility, Saas, digital media communication to other companies. The company is headed by a team of world-class leaders with plenty of experience in computer-related technologies, including Alex Hern.

Alex Hern has 25 years of experience in the field of computer technologies. He has worked for and with different tech companies, some of which he founded or co-founded. Before Tsunami XR, which was inspired by the migration from CPUs to GPUs, Alex Hern worked with different organizations with the main focus on incubation of technologies and early stages company. He was the founder of Onktomi Goldman Sachs-led IPO which powered Yahoo, MSN, and AOL. He also co-founded Yesmail Alex brown led IPO system, a web directory, and email marketing company, where he served as the director. The firm was acquired ten months after it was established by CMGI for 650 million dollars. Alex Hern has also a co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of Military commercial technologies.

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Gareth Henry, The Phenomenon Of Investor Relations

Gareth Henry is really an irreplaceable asset in the alternative investment banking. Henry first acquired his Actuarial Mathematics degree from the University of Edinburgh Scotland. He then became the Director of Strategic Solutions in Schroders plc. As he points out in an interview, he “has a knack for talking to colleagues, clients, and even strangers about their investments in a meaningful way.” This set him apart from other Mathematicians and stirred him towards investor relations and raising capital. This turned out to be the right course for him, due to his understanding of economics, finance, and risk management. This led to future successes as the Head of Investor Relations and the Global Head of International Relations at Fortress Investment Group. He significantly produced capital gains for Fortress’ real estate vehicles, hedge funds, private credit, and private equity firm. Before transferring to Angelo Gordon, Gareth Henry managed Fortress’ $4 billion hedge fund business through the Investor Relations group.

With his new organization, Angelo Gordon, which manages around $26 billion in private equity firm, credit investments, and real estate, Gareth Henry became a full partner. With his deep, global investor relations experience and ability to satisfy his clients, Angelo Gordon was sure to be acquiring an asset to their organization. This opened an opportunity for Angelo Gordon to build and secure an investor relations foundation within the US, Europe, Asia, and even the Middle East.

The things that set Gareth Henry apart are his dedicated passion for understanding his clients and his constant pursuit to improve through feedback. This helps him know the internal and external dynamics of his clients and their needs. As Head of Global Investor Relations, Henry has many different tasks like communicating with existing investors to keep them apprised of current events and their investors’ views, bringing in new investment dollars, and convincing investors to invest new capital. With all of his education and experience, Gareth’s peers acknowledge him as a “phenomenon” in the competitive capital rising field. Despite his success, Gareth Henry plans to go on his own route of alternative investments to find better ways to service his clients. Wherever Henry finds himself next, capital is sure to follow.

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Talos’ Energy Role At Building Careers And Partnership With Pemex

Talos Energy is a Houston based company that pioneers on the production and offshore exploration of oil and gas. Its core operations are in the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf of Coast. The company owns significant assets in these regions.

Careers at Talos Energy

Since 2013, Talos Energy has received the title of the top places to work. This company offers individuals with interests in oil production and exploration an ample platform to test their skills. It also provides them with flexible working hours accompanied with benefits. The goal is to enable its employees to advance their careers as well as balance their work and life. For four years in a row, the company has been recognized by the Houston Chronicle as the ideal place to work in the United States.

Talos Energy and Pemex’s partnership

Talos Energy has been involved in profitable business endeavors. Recently, the company expressed its interest to partner up with Pemex. The idea behind this partnership is to create a larger oil conglomerate as they wait to drill in the southern Gulf of Mexico. Zama project, one of Talos’ initiatives, discovered an oil deposit in this region which is suspected to have about 2 billion barrels. The site nears Pemex’s block where a well is expected to be drilled. The possibility of exploring such promising reserves and its proximity to Pemex’s wells is the driving force behind the Pemex – Talos merger.

According to Tim Duncan, the Chief Executive Officer of Talos Energy, the two companies are still comparing data before they can sign off on the partnership. Other stakeholders such as Mexico’s Sierra Oil and Premier Oil are also expected to share their findings before negotiations begin. The Zama Project is expected to invest $325 million to facilitate drilling of the well. Ongoing exploration studies have been scheduled to end by mid-2019 while drilling ends in November. This expedition is expected to yield 100,000-150,000 barrels of crude oil in a day by 2023. All the gas mined will be sold locally.

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The Freedom Checks And The Trump Bonus Checks

The idea of the Freedom Checks was introduced at the beginning of the year by Matt Badiali. Many people were interested in knowing what it was all about. In the initial stages, many people abandoned the idea since they thought it was too good to be true. With the high number of get rich quick schemes that we have seen in the country, people are now wary of any opportunity that is trying to convince them that there is money that can be made in the shortest time possible. Yes, there is no free money, but it is possible to make a lot of money in a short time by being wise. Freedom Checks is one of the programs that promise to bring the necessary solutions to the needs of the people.

There is another program that is almost similar to what is happening with the freedom checks. The other program is known as Trump Bonus Checks. The name may suggest that the President of the United States is involved in the program, but there is nothing of that kind. It is private investment system that Mike Burnick introduced. He has been marketing this system among the veterans in the armed forces. He says that it will mainly benefit the people who have served the United States with great commitment. He adds that there is about $5 trillion that will come back to the United States through various steps taken by the government to promote economy.

Freedom Checks is an idea that was generated from the opportunities that are available in the mining industry. According to Matt Badiali, there are companies known as Master Limited Partnerships which operate under statue 26-F of the internal revenue. They are supposed to engage in the exploration of natural resources found in the country and in return they get tax exemptions. The government requires them to meet two requirements. One, they must get 90 percent of their revenue from the local market and secondly, they must pay huge dividends to the customers. The huge dividends they pay to the investors is where the Freedom Checks come from. These companies will be making extraordinary profits from Badiali’s projections.

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What Makes Peter Briger An Important Figure In The World Of Finance

Peter Briger is an important figure in the world of finance, having worked for Goldman Sachs and Fortress Investment Group. He is currently a principal as well as a Co-Chairman of the board of directors at Fortress, having joined the New York City-based firm back in March 2002. He has been a member of the board of directors since November 2006, and was elected as Co-Chairman in August 2009. He is responsible for the real estate business and credit business at Fortress.

Peter Briger holds an MBA degree, earned from Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, and also a Bachelor’s Degree earned from Princeton University. He made a name for himself as a result of his work with Goldman Sachs, where he served under a number of management, operational, and leadership roles. He became partner in 1996, but after spending 15 years with the company, Peter Briger left in 200 in order to join Fortress Investment Group.

During his years at Goldman Sachs he was part of the Global Control, Japan Executive, and Asian Management committees, as his worked focused on Asia, and in particular the debt and real estate vehicles. His experience with the Asian market played an important role in 2017 when Fortress Investment Group was acquired by the Japanese banking conglomerate SoftBank, for the price of $3.3 billion. Despite achieving success at Goldman Sachs, it was his work with Fortress that saw him become a billionaire and reach new heights. Briger is a member of Forbes 400, which is a listing of business professional around the world. He is partly credited with helping Fortress become the first alternative investment companies in the country to go public back in 2007 (the firm becoming private again a decade later after the SoftBank purchase).

Peter Briger also actively engages in philanthropy, being part of different boards across a number of organizations, such as Tipping Point, a non-profit organization which serves low income families in San Francisco, and Caliber School, a network of charter schools. He invested $600 million in order to help maintain and conserve New York’s Central Park.

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Billionaire Randal Nardone Of Fortress Investments Group

Randal Nardone, 62, is The CEO and the Co-founder of Fortress Investment Group LLC, who has been managing the company from 1998. His roles at the company have been serving as the Chief Executive Officer since 2013 and also served as a financialist. Before that, Nardone was at UBS as the management for one year, where he had joined in 1997 after leaving BlackRock Financial Management where he was a Principal. Randal had also worked at Thacher Proffitt & Wood Law Firm as both an executive committee member and a partner.

Randal Nardone with a net worth of $1.8 billion, was in the Forbes as the number 557 World’s Billionaire. Nardone acquired his bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Connecticut, and also JD in Boston University School of Law.

Fortress Investments is a global company that deals with the provision of investment management services for companies and funds. The company has assets worth more than $41.4 billion and serves more than 1,750 clients globally.

Fortress Investment employees have reviewed the company as a great place to learn new experiences as well as get reasonable compensation for their work. The internship is considered exceptional, and the environment is fun, challenging, and friendly co-workers. However, some have found their standards to be too demanding for them to keep up—the reason Fortress Group is expanding.

SoftBank, a strong Japanese banking company, is seeking to buy Fortress Investment Group for $3.3 billion in cash aiming at restoring it to the public company arena after serving in the private sector for ten years. Bridger and Eden, Principals at Fortress Investment, said that its goals are perfectly aligned with the culture of SoftBank. Fortress Group has before, had reduced since 2007 and the acquisition deal is a chance for it to revive itself.

Randal Nardone is in the board of Directors of four companies, including; Springleaf Holdings where he is the Chairman and President, Eurocastle Investments, Gagfah, Brookdale Senior Living, and New Residential Investment Corporation. Apart from working at Fortress Investment, Randal Nardone is also the Vice President and the Secretary of Newcastle Investments LLC, and at Ncs LLC.

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